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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Houston =]

Hey I'm Houston :)
"So sad to see you treated like a sex doll. Houston may look good but he has the heart and personality to match people."
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I love Kaay sosososososososo much and I miss her and she's my bffl and shes cute ok bye

You cant give a -11 if you are a yellow level
Sent by ChilltownBB7,Dec 18, 2012


I can get along with almost anyone, so if you want a friend I'm your guy. Be friends with me!
*Skype- hwest2014


¬¬' Tribe - just a wee little noob- -Never forget :)

*I am one of the few that can say that T_Mod has directed a blog at me :P lol ooooooops

*BECAME RANKED- April 16, 2011 - *top 300* (with like 725 karma)
HIGHEST KNOWN RANK (Old)- 187th achieved on April 2, 2013 (with like 1500 Karma)
HIGHEST KNOWN RANK (New) - 123rd achieved on April 17, 2021 (with 6768 Karma).... wild

*Yes, my records suck, but im working towards
perfection every day! :)



hwest - everytime im in a game with you you are either a boy or girl or you switch it up in the middle of the game haha

On 4/28/15, at 11:33 PM, Johnny St. Germain wrote:
> houston i dont care that she's your friend, you have all sorts of questionable friends (NO PUN INTENDED CUZ JACOB LMAO)

(SmoothStalker12): hwest14 - You are very educated and known in your election. You come off as friendly and approachable with your "Hey I'm Houston" slogan. You are able to win primaries with your successful campaign and represent your party. Despite some controversy about your past, you are able to get past it and win the presidential election 56% - 44%

Kind words from my good friend Maxi1234:
“houston is myspace pretty cuz that bitch a fuckin dinosaur”
“houston’s pronouns are fat/ty”

you're cute ily
Sent by Notsae,May 2, 2016

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