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Tengaged: The BigBrother online game

What is Tengaged?

Tengaged is the first Reality Social Network built around an eviction game like Big Brother. Both game and social platform are completely embedded, providing a unique environment where every action becomes social and part of the game at the same time. tengaged:online big brother simulator Download hi-res picture 124KB

Unlike other games or social networks, Tengaged is totally based on "reality games". A reality game is an interactive game involving multiple participants around a story that takes place in real-time, evolves according to participants actions and ends up in a complete player involvement in the game.

Tengaged is about social interactions, creating alliances and friendship, but at the same time drama, betrayals, back-stabbing and some tension may occur during the games, just as well-known Big Brother TV show.

How it works?

Once you create your account on Tengaged (It's free ;) you may start enrolling into the different social games on Tengaged. These games are form by a fixed number of participants, each day there are votes and nominations between the participants and finally one by one all of them are evicted from the game. It enforces participants to interact between them and form secret alliances to help them stay out of the block.
On initial levels final evictions are based not only on participants actions but also on game algorithms which will select some of the nominees. As participants get more experience they may enroll into further games where the rules and number of participants changes substantially.

tengaged enroll Download hi-res picture 75KB

While the first games you can play in the "Casting" area are more similar to a very basic version of European Big Brother, once you get more experience you may enter into the Rookies games which are closer to the Big Brother USA style. This new game features the PoV (Power of Veto) and HoH (Head of Household) and basically the algorithm is not anymore the one to rule the game but the own participants. tengaged enroll Download hi-res picture 140KB

On further levels an special "Stars" game is based on Big Brother UK where participants nominate between them and final eviction is decided by general public (all Tengaged users)

Social Network

All games are commented out by not only participants but basically by anybody on Tengaged too. Tengaged users may create their own blog and express all their game experiences as well as comment anybody else post on Tengaged.
Take a look at user's profiles and their blogs to get more information about your housemates!. tengaged profiles But be careful! you will be voted too for your blog, best public voted blogs will have more exposure on the site and will earn additionally Tengaged virtual currency.

User generated Group games

Beside the automated Tengaged games, users may create their own groups and group games. There are lots of different reality group games already created by users on Tengaged!. tengaged groups Download hi-res picture 190KB Survivor, Deadset, I love Karma, Deal or no deal,... and hundreds of games hosted by users.

The video

Tengaged Logos


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Media coverage

Mashable. Tengaged: Meet New Friends. Then Eliminate Them.
...a new social site for meeting friends and playing to popular opinion, is bringing aspects of the well-known "Big Brother" game to the Internet."
"It's rare that I find a site that I instantly fall in love with but Tengaged is one of those sites..." "This is a really unique way of getting users to interact with one and other. I can see a lot of friendships being formed on this website. It's really refreshing to see someone doing something completely new."
Killer Startups
Why it might be a killer? Because the game is competitive and participation on the site is a key element to doing well in the game, the site easily encourages members to spend a lot of time on their page. With games only lasting seven days, it's not a huge commitment to participate, which will most likely lead to more people trying out the site, potentially becoming fans of the game and wanting to compete more.