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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Zack :)

Make the finals in Castings: [X]
Never get nominated in a Castings: [X]
Win Castings: [X]
Make the finals in Rookies: [X]
Never get nominated in a Rookies: [_]
Win Rookies: [_]
Get HoH in Rookies: [X]
Get PoV in Rookies: [X]
Play Stars: [_]
Make the finals in Stars: [_]
Never get nominated in a Stars: [_]
Win Stars: [_]
Get yellow: [X]
Get orange: [X]
Get light green: [X]
Get dark green: [X]
Get blue: [X]
Get purple: [X]
Get red: [X]
Get brown: [X]
Get black: [X]

Placement in Group Games:
Crackhead Survivor Season 2: 6th Place
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20 Apr, 21
Day 3
19 Apr, 21
Day 9
16 Apr, 21
15 Apr, 21
14 Apr, 21
9 Apr, 21
7 Apr, 21

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  1. How is everyone doing tonight? :3
  2. Hope everyone is having a good Friday:))
  4. Stars Support!
  5. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO...12th
  6. Who does everyone want to win BB11
  7. Need a bit more T's till casting game
  8. BB11
  9. BB11 starts in a few days!!!!!!
  10. I need some T!!
  11. plz enroll to game #7395
  12. Team Noel
  13. Stars started
  14. Which is better old or new casting
  15. Which is better casting, rookies or stars
  16. Lets make this game more appropriate
  17. who did you want to win BB10
  18. safe for a day

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