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Fashion Game

Tengaged is an online reality game where you can customize and create your own fashion and trends, add your new designs into the auction and create your own shop in the fashion and shops game . Have fun and good luck!
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How can I create my designs shop?

You first need to design your clothes and items and make them public, the users will vote the best ones which will then go to the auction, once you get a top Fashion designer you can enter in the Shopping game.

What can I design?

Almost anything that can fit into your avatar, designs can cover dresses and clothes, hair styles, and anything related to fashion and design but also scarcs, hair, eyes, etc.

What's the fashion game?

In Tengaged everything is a game and all your designs will be voted by the users, if your designs are cool and users like them you will easier access to get a shop to sell your designs, the best shops will continue in the game and shop owners will get part of the benefits.

Top designs now!

Itsy Bitsy Bikini
1507 points vote

Itsy Bitsy Bikini

1 commentsApr 17, 2021

iScotty.                     .

Black Basic
1504 points vote

Black Basic

1 commentsApr 17, 2021

SeongWoo.                     .

Blonde Kitty
1449 points vote

Blonde Kitty

2 commentsApr 17, 2021

Icing.                               .

167 points vote


4 commentsboyfriend Apr 17, 2021

idk she asked me to post this for her idk what she expects i'm a white level and will not be able to spam this into auctions

Bonico Dress
75 points vote

Bonico Dress

0 commentsApr 17, 2021

Boyfriend.                          .

Gina Knows Best
59 points vote

Gina Knows Best

0 commentsHeavenlee Apr 18, 2021

Blue Kendall Braid Buns
47 points vote

Blue Kendall Braid Buns

0 comments_AntonioJ_ Apr 18, 2021

Designed by Gemma17 & Recolored by DaisyJane
permission by Jessie_

Bonico Dress
44 points vote

Bonico Dress

0 comments_AntonioJ_ Apr 17, 2021


Blue Breezy
37 points vote

Blue Breezy

0 commentsMmabatlokoaMolefe Apr 16, 2021

Mmabatlokoa is back with another Blue Weave in the collection

Neda Full Avatar
37 points vote

Neda Full Avatar

1 commentsApr 18, 2021

Neda on an avatar.                 Woohoo.

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