Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Slim shady

~~~~~~~~~Stars 510 finalist~~~~~~~~~~~

Group Placements:
1st: Nickts Big Brother 9 (Player of the season), Nathans BB 1, aifans bb all stars, Lhooper Bb 5
2nd: Kaseyhope01 BB, Michaels Big Brother, Burgers Big Brother All-stars, Zombie bb all stars, CF survivor
3rd: J2 Big Brother 1 (Player of season(Tied with MrBird), Big Brother Unlimited 14, Matt and Evans bb, Aifan鈥檚 BB 3
4th: JRBB13(underdog of the season)
5th: Nickt BB6, Zombies BB2, BBB 2
6th: None
7th: TTBB 14, M7 Big Brother 10 Pool Party
8th: None
9th: Big Brother Power App, j&m BB 2, Cutthroat survivor
10th: MJF BB2, NoBows BB4,RTP
11th: Chillum and Patsys BB1, Group game Hell: BB
12th: BBUK
13th: Burger Big Brother 9, mnrs bb, Tbart bb1
16th: j2 bb all stars ;(
20th: T&C survivor

Pending :
Bbuk: top 7
Kyleddd bb: top 6
Joeys Big Brother winners:
Season 1 : Bbhoe (gifted)
Season 2: Davidm7 (gifted)
Season 3: JarBearFTW
Season 4: IceBeast
Season 5: ??

My Games 937 games played

Day 7
27 Jan, 21
Day 3
27 Jan, 21
22 Jan, 21
22 Jan, 21
20 Jan, 21
20 Jan, 21
17 Jan, 21

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