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0Q: How you feel about episode 2 of haunted mansion

asked by charrison790564

Tessa got dropped 😂😂😂

-7Q: Opinion?

asked by ITZ3THAN

Honestly, you are like a brother to me. So supportive and endearing. King, your shiny disposition and personality mean the world to this website.

0Q: Opinions on user Demgirl6?

asked by oswordo3

well six is my fav color so im probs a fann

0Q: bestie

asked by iSandeh

That’s u

0Q: who r u saving me or mmaba!

asked by sosyomomma

saving whereeee

0Q: hey !

asked by Jessie_


0Q: When are you coming to Austin? 👀💘

asked by Ratchett


0Q: Why are you so loyal?

asked by iiGalaxyii

I was raised proper

0Q: how is your ass so juicy and when can i try it

asked by Washed_Ravioli

baby i was born this way!
any time, samples are free luv

0Q: Hi Kindred ❤ Opinion on galaxies?!?

asked by Jaxon

he's OUR stars winner! ❤

0Q: Hi Kindred!

asked by JustMe

no this is patrick

0Q: kendal or beth

asked by Singsongers

idk what this is referencing but if they bbcan houseguests then neither bc i dont watch but i heard those names a lot!!

0Q: Join Hunger.

asked by gabrieltrezza


0Q: Why am i not your bestie?:( gosh

asked by Kaylabby

you are duh

0Q: How you feel about episode 1 of haunted mansion

asked by charrison790564

I liked it, it was interesting

0Q: What's the first thing you're gonna do when lockdown ends

asked by JasonXtreme

Hang out with you at Wonderland.... jk umm gym for sure.... and maybe go out with friends since a few are moving in a few months

0Q: Hello!

asked by joey65409


-4Q: favoirte sport to watch/play?

asked by Yawnha

Probably hockey because my cousin plays on the Ottawa Senators. I also stan the Chicago White Sox.

0Q: How was your T-break?
Anything new in life?

asked by lukesurvives

it was kinda relaxing lol
and nothing much rn

0Q: favorite sport to watch?

asked by Yawnha

Honestly, tennis is kinda riveting and underrated. If not tennis, then I don't mind basketball or soccer.

I will watch practically anything during the Olympics.


Next Winners 20T$ daily!!

46Q: Como está o fim de semana?

asked by Matte

Muito livro e estudos

43Q: Favourite city you’ve visited?

asked by JasonXtreme

Toronto tbh but Split and Malaga are absolute bangers n all

41Q: Join castings

asked by Brandonator

let me get my castings boots laced up

39Q: who's ya fave tengaged girl big man

asked by BengalBoy


33Q: Qual o teu filme predileto? Nunca perguntei :o

asked by Matte

Harry Potter certeza

Past Winners

156Q: Any plan for summer?

asked by Midiaw

Beach and pool

273Q: Opinião (sem mentir)

asked by Matte

Vc é top

322Q: Opinião (sem estar bêbado hehe)

asked by Matte

Eu nunca estou bêbado

68Q: Favorite food?

asked by NewHorizons

Hamburger of Mc Donalds

54Q: why do you hate me

asked by Galaxies

i dont hate you , I just don't share the same thought

44Q: O auge da pandemia chegou? $988.5

asked by Matte

Como assim? Dólares?

51Q: Opinion!
Also.. something you’d like to see added/changed to Tengaged?

asked by brandonpinzu

LMAO I think you're such a good guy! Very genuine with people, and I think you and josh are doing ana amazing job with this website.I think something that should be added is immunity idol pop ups in survivor. That would make it a lot more intense

72Q: Vai Bahiaaa

asked by Matte

Bora Bahea

110Q: A pobreza chegou amigo

asked by Matte

Ela já tava aqui faz é tempo nego

69Q: R u a fighter?

asked by ColinCoco

I'm a fighter woman