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1SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind672Points58Members
2HBICsHBICsby brandonpinzuWe came to slay, bitch.620Points48Members
The Game ChangersThe Game Changersby GentlemanGGame changing moves, willing to change the game.400Points44Members
413 Reasons Why13 Reasons Whyby obey_meA frat based on the new Netflix series.396Points48Members
5The Mountain MoversThe Mountain Moversby ImGonnaWinMountain Movers = Spread Love364Points35Members
#FriendsBeforeWins#FriendsBeforeWinsby KrissteaI'll be there for you359Points33Members
7HuntersHuntersby IceBeastHunt or Be Hunted351Points31Members
8Party TutorsParty Tutorsby cswaggerrThe College Experience284Points24Members
ACTIVESACTIVESby Meganwe bring the drama :)271Points22Members
10The lrrelevantsThe lrrelevantsby kasey2011Are you lrrelevant? Then Join :)266Points30Members
The LabThe Labby bamold1999Where everyday we cook up hunger wins259Points20Members
12BritsBritsby bibblesIt does exactly what it says on the tin!256Points28Members
Targaryen BloodTargaryen Bloodby FighterManFire and Blood249Points18Members
14The Kingdom of NutsThe Kingdom of Nutsby AlmondsAre you the fucking boss/king/queen?Join243Points24Members
15The FratThe Fratby OliviaxoxoLooking for a frat? How about The Frat frat. Frat. 239Points23Members

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  2. Dusty12910 from The PGA stole the star slot to Powerful Girls 2 days 3 hours before end
  3. EyooMarcus from Powerful Girls stole the star slot to ACTIVES 4 days 23 hours before end
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