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Fun, friendship, and stanning Sk8ergal <3

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  1. goldie77I wanna join cuz I love BBlover and Shaniqua sm <3 and also kingjames!
  2. Briana4HouTexanspleaseeeee star my ass in...i want to be with the cool kids and shake my droopy tits*
  3. Briana4HouTexansplease star me in i wanna be hangin with the cool kids
  4. michland143 Hello if you are interested, please join to my blog game - RuPaul Drag Race
  5. AlexRawr Hi! would you mind giving these a plus, thank you so much!
  6. charrison790564Window why you left jew crews
  7. kingjames13Star ari in now
  8. Lara88765hi
  9. kingjames13Starred the new people
  10. Awroge3659Same!
  11. ouijakestarred all 4 aspirants<3
  12. PaigeScavostars please
  13. lauragarciaI am not
  14. Scotty1710I hope to become a slut and make the haters choke on my tits and pussy xo
  15. nikki47can't wait to be a big slut

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If I join stars

14 BBlover96, Nov 27, 2020

Will y鈥檃ll gimme another a win xx



8 kingjames13, Nov 28, 2020

Opinions 馃槀馃槀


Good morning

1 BBlover96, Nov 28, 2020

Everyone have a good day and remember to be kind 鉂わ笍


How do u handle

4 BBlover96, Nov 27, 2020

People who give u attitude constantly


I got some Bunda

1 BBlover96, Nov 28, 2020

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