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Gypsy Kings!Gypsy Kings!by mancebo443Points43Members
MeanGirlsMeanGirlsby koolness234Get in loser we're going shopping 320Points26Members
3BANNED / REMOVEDBANNED / REMOVEDby maturoYou’re done buddy310Points27Members
413 Reasons Why Returns13 Reasons Why Returnsby obey_meWhat will happen in Season 4? Pls Join ♡278Points30Members
5SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind263Points21Members
I'm Slytherin, BitchI'm Slytherin, Bitchby adamgrantWhen upset, Slytherins attack.254Points24Members
SQUAD BRSQUAD BRby Farese vamos de renascença das cinzas 213Points24Members
8Legally BlondeLegally Blondeby Ashleybabyx3198Points17Members
9Roblox RinnasRoblox Rinnasby rozlyn198Points17Members
10Little Monsters LMLittle Monsters LMby gagaluvLuv Lady Gaga170Points12Members
11Fire NationFire Nationby AvalonDon’t start a fire you can't put out!170Points16Members
12Nana'sNana'sby BrandonatorRIP NANA ♥️162Points12Members
BRENWELLBRENWELLby EmzThorneCult | Sorority.159Points14Members
14StonersStonersby ScallyIf we all had a bong, we'd all get along155Points17Members
15Lunchbox FriendsLunchbox Friendsby EilishCome to my house, let's die together Friendship that will last forever.149Points15Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. matrixgbi from SQUAD BR stole the star slot to MeanGirls 15 hours 4 min before end
  2. top20fan33 from MeanGirls stole the star slot to Party Tutors 17 hours 3 min before end
  3. capguy1 from Party Tutors stole the star slot to Brits 19 hours 17 min before end
  4. Torontos from Brits stole the star slot to Cherry Sluts 1 day 6 hours before end
  5. spikedcurley from Cherry Sluts stole the star slot to Party Tutors 1 day 19 hours before end
  6. capguy1 from Party Tutors stole the star slot to SQUAD BR 2 days 12 hours before end
  7. pvmlucas from SQUAD BR stole the star slot to River Vixens 4 days 2 hours before end
  8. masqui from River Vixens stole the star slot to The Dark Side 4 days 7 hours before end

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