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Its almost fucking June

0 zachbbs, May 20, 2019

And Minnesota wants to be 35F outside? No thanks. Time to turn the heaters back on.


Hello 😲😲

0 mohaxurrito, May 20, 2019


La venda ya cayo

0 miguelbenitez, May 20, 2019

Y mi esposa consiguió más puntos que el♡♡♡


Apply for Survivor: Zambia

2 mbarnish1, May 20, 2019

Season 6 applications are open -- it's likely going to be the last newbie season before All Stars so get your applications in if you want a chance to return soon! Plus you get the best group game host here survivorfan37!


Can yall drop some good vibe music

0 Nebula, May 20, 2019

I want new shit


The vampires have gone to bed.

0 Thirteen, May 20, 2019

I barely missed them.


He said that

0 MudkipzFTW, May 20, 2019

so I had to look it up... Major Yikes indeed


Apply for Survivor: Zambia

0 SurvivorFan37, May 20, 2019

Season 6 applications are open -- it's likely going to be the last newbie season before All Stars so get your applications in if you want a chance to return soon!


GOT ending

0 christossss, May 20, 2019

Major yikes


Danganronpa: Finest Killings - Chapter 2 Part..

0 Wolven6974, May 20, 2019

~~~✔Current Survivors✔~~~
Mike, The Ultimate Videogame Developer (Main Character)
Bvance1212 - Billy, The Ultimate Athlete
Tommy123 - Crystal, The Ultimate Dancer
TMAN54445 - Tris, The Ultimate Geek
bklimas - Jack, The Ultimate Actor
ColinCoco - Nox, The Ultimate Unlucky Student
aria_grande - Rosaline, The Ultimate Geologist
Foxy_Piplup - Shinbou, The Ultimate Wolf Tamer
FireX - X, The Ultimate Eater
Novamax243 - Haze, The Ultimate Illusionist
iichaoskimmy - Kimmy, The Ultimate Kid's TV Show Host
Chapter One:
Aimee, The Ultimate Model ( Amnesia_) | COD: Stabbed to death.
Fox, The Ultimate Trampoline Dodgeball Player ( Bigbrother10101) | COD: Executed by Mono
~~~~Chapter 2, Part 2: Calm Before The Storm~~~
The eleven of us stood there, staring at our respective Info-Pads. I don't think anyone else had noticed it yet. "Associated with the MDP". I don't know whether or not that means what I think it does, but I need to stay wary... just in case.
Kimmy: So, these rules are going to be fairly easy to follow honestly.
X: Agreed. We don't have to do much.
Billy: Just chill out like we have been doing.
Shinbou: Besides someone being killed.
Billy: Yeah... that.
Mike: Anyway, we might as well just do our own thing. How about it?
Haze: I am happy for that.
Tris: Well, you all know where I will be.
Billy: Oh alright. Ill be outside.
Crystal: I'll come with Billy!
Tris, Billy and Crystal all left the gym. Though, soon enough everyone else left, including me. But, I was quickly pulled aside by Haze.
Haze: Mike, can we just talk quickly?
Mike: Oh, alright.
Haze and I walked into his little miniature library. I swear this room is where he sleeps.
Haze: Alright, I didn't get a chance to say this last night, but I might as well now. Thank you for having my back in that trial. I personally thought I was a goner.
Mike: Oh, its fine...
Haze: You don't really like talking about the trial don't you?
Mike: Well... I am still getting over it. I did, in a way send Fox to death. They saved my life though... They could have killed me easily.
Haze: You feel guilty.
Mike: Yea...
Haze: Well... how do I put this without sounding like an asshole... you shouldn't feel that bad. He still killed. He still acted upon the game's wishes. He still was guilty. Aimee is dead because of him.
Mike: Well... I guess. Thanks. Anyway, don't sweat it over me having you back.
Haze smiled, and silently nodded.
Haze: Well, let's head on out before we seem like we are doing anything suspicious.
Mike: Alright then, see you around.
Leaving the room, the thought of that quote still lingered in my mind. I feel like the others did notice it, or at least most of them. I guess no one has the guts to bring it up... including me, of..


Player of the Season - Survivor: Cook Islands

0 survivornerd, May 20, 2019

Here's how my process will work: first off, eliminate the premerge game altogether. In my eyes, the premerge is the regular season, and it leads up to the real deal; the postmerge. So automatically, the 11 people who never participated in a merge vote are already ruled out: Sekou, Billy, Cecilia, JP, Stephannie, Cao Boi, Cristina, Flicka, Brad, Rebecca, and Jenny. For each round of the merge, I'm going to give a point to half of the castaways (for odd numbers I will round down, for example, I'll give 4 people points out of the final 9) I will continue this through the final 2. Whoever has the most points will be survivornerd's Player of the Season!
Becky, Sundra, Ozzy, and Jonathan Penner all voted correctly and didn't receive a vote, so they all gain a point.
Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Sundra all voted correctly and didn't receive a vote, so they all gain a point.
Jonathan and Adam are ruled out for receiving votes. Ozzy gains a point for winning immunity, and Yul gains a point for having several people come up to him. Sundra gains a point for successfully lying to Penner and making him think Adam was leaving.
Yul, Ozzy, and Becky each gain a point for voting correctly and not receiving a vote.
Adam and Yul are ruled out for receiving votes. Ozzy and Sundra each gain a point for being approached by Adam.
Ozzy and Yul each get a point for not receiving votes.
Yul gets a point for winning the most jury votes.
NOW, for the rankings...
9. Nate Gonzalez - 0 points
8. Candice Woodcock - 0 points
7. Parvati Shallow - 0 points
6. Adam Gentry - 0 points
5. Jonathan Penner - 1 point
4. Becky Lee - 3 points
3. Sundra Oakley - 4 points
2. Yul Kwon - 5 points
1. Ozzy Lusth - 6 points
Ozzy is our Player of the Season! Yul is the top original Puka Puka, Sundra is the top Manihiki, and Penner is the top Rarotonga.


tag the love of ur life

1 LittleMix, May 20, 2019

ill start


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Story time

12 M_Davis1998, May 19, 2019


Soo. I graduated college yesterday.

13 Sedona103, May 19, 2019

Here is a photo of me on the Big day :) i didnt think that I was going to accomplish this at one point during middle school when I went a little crazy/wild. So yeah i got my Bachelor's in Economics, Spanish, and Communication. :)


imagine wasting 9 years of your life

5 RoboZoe, May 20, 2019

for some kid in a wheelchair to be the new king because i literally can relate and i’m suicidal



25 SeongWoo, May 20, 2019

If u love me


Post your name

18 joneduardo, May 19, 2019

I'll give you a grade of 0-10
0 = hate u
1-3= idk u
4-5= it seems cool
6-8= like u
8-9= love u
10= love so muchhh u
boicam77  love u friend <3 9️⃣
SaskiaRae I do not know you, but you seem to be cool 5️⃣
Arris you always help me lol like u 7️⃣
EliOrtiz1234 i like u :) 6️⃣
nijoco bitch false i hate you 🖕 FALSE And LIAR 0️⃣0️⃣
semnome te amo seu abestado kkkk my best friend heree love so muchhh! My Brother <3 1️⃣0️⃣❤️
adamgrant Idk u very much, but u seem to be cool 5️⃣
yachj apesar de tu não..


Latisha's Love Island Season 1 Cast..

7 Latisha0987, May 19, 2019

12 bachelors and 12 bachelorettes are selected to go to Love Island where they will compete to find their true love. The last bachelor and bachelorette standing will be the winning couple.
Male Cast:
Beau Mirchoff (30)
Brad Pitt (55)
Cody Kearsley (28)
Devon Pinto (26)
James Rhine (43)
Jordan Fisher (25)
Justin Bieber (25)
Michael B. Jordan (32)
Michael Yerger (20)
Ryan Gosling (38)
Theo James (34)
Tim Tebow (31)
Female Cast:
Anitta (26)
Ariana Grande (25)
Gabrielle Union (46)
Heather Leigh Cameron (31)
Kara Kay (31)
Nicki Minaj (36)
Oprah Winfrey (65)
Paras Atashnak (24)
Rebel Wilson (39)
Rita Ora (28)
Tati Westbrook (37)



16 jjvawesomeness0511, May 19, 2019

and i will tell you my favorite person of the first page of your friends list (or you)
#lexeyjane - boicam77 all of you guys are iconic on your list, but i've kinda talked to cam a bit before, cant say the same for plenty of the others.
#mbarnish1 - mbarnish1 it's close between you cam and a few others, but i think you win
#blitszims- birks4444 we were noobs together
#thumper91 - maturo the one and only master of memes
#acceptthis - idk any of them but im gonna yeet it and say tonyalbright
#marieeve - another yeeting iceey
#top20fan33 - it would come between you, sameed, and mbarnish, but i gotta..