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21 Kindred7, Oct 13, 2019

and I'll tell you something about your heart / brain / eyes / muscles or SOME OTHER BODY PART- you can pick the category
hogiebuns - buns (aka your glutes, specifically your glute max) is the largest muscle in your body!
LovelyKiss - Broken Heart Syndrome (aka Takotsubo cardiomyopathy) occurs when your heart muscle gets weakened / stunned, usually following severe stress (physical or emotional) :( plz be ok <3 lemme know if u want more deets
#bamold1999 gonna update urs later since ur demanding
malachite05 - OK here's a long-ish one, but I tried to cater it to you so hopefully you like it? So in Parkinson disease, your brain has this area called the substantia nigra which produces dopamine ok? so this area starts degenerating, and results in a series of progressive symptoms (you can remember them with the mnemonic TRAP - tremor (resting tremor), rigidity, akinesia, postural instability)). ANYWAY so like you treat it with dopamine analogs, BUT the point is the guy who described it, James Parkinson, was a surgeon as well as a geologist / paleontologist (among other things) and has contributed to those sciences as well!
lexeyjane - i chose....... skin for you because from your pics it looks like you have nice skin! It is the largest organ and sheds tens of thousands of cells every minute :) AND uhh there's this chica who calls herself the Tragic Doll (i'm sure you can find her on instagram) who has this condition called scleroderma which hardens her skin (it has other effects on other organ systems too) anyway so she has like fragile skin and idk it gets called doll skin because of it being stiffened and stuff.
yachj - human and chimp DNA are >98% similar! You almost became a chimp but avoided that fate so you could be on TG!
peace123 - LIVER it is! I love it - in addition to everything it does in terms of metabolism and stuff, it has regenerative properties so like if you have surgery removing segments of it, and have as little as 25% of your liver remaining it can regenerate quite a bit! Take care of dis beautiful organ <3
jonster - the pineal gland ("third eye") synthesizes melatonin and helps regulate your day/night rhythms by transducing (converting) nervous system signals into hormonal ones!
MarieEve - your arm span is usually vvvvvvvvvvv. close to your height (unless you're a T-rex) so how long is your arm span? Also if your shoulder were to get dislocated it'll usually be anteriorly! Unless you were electrocuted / had a seizure in which case it'll be posteriorly :)


Counting Down

1 Lemjam6, Sep 25, 2018

the hours until my bff is unbanned #bamold1999 <3



2 Thumper91, Sep 12, 2018




52 RobertGuajardo, Dec 13, 2017

for an opinion huns! I haven't really been active on TG and I don't wanna study for a final lulz. :)
#bamold1999 - probs my longest friend on this site. how embazz. we used to be REALLY good friends. we are still cool now, love how we can just pick up and talk where we left off =]
#justme - omg all i remember is your tg mod drama with joneh lol. but omg we need mods back! contact rando hun and make it happen. i always thought u were a fair mod. love ya!
#Hisoka - excuse me. idek how to say ur name hun. r u a multi?
Sam_Hamwich - i would say the only thing i strongly dislike about you, is that you're a disgusting republican/conservative bitch. other than that, you're cool and fun on calls. loves your gf too!
lemjam6 - i'm literally so glad we're still friends after all these years. i love how you stan KKW and I love how we agree on literally everything political #liberals. you're honestly a true friend, and i hope it stays like that!
KatherinePierce - hay hun, i miss your old account. i'm glad we are keeping our tg streak alive and well! i never thought we would be close lol. but we are both #FloridaHoes, yas.
maturo - i miss u and eli! a #PackageDuo. you're one of the few people i have no issues with on this site hun. glad you're doing well! say hi to Ronnie for me :p
Bluejay7622 - wes! we are definitely new friends and i love how we got so close instantly. i'm honestly your hunger sheep and i'm ok with that. i love how you love the voice and we click so well cause you're a #Taurus. <3. love u!
Mickiejames22 - idk who u r hun =/ you must be cool though, since you have aria on your friends list! :D
Roshy - love you hun! i'm glad we still talk on skype time to time. idk why everyone calls you a psycho LOL. i obviously don't see it. Glad we share mutual friends like bomberv too. don't ever change! XO.
Icarus_Mark - LMFAO ok im honestly confused by your comment, why would i not like you? i don't think we have bad blood or anything LOL. i remember you ALWAYS plussing my spam, so you're a loyal king. mail me sometime hun!
CalebDaBoss - idk who u r hun =/ ur friendslist seems trashy too, soz.
BengalBoy - hay big boy. loves you a lot! i know we never actually sat down and had a convo, but we've been on calls here and there and you're honestly so hilarious with your sarcastic comments. i also love ur accent and ur muscles! ;) hehe.
MrBird - LMFAO i think we were in a group game together with lem and P319. you did NOT vote with me hun. but i think ur cool. from what i sort of know u by lol.
Bambino - miss you hun! i think we were close at one point in our tg lives? not sure LOL. but you're a QUEEN.
macken - yas king commenting on my blog. loves you a lot! you're my longest streak on snap, and we literally talk..



63 pizzawithcookirs, Jun 8, 2017

For who I associate you with.
#bamold1999      -->  Kingb24
#downeaster       --> owlb0ned ?
#GoodKaren        --> Matedog1209
#Ashleybabyx3    --> bomberv
#Sam_Hamwich   --> Elvira
#2beastly            --> IceBeast
#Bengalboy          --> Druhhbby2
#Forest_Knight     --> No clue tbh
#astone929          --> Frozenshadow09
#Brandt69            --> Krisstea
#DuncanSurferboy --> alanb1
#m7md26             --> Juliann :)
#EricCartman        --> Lemjam6 ?
#AllieBoBallie        --> brandonpinzu
#Grrrimabear        --> Youndandreckless
#SurvivorFreak13   --> Superfreak
#con66                  --> cococolin122
TaraG                  --> Lazeric
NotAfraid             --> Halloween ?
Mexus                  --> Icarus_Mark
constancemarie    --> no clue
lionsden121          --> Novamax243
littlebrother123    --> no clue
born2pizza            --> #Lazeric
MarieTori              --> #titoburitto
#Lazeric                  --> #TaraG
s73100                  --> Wade03 ?
Might be totally random tbh


Number of Stars Wins

28 Nick33, May 5, 2017

Here is a list of how many wins each user who has won stars has. Let me know if anything is wrong. Also attached is a list of the number of stars finals each user has http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Nick33/8016171/number-stars-final
and here is a link to all the stars links http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Nick33/8017259/all-stars-links
Emmaleigh        6
BbDamian        5
Phenomanimal        5
ZEEnon        5
brandonpinzu        4
CutieAmy        4
karim        4
koolness234        4
Maggie        4
TheSexiestDude990        4
#bamold1999        3
Cornelia        3
Etienne        3
#Gaiaphage        3
#GentlemanG        3
jenzie        3
JesseM        3
#lonlee        3
NoelSarah        3
Survivor8        3
vh1luvr15        3
2008girl        2
Abrogate        2
#AlaskanFiredragon        2
#Aquamarine        2
#austino15fffan        2
#black0ut247        2
#BlackWidow        2
#BlueLagoon506        2
#BlueStar        2
#Bo_oM        2
#Bradyman7        2
#brosky17        2
#Bryce12        2
#Carlisle        2
#Charming2010        2
#cheznahuf        2
#clueliz        2
#damo1990        2
#DanielleDonato        2
#Darbe        2
#DiNoM        2
#Diva1        2
#dools        2
#dorkishbarbi        2
#EliOrtiz1234        2
#Fiona89        2
#FlamingJojo        2
#Foxox        2
#Fredcrugar        2
#gagaluv        2
#GurlBai        2
#ianfitz0012        2
#IceBeast        2
#iTy990        2
#jakel0vespickler        2
#jm101        2
#JustMe        2
#Kentuckyy        2
#kittykatz553        2
#knixuk        2
#konohavillage1        2
#LiteCitrus        2
#Lucinda        2
#LucyX3Jean        2
#mack3199        2
#MarkiePoo        2
#maturo        2
#MichelleObama        2
#mikedistanz        2
#MTman        2
#owee13        2
#owlb0ned        2
#Petro        2
#skeeet        2
#Steel        2
#sw33t        2
#Sweet_susan        2
#TaylorStLouis        2
#TheGreatXL        2
#Thumper91        2
#Tigger        2
#turney1805        2
#Uskyld        2
#Vanili        2
#VoLcOmVaNs        2
#xCelestex        2
#xxJaym        2
#_Aria        1
#1Swampy8        1
#2Beastly          1
#AceSurvivor        1
#acyuta        1
#Addrian        1
#aes222aes        1
#aimers        1
#Akora        1
#alanb1        1
#Alegeeter        1
#alireza1373        1
#Alisowned        1
#AlissaRose428        1
#Allison    1
#amartin        1
#amf7410        1
#andalarew_2231        1
#andychuck08        1
#AndyShields        1
#AngelOfWater        1
#Answerable        1
#anthony2011class        1
#AntNikiaBonnie        1
#Arris        1
#Ashleybabyx3        1
#Avalon        1
#bamold1990        1
#BB5lover        1
#beccajo16        1
#Bella777        1
#BengalBoy        1
#benp428        1
#BigBrotherFanGirl09        1
#bigbrotherlover7        1
#BioDork        1
#blogs        1
#bluesapphire        1
#Boots22        1
#Brandontehstick        1
#Bridgette77        1
#broncman789        1
#brookie_cookie        1
#Candyyland        1
#Capguy1          1
#carlab1        1
#cfff        1
#Chels05        1
#chelss        1
#Chemicalali        1
#chibideidara        1
#Chris99x        1
#christossss        1
#Clayton        1
#Connor_        1
#corey1        1
#coreyants        1
#Crab        1
#Crystall        1
#DaBOMB        1
#Daisy        1
#dandoe        1
#DanieleD        1
#danny        1
#Danny12        1
#DantezFire        1
#dmann        1
#donaam        1
#Downeaster        1
#DumbGinger        1
#EbenezerScrooge        1
#ElectraViv        1
#EliotWhi        1
#EmmaLynn        1
#EnragedBeauty        1
#EssexGirl        1
#Etaco75  1
#finklestein123        1
#finn315        1
#Frozen        1
#Funnehliner        1
#Gaiaphagee    ..



35 rawr25, Jun 21, 2016

Updated the list, let me know if i am off on anyone. Only doing 2+ For obvious reasons.
Ten Wins
Eight wins
Six Wins
Five Wins
Four wins
Three Wins
Two Wins


TG Hunger Games

1 BigBrotherDonny, Dec 19, 2015

this is literally just a blog game for fun.
Instagram 70
Halloween 40
Mastropola 100
Bigdizzleyomama 70
Galaxies 100
Minie 70
Goodallan 40
Survivorofthetocans 10
BenTheMan007 40
Lemjam6 40
saraj10 40
GentlemanG 100
baza76 10
Bamold1999 40
Bryce12 70
Bigbrotherlover7 100
Outrage 70
bowkane 70
Petro 70
Ashleybabyx3 70
raonic 40
Hash 70
EyooMarcus 70
alanb1 70
brosky17 100
mradamman12 10
sosyomomma 100
smuguy2012 40
moviedude 10
SkooterEYZ 100
Bamold lost, Smu won!!
#Bamold1999 & #bigdizzleyomama


TG Hunger Games

5 BigBrotherDonny, Dec 19, 2015

this is literally just a blog game for fun.
Instagram 70
Halloween 40
Mastropola 100
Bigdizzleyomama 70
Galaxies 100
Minie 70
Goodallan 40
Survivorofthetocans 10
BenTheMan007 40
Lemjam6 40
saraj10 40
GentlemanG 100
baza76 10
Bamold1999 70
Bryce12 70
Bigbrotherlover7 100
Outrage 70
bowkane 70
Petro 70
Ashleybabyx3 70
raonic 40
Hash 70
EyooMarcus 70
alanb1 70
brosky17 100
mradamman12 10
sosyomomma 100
smuguy2012 10
moviedude 10
SkooterEYZ 100
Last fight, Skooter won, and Saraj10 lost!!
#Bamold1999 & #smuguy2012


Finale in Stars 351!!!

18 Meyaar, Aug 8, 2015

Vote for me to WIN here. Click my button.
This blog will be an attempt to get you tengaged to vote for me to win this stars. It explains my gameplay.
The set for 16th had a major split and I knew more shady stuff were bound to happen. My back was against the wall as both of my allies went up for 15th and I had no left to trust other than Toxicity and Jassos4. And not to my surprise, I went up 13th. However, I made 6 people come clean about splitting on me. So, I started talking to the other side with more intent to try and get on Bamold1999's good side.
Working with other side made them gain major trust in me, specially Baza76. I was playing both sides at that point. Bamold1999 needed me to lock in with him as Amills5 flipped on him . However, the set splitted. Obviously I was behind the split as it was my idea. I got @LuikBB to split the set with me. At that point, I was still in good terms with both sides as they didn't suspect I was behind the split. @Mathboy6 who also was working with #Bamold1999 decided to lock him in and we were basically handed over another vote on our side. That day, #Baza76 was so furious at me thinking I was the reason behind this mess, but it took me 1 hour to gain his trust back.
Following that, Jassos4, One of cloest allies got nommed. @LuikBB insisted on nomming her and I couldn't protect her from going up, as if she had been safe I would have a more better control.
With gaining the other side's trust, Halloween added me to a chat. I made him believe that I will let him go unnominated. Once #Jassos4 got nominated, Halloween had 3 confirmed votes ( Pureessence, Seemlyrough, and #Baza76). I knew if i didn't get two of them nominated I would be stuck in a position where they would easily tie the votes and try to get some one to throw a vote off. That day, myself #Rebelman2227, and #Amills5 planned to painfully blindside #Seemlyrough and #PureEssence . A fake chat with #Halloween was made telling him to nom #LuikBB and #Baza76 while #Halloween added me to a chat to get #Rebelman2227 and #Amills5 up.
Before the day change, I had made a f3 deal with ween as i knew he would be super pissed at this blindside and that deal would help me gain his trust back. After dc, the expected happened. #Baza76 and #Halloween went nuts on me, but with careful words and good workout in early dc's managed to calm them down, think in the right direction which was to get the duo of #Amills5 and #Rebelman2227 up. They took it all in and went with it. Just before the dc, ween told me that #Rebelman2227 is saying he didn't have any part in nomming #Seemlyrough and #PureEssence, which was a total lie. #Rebelman2227 made a big mistake by saying it in our chat that i am changing the chat title because if..


Sparks is Leaving Tengaged (Soon)

15 Sparkinator, Jul 24, 2015

It's been a fun time while I've been on here the past couple years and I think it's time for my departure. I'll probably do a goodbye vlog before I head out to say goodbye to those who have made such a great impact on my life both inside and outside the game. I love Big Brother and Survivor and I still pray that my dream comes true to be on a season of Big Brother but I don't think the online world was meant for me. I don't have the time commitment to do Skype calls with people for fun and play millions of games and do things other than games with people; I'm too much of a social butterfly to stay within the realm of technology and online gaming. So for me, after this season of Big Brother when I complete my gift giveaway, I'm going to probably say my goodbyes and only come on to probably just put t's into bets and buy clothing. It's been a great ride, Tengaged, and I hope I have made an impact like others have done for me.
There are so many other people I have had the pleasure of getting to know that aren't recognized on here and I'm sorry that I'm both forgetful and lazy. When I make my vlog I can try to redeem myself and personally recognize all that deserve it! Again thank you and with that, I yield.


Adios Tengaged ~

12 ThunderBird667, Jul 21, 2015

T'was a fun ride while it lasted, but in the end all good things come to an end, i'll really miss most of you but this is the first step!!
* Ill still be active on ROBLOX / Skype
Tagging bffs :)
Ill be making a final appearence in hunger, but this is the official blog < 3



0 TheEclipse, Jul 15, 2015

s/o to tyler for keeping me sane for the last 3 days ily #bamold1999 < / 3


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