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1SophrosyneSophrosyneby k4r4kA healthy state of mind608Points51Members
213 Reasons Why Returns13 Reasons Why Returnsby obey_me434Points51Members
3The Shadow LandsThe Shadow Landsby ShadowmanThey stretch for miles <3425Points63Members
4The Mountain MoversThe Mountain Moversby ImGonnaWinMountain Movers = Spread Love410Points36Members
The FratThe Fratby OliviaxoxoLooking for a frat? How about The Frat frat. Frat. 400Points35Members
6The LabThe Labby bamold1999Where everyday we cook up hunger wins345Points27Members
7Tampon FlopTampon Flopby JustMeIt's lonely at the top for a Tampon Flop313Points26Members
8THE X POWERTHE X POWERby FireXIf we burn YOU BURN WITH US298Points36Members
#FriendsBeforeWins#FriendsBeforeWinsby YaddddiggzI'll be there for you287Points25Members
The Kingdom of NutsThe Kingdom of Nutsby AlmondsAre you the fucking boss/king/queen?Join276Points30Members
ACTIVESACTIVESby Meganwe bring the drama :)262Points21Members
Mischief ManagedMischief Managedby MuseumI solemnly swear that I'm up to no good.249Points26Members
13Party TutorsParty Tutorsby cswaggerrThe College Experience248Points20Members
14The Game ChangersThe Game Changersby GentlemanGGame changing moves, willing to change the game.247Points24Members
15HBICsHBICsby brandonpinzuWe came to slay, bitch.242Points18Members

Previous Frat Game Summary

  1. iamremedy from #FriendsBeforeWins stole the star slot to The lrrelevants 15 hours 55 min before end
  2. ibnw from The lrrelevants stole the star slot to Mischief Managed 18 hours 38 min before end
  3. Museum from Mischief Managed stole the star slot to The Kingdom of Nuts 23 hours 6 min before end
  4. SugarCrash from The Kingdom of Nuts stole the star slot to Targaryen Blood 1 day before end
  5. tonyalbright from Targaryen Blood stole the star slot to Mischief Managed 2 days 10 hours before end
  6. Juliapxbee from Mischief Managed stole the star slot to ashley artichoke sheep 4 days 19 hours before end

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