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Big Brother and online Hunger games

Tengaged is a new online social game, meet new friends playing in the Big Brother game, Survivor and the new Online Hunger games, with nominations, challenges, evictions and much more.
make new friends and play
Nominate & Evict Create your alliances, nominate other participants and avoid getting evicted from the game.
Multiplayer online game Participate on Big Brother and other reality games, create your blog and meet new people while playing.
BB UK & BB USA While progressing on the game you may enter into new Big brother games based on USA or UK rules
Survivor Survivor game with tribes competitions and challenges, tribal councils, tribe merges and drama.
Online Hunger Games Participate in the online hunger games and kill all your opponents. Only one can survive.
Make new friends Play with real people, real friends, real enemies... this is the first reality online chat game.

Top Participants blogs


KTCS 5: Challenge #6

201 Kennel123, Dec 2, 2020

Trend the team you want to win!
Darriusdabest & DarkTyphoon23
Washed_Ravioli & IceBeast
sjsoccer88 & Jxhn
Rocker917 & deshonBANNEDISBACK
Eilish & KingGeek
bamold1999 & Harry1210
ForceMike1 & BrittBritt
mbarnish1 & gabrieltrezza
Arris & jungleman111
To score a point for the team you want to win, you must correctly tag BOTH users in one comment.
Challenge ends at 7pm EST..


Which old comp [UPDATED]

60 Solitary, Dec 2, 2020

was your favorite? COMMENT!
(14) Match3
(13) Maze
(10) Lineballs
(9) Words
(7) WoF
(4) Guitar
(4) Endurance
(4) Numbers
(1) Snowflakes
(1) Deal
I'll count the votes! <3
EDIT¹: my favorite was Words and yea, I''m also voting LOL


some of u poor people

24 lemonface, Dec 2, 2020

might decide NOT to go through with your doordash order for 1 whopper meal from burger king if your total comes to $20
I however, a rich person, said $20 for a whopper? ok!
my hunger and need for convenience knows no price tag.
BUT i still might regret it when im looking at the map watching my driver REFUSE to move from the cumberland farms parking lot for 20 minutes instead of going to pick up my food.
but that is because i am impatient, not poor.
EDIT: the karma for belitting you poor people has come back to bite me. it has been an hour and i still have not received my $20 whopper. slice clearly your curse upon me has WORKED in the way of bringing me..


Epic Survivor: Season 2 CAST REVEAL

16 3pi14159, Dec 2, 2020

After a long hiatus, EPIC SURVIVOR IS FINALLY BACK!!!! If you don't know what Epic Survivor is, basically it's fictional survivor ran by me... and it's pretty 'epic' I guess. This season, we will have 18 castaways ruthlessly battling it out for the ultimate prize of ur mom.
Let's introduce the cast for this season! COMMENT BELOW WHO YOU WANT TO WIN :D
~~~ Tribe Snakes ~~~
Ben Shapiro
Ronald McDonald
Albert Einstein
Noob from fastings
~~~ Tribe Loyal ~~~
Winnnie the Pooh
Jesus Christ
X Æ A-12
Mr. Beast
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Chuck E. Cheese
Charli D’Amelio
That is the cast for ESS2 and I'm..


If you don't wanna be called a RAPIST

15 FelipeS, Dec 2, 2020

Or any names of the kind, then don't run your ''mouth'' around here and threat to FACE FUCK people over a stupid blog game, and also stop fishing for attention in any kind of SEXUAL way in this site. That's vile, disgusting, declassé and wrong, it just shows the thirst.
You need to know better and stop playing victm because you're just weird, tengaged is already full of freaks and we don't need another one. This ain't the kind of environment to do what you're used to, which is being a whore, so just quit trying.
And if you feel uncomfortable when people call you names, know that people will also feel some kind of way when  you say the nasty stuff you usually do ..


Kinda bald

17 Eilish, Dec 2, 2020

People cant complain about multis when their merge streaks are filled by multis :/


PYN (your choice)

26 mastropola, Dec 2, 2020

opinion, avi rate, profile rate, I don't care WHAT you want from me but ask me some shit
Doing this till I get BORED. That will be heavily dependent on the type of requests yall give.
Zachbbs - We're good judies AFAIK! We don't talk as often as we once did-I tried snapping you like a week ago? But couldn't find you on the like send to list. Either way I think you're fab and overall a lot less CHAOTIC than you were many moons ago. Some of your blogs are structured in such a cunty way that I want to both laugh and curbstomp you.
Letal - The blue is VERY striking. I love a strong, beefy merman who knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. The default..



22 Eilish, Dec 2, 2020



this website is terrible

7 KingB24, Dec 3, 2020

and half of the ppl on here are truly vile let's be honest


I will gift whoever...

27 blazermaniac94, Dec 2, 2020

Edit:. I should add you have one guess.
Correctly guesses who I want to win the upcoming season of The Challenge.    Post your guess and what you want.

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