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Big Brother and online Hunger games

Tengaged is a new online social game, meet new friends playing in the Big Brother game, Survivor and the new Online Hunger games, with nominations, challenges, evictions and much more.
make new friends and play
Nominate & Evict Create your alliances, nominate other participants and avoid getting evicted from the game.
Multiplayer online game Participate on Big Brother and other reality games, create your blog and meet new people while playing.
BB UK & BB USA While progressing on the game you may enter into new Big brother games based on USA or UK rules
Survivor Survivor game with tribes competitions and challenges, tribal councils, tribe merges and drama.
Online Hunger Games Participate in the online hunger games and kill all your opponents. Only one can survive.
Make new friends Play with real people, real friends, real enemies... this is the first reality online chat game.

Top Participants blogs



32 vaultg1rl, Dec 9, 2021



Thank you 50.7

14 BURBERRY, Dec 9, 2021


Im pregnant

18 cocainita, Dec 9, 2021

and im so happy... But I dont know if the father is my boyfriend or that boy I met in that bar when i bought cocaine 🤷🏻‍♀️


My baby is 9

16 SAWCHUK55, Dec 9, 2021

Today and acts more mature than 98 percent of this site hahaha!
Happy b day first womb nuggets


PYN and I'll tell you which store you..

33 Washed_Ravioli, Dec 9, 2021

oswordo3: BoxLunch
hamburgerbunzz: Old Navy
Colter: Coach
tonym101101: Gamestop
Maxi1234: an H&M that thinks it's Saks Fifth Avenue
MrBird: Target
CocoVanderbilt: Saks Fifth Avenue
peace123: Dollar General
Harpo: Gadgets and Gizmos
bamold1999: L.L. Bean
Saftronbtr999: Microsoft
joey65409: Brookstone
chad123: Lush
FromAWindow: Babies R Us
Jengaged: lululemon
Kelly0412: Spencer's Gifts
Thirteen: Halloween..


Nominated for 7th

5 LittleMix, Dec 9, 2021

Hi I have locked in every dc and Danny hasn't locked in since he was nominated for 16th.
I do not deserve to get evicted here. He came back after 4 days to just post a speech.
Would love for you all to save me because I am actually trying and he clearly does not give a fuck.
Click Danny's button!


platinum !

27 Kyle12212, Dec 9, 2021

This is a little late LOL but I bought platinum!
Shoutouts to some people off the top of my..


Hi Today is my 27th Bday

27 BbDamian, Dec 9, 2021

Comment nice things below ^_^
My lesson to you as a 27 year old is to set intentions with everything you do. That includes frooks.


Successful Charity 💛 Doubled Your..

9 PrincessTeePee, Dec 9, 2021

Thank you to the following people for joining! Let me know if there’s anything you need in future!💕
cheritaisdelicious smi9127 konohavillage1 bluebarracuda otaq yaxha blazermaniac94 straightloonie spritz_stick harry2010 georgeflair vanitysmurf 💚


Pyn for what I like about you

25 Thumper91, Dec 9, 2021

systrix that you are one of the sweetest girls I’ve probably ever met the best sissy ❤️
daddydev your loyalty doesn’t compare to anyone else’s I know you will always have my back.
washed_ravioli you’re kind soul you’re so sweet and I love when we are on calls together :)
abstractjay i like how you stay loyal to who youre with when i see you in a frooks even if we dont talk xD
brookie_cookie i like how youre very funny with your blogs miss when you use to blog your content all the time :)
tryphena i like how you dont take things too personallly and plus your the queen with a..

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I hope everyone remembers to drink water today. There are more important aspects to life than online games and sometimes we lose our focus on that. If you would like to throw me a save here and there I’d greatly appreciate it. Gl Jordan!


They FINALLY got me. What pussies. The game is becoming one of the fun things to manage in life rn. I do not want to leave, please let me continue the trek to finals! It’s time for some DRAMA in the nominations. Time to look out for me, good luck benny