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0Q: Why do you have a tongue

asked by MarieEve

wha?? Your pain pills kicking in?

0Q: As someone who sexually identifies as the Halting Hex, what are your opinions on humans?

asked by FireWolf

Dey aight

0Q: If you could switch identities with one tengager who would you choose?

asked by FireWolf

hmmmm...... GoodKaren

0Q: When do you plan on joining stars again?

asked by woeisme

Never. I can't possibly work a full time job during the day and play stars. It's impossible

0Q: daddi

asked by paul028

get the hell away from me boi

0Q: If you werent in a good financial situation, would you do porn to survive?

asked by Admir

nah my wanger is worth more

0Q: OwO? asking for a friend.

asked by KittyCupcake12354


0Q: If you had the chance, would you change your username?

asked by FireWolf

If you could have 3 letter names then dru but you can't so fk it I'm BengalBoy

15Q: Am I thicc

asked by KittyCupcake12354

i have no idea what this means. like thick thighs? possibly

15Q: whats ur biggest regret?

asked by Minniemax

im not really sure. i only have a couple small things, but they are personal. no real regrets. i usually take chances so i have no ragrats

15Q: Ahri or Syndra

asked by koolness234

who are they? i googled it though and it looks like some anime stuff. is that right?

15Q: why are you perf?

asked by YoundAndReckless

hahaha ask D

15Q: Would you like to know how you'll die

asked by Admir

nahh i dont wanna know. i live life as it comes. More adventurous and exciting that way :)

15Q: Hows your job search? Or did you get the finance?

asked by Piddu

oh i got that job. i kinda knew i would.. But it's been going well. Finally been taking on some work. First bit was kinda slow.

15Q: how's your new job going buddy

asked by BengalBoy

hey :) its going well. got my first paycheck today which was sick. Wasnt sure if i had made the right choice, but now i think i have

0Q: How much do you love me on a scale from 1 to I RUINWD YOUR 1 MERGE STREAK

asked by Admir


0Q: ill buy u a sick truck

asked by ItsAlexia


0Q: Rate my avi?!

asked by Amnesia_


4Q: i wanna know- have you ever seen the rain?

asked by BengalBoy

Nope, I live under a rock in the desert

0Q: What's poppin' B?

Did you have an amazing day today? : )

asked by TR1364

i had a slight above average day today, thank u for asking T


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35Q: Fmk-
Moneyshot, bengalboy, matisse

asked by SweetBlossomrose1

Not answering but Skype me your answer
Fmk moneyshot kingmac karim

35Q: Fmk- @karim @tarag @lukyn

asked by SweetBlossomrose1


33Q: if you had to compare each of your top 5 friends to a football team which would they be?

asked by BengalBoy

Don - Cardiff if we鈥檙e rating his challenge scores
Eg - Man City idk because they are good!
Galaxies - Tottenham because he always bottles it and leaves 馃槶 lmao
Sweet - chelsea because he supports his mother鈥檚 team 鉂わ笍
Masta - bournemouth because who are they and who is masta nowadays? 馃槀
Did premier league only

21Q: Who is your favorite Tg power couple?

asked by heatherlum

I鈥檓 not the biggest advocate for tg relationships but I think what Daniel and Dustin have is really sweet. I like a happy ending, the 1/10 times we get it on here.

21Q: poop

asked by s73100


Past Winners

74Q: enferma

asked by Laura21

No es amor, lo t煤 tienes es una obsesi贸n

119Q: Damion se queda t铆a, lo siento por ti

asked by sandym89


64Q: Whats your favourite song?

asked by danyyboy67

lucid dreams

75Q: do u think jellyfish are sad that there are no peanut butter fish?

asked by underwzc

whoa.. that just blew my mind

43Q: Can my irl friend sign up for tg.com

asked by maturo


46Q: Was the bag head design removed from shops due to the fact that it covered the entire face, and not because of permission issues?

asked by GoodKaren

That is correct.

62Q: Why are people who were supposed to be banned for 14 days for cheating suddenly unbanned?

asked by RedFabFoxy

Are you referring to a particular user?

57Q: Can you see how many people had voted in Stars?

asked by Diva_


29Q: Favorite song from trench ?

asked by SmoothStalker12

hmmm i dont have a single favorite yet but there are a couple that stand above the others

27Q: Opinion?

asked by FireWolf

A nice dude from our encounters! You remind me of my in the sense that you don't let things get too you too easily.