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Big Brother and online Hunger games

Tengaged is a new online social game, meet new friends playing in the Big Brother game, Survivor and the new Online Hunger games, with nominations, challenges, evictions and much more.
make new friends and play
Nominate & Evict Create your alliances, nominate other participants and avoid getting evicted from the game.
Multiplayer online game Participate on Big Brother and other reality games, create your blog and meet new people while playing.
BB UK & BB USA While progressing on the game you may enter into new Big brother games based on USA or UK rules
Survivor Survivor game with tribes competitions and challenges, tribal councils, tribe merges and drama.
Online Hunger Games Participate in the online hunger games and kill all your opponents. Only one can survive.
Make new friends Play with real people, real friends, real enemies... this is the first reality online chat game.

Top Participants blogs


Stars [VLOG] Nom for 4th

47 Penelope_, Jun 12, 2021

I dont like too much the idea, but maybe i don't reach final so i prefer do it now 💜


Frookies Updates

13 brandonpinzu, Jun 12, 2021

Obviously... the updates were delayed. I received word from randomize yesterday that the delays were caused by his focus turning to a performance issue on Tengaged + fixing something to do with the platform itself. I was told the update should come into effect tomorrow.
Also, stay tuned, I'll probably host some a special game or two tonight.
EDIT: For those who are unaware, the updates are outlined in this blog:


Mail Me saying you plussed this blog

35 SmoothStalker12, Jun 12, 2021

Then I will give you the name of a tengager and you will come back to this blog to write what you think about that person in the comments without mentioning their name.
Do NOT tag the person you are given, that takes away the fun.
As a reminder.
1. You plus this blog and send me a mail
2. I will mail you a name of a TGer
3. You will then comment your opinion on them ON THIS BLOG, WITHOUT TAGGING THEM
4. The end.
You can mail me multiple times if you'd like! I need a top blog for health and don't want to do a bland PYN blog


[MOD] Special Games Tonight (June 12th)

15 brandonpinzu, Jun 12, 2021

Hi Tengaged!
The next few games will have special twists to them (the next frookies and the next fastings to fill).
In order to incentive people to join the current castings (which is currently claimed as 20 post), I will *TWO* people that join the filling castings. Those two people will receive Stars tickets. :)
Winner #1: Mrkk
Winner #2: Matedog1209
                                             Special Frookies: Line Up..


Graduated In Person Finally!

32 mikec51, Jun 12, 2021

2 degrees, Summa Cum Laude 🤓


Actually PYN

60 Hisoka, Jun 12, 2021

And I’ll rank you from most threatening game wise to least threatening game wise
For ME..


PYN and I'll say something about you

48 Admir, Jun 12, 2021

iSandeh - I feel like you don't stand out because you're friends with people who are better known on Tengaged so people miss on the opportunity to get to know you better which is a shame.. for them
mikec51 - You have such a good sense of humor which you use to lure people into becoming friends with you and then you kill them with your toxicity.. jk
DanielKennedy111 - This might be very random but you were the first person to explain to me in details why black people have the right to use the N word and some other stuff about their history in a blog of mine a long time ago and I was amazed with how well written it was; ever since then, I usually..


i broke 300

19 abstractjay, Jun 12, 2021

on flakes



33 Voila, Jun 12, 2021

And I’ll put you in a girl group with 2 others
BLUSH - Lead: #amandabynes w/ maxi1234 & #irelia
Destiny’s Mild - #letal #RedFabFoxy #Vancouver_Grizzlies (folksy pop group)
StalkerWives - #smoothstalker12 w/ #florina and #music
Queen’s Ranch - booyahhayoob w/ cheapcheep & paddyscrilla
TommGirlz - tommeh208 & #kaylabby #justme
Final 3- semajdude #dannyboy67 #jakehou97
SunsetBeauties newhorizons #systrix #mastamanipualtor
DiamondDolls lexeyjane w/ daddydev & delete2544
PinkIsh #lemonface #kindred7..

Top Group Games

Ian's The Challenge: Armageddon
Ian's The Challenge: Armageddon

PUBLIC130 members by Saftronbtr999

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C&A Survivor XIII - All Stars 2..
C&A Survivor XIII - All Stars 2..

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Tengaged Song Contest (Current)
Tengaged Song Contest (Current)

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[S22 : Survivor Honduras]
[S22 : Survivor Honduras]

PUBLIC69 members by JeffProbstTF

Season 22 Día 1 --> Se forman las tribus naciendo Duyure y Talgua y ganando Duyure la primera inmunidad. Día 2 --> Por unanimidad Estrada se convierte en el primer expulsado de S22 :..

Taste The Music! - Season 2
Taste The Music! - Season 2

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The Grove : Apps open
The Grove : Apps open

PUBLIC23 members by Scarelet

𝓐 𝓥𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓢𝓹𝓲𝓷 𝓞𝓯𝓯... ¤¤°•●•°¤¤《Ƭ ΉΣ GЯӨVΣ》¤¤°•○•°¤¤ ᴺᵒᵛ ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳ..

Today's Top Fashionista

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Nick grouped the hispanic people together and tried to get us Up together most of the times and he couldnt. I got him nommed everytime I needed to. Please save me I Will do my best to get to the final!! Thank you to everyone 💜 gl


Everyone wants to target me everyday, like I'm the biggest threat to their game, yet there's 3 people left unnommed. Well if I'm this big threat, send me back in so I can show them who they messed with. Save me. GL