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Online Hunger Games

Tengaged is an online game based on the Hunger Games movie, you will enroll with a group of people and you will need to survive and fight to death until only one remains. It's very addictive and fun!
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How to play the Hunger Games in Tengaged?

Once the game opens you can enroll in the Hunger Games. When the game is complete with 30 participants it will automatically start.

How to survive in the game?

You will need to get health as it will be decreasing continuosly. At the same time you will have to fight with other tributes.

online cornucopia

Click on the food to go to Cornucopia and your health will start increasing.

How do I increase my health during the game?

Every few hours there may be new food in Cornucopia, so you need to enter into Cornucopia to get some food. Once you're in Cornucopia your health will increase gradually until you reach your maximum or the Cornucopia food is finished. Only 10 participants maybe in Cornucopia at the same time so you need to hurry up for food and weapons, but be careful as you may get exposed there.

How to fight against another participant?

You can start a fight with any participant who is in Cornucopia if is not fighting already. Just click on fight and a new challenge will be added. The one with most final computed points wins. Computed points are based on your health, oponents health, weapons, fight experience and final points in the challenge. Each time you fight your fight experience increases so you always need to have the best weapon possible and do as many fights as possible to increase your experience.

You can also run away from a fight, your health won't be affected as much as if you loose the fight.

How to get weapons in the online Hunger Games?

From time to time new weapons will appear in Cornucopia, you need to click on one of them to get the weapon, but it will take few minutes. If any other participant attacks you while in the process the weapon is lost.

cornucopia weapons

Each weapon has different properties, i.e. time to get it, max number of uses, power, etc


Besides the above fight weapons, you can additionally gather some arrows to throw at your opponents. Once you select your target, the participant will loose some health based on several algorithms (i.e. messing votes, etc). It may go from 0% (miss) to 3%, although occasionally it may hit hard and get a -10 point of health lost. To get new arrows you need to look for the below icon and click on it.



As in the movie, there are some users who can sponsor you with some additional arrows and/or health. Each Hunger game winner will automatically get into the mentors list and receive 5 items to sponsor any user in next games. If you need some health you may try to contact someone from the mentor's list and ask for their help. Alternatively in each game a user can buy you some health and or arrows, but it will get gradually more expensive and only 5 total sponsorships per game are possible.

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Hunger games rules


- 30 players
- New game open to enroll once the previous game ends.


- It will last for as long as it's needed. Until only 1 player remains.


- You have health indicator 0-100. Max is 100.
- To increase health you need to collect food from Cornucopia, win in fights, be sponsored or in Forest search
- Health decreases continuosly. From time to time game can be in wolf mode and health will decrease double.
- Your health is not visible to others, but could be seen in Sponsors page if is lower than 40


- Wins the game that last participant. Who will receive the sponsor points.


- You can attack any participant in Cornucopia if you're in attack mode already.
- Fights are based on minigames.
- Results of fights are calculated based on the following variables
   - Points you obtained from your minigame
   - Fight experience. As you are involved in more fights, you experience grows and you get more advantage.
   - Weapon.
   - Health difference between opponents, if you attack opponent with low health, you get some advantage.
- The user with max final calculated points wins. If both have same points then attacker wins.
- The winner obtains:
   - Increased Fight experience (only if you have never fought with this oponent). (If attacker wins, receives double fight experience)
   - Add the health used in the fight (default is 30 unless you have less health)
   - Get the opponent's weapons in case of dead and if winner doesn't have any weapon.
- Any of the 2 participants in the attack has the option to run away and directly drop around one third of the health used in the fight, winner adds one third of the help.
   - You can runaway before doing your minigame, you may have few seconds after your minigame is finish to runaway too. If you minigame didn't save correctly you can do a run away too.
- The health involved in the fight depends on health of attacker, 30% maximum or less if attacker has less health.
- Once you are in a fight you have 8 hours, however, your health will decrease until you finish your minigame. Once your minigame is done you won't loose health until oponent finishes the minigame.

Sponsors/Game Makers: donations from sponsors:

- The winner automatically receives 5 sponsor tickets, to use in any game where he doesn't participate
- Other users which are not sponsors can also sponsor a user but they need to pay. Price depends on the number of times any participant has been sponsored. 1st 15T$, 2nd 50T$, 3rd,4th and 5th 100T$
- Only a total of 5 sponsorships can happen in a game.
- You can sponsor a user in 2 ways
   - With additional 10 points of Health
   - With additional 5 arrows

Active Messages:

- Arrows: You can get arrows from the messages, but you can not have more than 15 arrows at the same time.


- You can only have 1 weapon at a time. Each weapon will increase the final minigames score
- Better weapons will make your final points in minigame increase more
- Once you click on the weapon you will need to wait a variable time depending on the weapon
- If somebody fights you when waiting for the weapon, the weapon will be cancelled.
- Order of weapons from worst to best (knive, axe, mace, sword)


- If your health reaches 0 you will automatically die.
- If you die in middle of fight then the fight will be won by the user not dying and only if he already did the challenge.


- In cornucopia you can get health and weapons. But it's the only place where you can get attacked by other participant.
- Take some weapons. Once you go for a weapon, you can't leave cornucopia for the amount of time defined for each weapon, so you get exposed.
- The longer you're there the more food/health you get. Assuming there's food in Cornucopia
- If you're in Cornucopia and there's no food your health also decreases like in Hidden mode.
- There's a max of 10 participants in cornucopia.
- If there's no space left then you can't go for food you should enter by attacking somebody in Cornucopia which is in food or weapon mode.
- When somebody enters because an attack then if no space left, a participant in cornucopia which is just for health (or weapon) gets out from cornucopia.

Long Shoot weapons:

- Long shoots allow you to directly reduce the health of any participant.
- You start with 10 arrows. Each arrow drops 0-3% (10% special) (random and based on number of arrows thrown) of health to selected participant.
- You get new arrows in Active Messages
- You can shoot at any living participant
- You can have a max of 15 bullets.


- Every few hours the poll bush option appears
- 8 images presented and user can click on any of those. Some of them have poison and others food.
   - if user gets food then he adds 10% of food
   - if user gets poison then he rests 5% of food
- All participants have the poison and food in same position, so if one finds out where food is can tell the others


- The game rules will be changed and new features added during the next months
- Please send all your new ideas and suggestions

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