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MeanGirlsMeanGirlsby koolness234Get in loser we're going shopping 892Points77Members
2The FratFratThe FratFratby BrittBrittThe FratFrat Is Where It's AtAt533Points52Members
3SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind442Points38Members
4Fire NationFire Nationby AvalonDon’t start a fire you can't put out!375Points43Members
13 Reasons Why Returns13 Reasons Why Returnsby obey_meClay, Hannah & You.306Points34Members
EgotisticEgotisticby EilishStop Having Your Own Way247Points26Members
7The Wolf PackThe Wolf Packby FireWolfOnly for the fierce and the savage232Points23Members
8Little Monsters LMLittle Monsters LMby gagaluvLuv Lady Gaga227Points16Members
9Party TutorsParty Tutorsby cswaggerrThe College Experience188Points14Members
The Dark SideThe Dark Sideby Katherinee_THE BADDEST BITCHES FROM ALL186Points16Members
BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!176Points19Members
12Nana'sNana'sby Brandonator#GETBUNNYCATINTOSTARS162Points12Members
I'm Slytherin, BitchI'm Slytherin, Bitchby DracoMalfoy156Points18Members
The Kingdom of NutsThe Kingdom of Nutsby albahrAre you the fucking boss/king/queen?Join147Points14Members
50 Shades of Blonde50 Shades of Blondeby seana86Keeping it Classy .... not Trashy!139Points10Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. Slice from Nana's stole the star slot to Only ones 15 hours 33 min before end
  2. Matte from Only ones stole the star slot to NEG FINN GANG SIGN 1 day 9 hours before end
  3. GiGi10 from NEG FINN GANG SIGN stole the star slot to Party Tutors 1 day 13 hours before end
  4. tonyalbright from Party Tutors stole the star slot to Nana's 2 days 11 hours before end
  5. ILoveSleep from Nana's stole the star slot to Fine Fresh Fierce 3 days 20 hours before end

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