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0Q: No lmao

asked by Escapethenight13

Basically, I was hosting my BB2 F4 HOH, and someone named Bone won HOH.
I made a typo, and said "CONGRATULATIONS BON YOU ARE THE NEW HOH." Ever since, my players wont let me live it down.

0Q: I’m sexy right?

asked by Escapethenight13

you are a child!

0Q: “Fancy a bon bon”

asked by Escapethenight13

You don't even know the joke, do you? XD

0Q: AwPeEnYaN

asked by Escapethenight13


0Q: PrinceVans

0Q: are you g*y?
asked by 3pi14159
I’d rather be dead

asked by Escapethenight13

Worst thing would be to be american tbf

0Q: Is Water Wet?
Is a Hot-dog a sandwich?

asked by TheRoseHorse

Yes and kinda 🙂🙃👀

0Q: Your avi scares me but hi

asked by Escapethenight13


3Q: How are you?

asked by TheRoseHorse

I am hungry. I want A BON BON.


Sound familiar Ros?

asked by americanidolfan

I'm using my right to remain silent. XD

4Q: Oh is it the s3

asked by Escapethenight13


4Q: Ok here’s a not weird question! Can I join your bb in the future?

asked by Escapethenight13

Maybe, I'm casting rn, so why not apply. :)

3Q: Fancy a Bon Bon?

asked by americanidolfan

Sure. XD

4Q: How do you feel about “suckable”

asked by Escapethenight13

Why I always get weird questions?

-2Q: Why is she so mean to me :(?

asked by Escapethenight13

ask her not me

3Q: Where’s your favorite place to shop for clothes?

asked by DaveLooney

hmmm... theres not one specific brand i exclusively wear, j crew/banana republic/h&m/pac sun/urban all have good stuff. thrifting also bc you save so much money lol

3Q: This is just an appreciation post for you

asked by Natepresnell

love u so much

0Q: :/

asked by Escapethenight13


3Q: Tell me your biggest flaw as a human.

asked by Oysterman11

Speaking to you

3Q: How did you get such beautiful teeth

asked by BBlover96

Smile Direct Club ;)

3Q: are you plussed my design king?

asked by fabianoo

i don't know! mail me now i'll check


Next Winners 20T$ daily!!

32Q: Your favorite child who plays on this site?

asked by A_La_Fac

Damn that's a good question....
I have many Tengaged players I love as my own children as well as my own irl kids. I can't pick cuz I love them all

31Q: Do you love someone aside your family?

asked by KevsssInDaHouse

Absolutely :)

29Q: Have my votes left you quaking in vivor

asked by koolness234

Votes or lack thereof yes LMAO chaos kass has ARRIVED. Also dead at your current stats LMAO

29Q: on a scale of 1-10 how disappointed are you in befriending ohheydudeski

asked by CutieAmy

Um considering he sent me unsolicited nudes when i was a minor constantly I would say a 10 :) I mean I'm not gonna make a blog about it but I had many predator encounters on here but idc now i'm old LOL

28Q: Do u hate me 🥺

asked by mbarnish1

Never wtf hope you're joking

Past Winners

136Q: Scale of 1-10 how ugly r u

asked by alexclow345


154Q: do u like blueberryes ?

asked by Flipflops


99Q: who's ur fav sex and the city girl?

asked by Carriexoxo24xo


35Q: How does it feel being nominated 7 times?

asked by yachj

Wdym? I went unnominated !! lmfao in all seriousness it was 8 times and it feels iconic and hilarious and sad all at the same time... it's extremely comical imo

62Q: how did you meet smallchild99

asked by JasonXtreme

I said a stupid bitch 3 times into a mirror and he appeared on tg.

63Q: Do you prefer chicken or fish?

asked by malachite05

Chicken, by far. But if I have to have fish, I like salmon the best

69Q: You are always trying to guess people’s favorite things...time to turn the tables! What’s YOUR favorite color/movie?

asked by alexclow345

My favourite colour is orange and my favourite movie is The Proposal. ❤️ Ryan Reynolds

125Q: Plus please?

asked by fabianoo

uahauahauahaau yes!!!

46Q: no what

asked by Music

no mayo

95Q: do you like me?

asked by fabianoo

wow, i like you so much.... it was a pleasure to chat with you at the casting.