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runnin your mouth is you crazy

0 Xana, Mar 20, 2018

i know you really aint livin that
bitches talk shit on the internet
i pull up, i put an end to that



0 scooby0000, Mar 20, 2018

Calling someone a pedo is not a joke now I know there is evidence but you could not show that evidence to the police or someone other than random people who look at porn,make multis, and would say or do anything to get their 30 seconds of fame?


Happy Tuesday!

0 FighterMan, Mar 20, 2018


Tv Series Big Brother 4: Survivor Week 12

0 Corey54321, Mar 20, 2018

By a vote of 3-2, Rob Cesternino, you are evicted from the big brother house.
Richard Hatch
Jerri Manthey
Cirie Fields
Parvati Shallow
Andrea Boehlke
Malcolm Freberg
Kass McQuillen
Week 12 HOH: Malcolm Freberg
PRVN: Richard Hatch & Jerri Manthey
Veto Winner: Andrea Boehlke (Used on Jerri Manthey)
POVN: Richard Hatch & Cirie Fields
Richard Hatch
Cirie Fields
8th-Rob Cesternino
9th-Amanda Kimmel
10th-Devon Pinto
11th-Spencer Bledsoe
12th-Sandra Diaz-Twine
13th-Rob Mariano
14th-Russell Hantz
15th-Tony Vlachos
16th-Natalie Anderson
17th-Abi-Maria Gomes
18th-Jonny Fairplay
Asked to be Tagged :)
lucasmaximo15 Willdabeast22 coolKat Birks4444 Mikasa


Thank you for the gifts <3 <3 <3

0 JunKazama, Mar 20, 2018

davidfisher you are really an amazing person, tysm for the gifts. I don't even know how to thank you enough.
TY, TY, TY - Much appreciated


George Ezra ~ Paradise.

1 PrincessTeePee, Mar 20, 2018

#Banger. Nuff said. I am OBSESSING!!!


I ain't doing tg collage for sure

1 Arris, Mar 20, 2018

this was cool in like 2015. Last year nobody even gave a fuck about this collage sooo


Stoner Wizard of Oz.

0 tomhartnell, Mar 20, 2018

Good idea or bad?
    Denver could be the Emerald City, The Yellow Brick Road could be Nebraska, and Munchkinland could be Iowa... It could work, the wicked witch could be some dumbass cop trying to catch them, and the scarecrow could be someone who gets insightful when stoned but is a dumbass normally, the tinman could be a cold prick until he gets high and loves everyone in sight, and the cowardly lion could become brave with a little something to calm the anxiety...


Just sent in my collage pic

4 SexGoddx, Mar 20, 2018

To iScotty, the first time I have participated since 2011...
Make sure you do too!


People that back up into parking spots

1 Thumper91, Mar 20, 2018

Are so annoying


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Tengaged Collage 2018

12 iScotty, Mar 19, 2018

Okay so, I have decided to try to make the collage for this year. If you guys are interested send in your pictures by April 1st, and I'll try to get it together by then.
1. Take a picture of you holding your username up on a sign. Don't do the Snapchat
2. Try to make your picture a square, or at least croppable.
3. It will be first come first serve, so whoever mails the earliest gets the top rows. If you want to be next to your friends in the collage, try to mail me at once so all your mails are next to each other.
4. Mail all of the pictures with the title "TENGAGED COLLAGE 2018". I usually ignore all my other mails.
5. Try to look your best, obviously!


If she can’t read this

14 shawnpat7, Mar 19, 2018

She’s too young for you bro


THANKS 52% <3

13 koolness234, Mar 19, 2018

Hello, normally I would go on some long rant about how everyone in this stars sucks. However, I am a 4 time winner and iamremedy is popular so I cannot fault anyone for making this set instead of a generic stars video here is a video of my dog who is cuter than ILL EVER BE

iamremedy good luck sorry we flopped today


Evict Jessem in Stars

24 iamremedy, Mar 19, 2018

AGAIN, I was nommed for 13th last time i was in stars as well, but this time I am hoping i can stay and get out the people who put me up, cause now I know exactly who they are, and I know the people who can't be trusted now, so please give me another shot tengaged, i don't play stars much, and have a free week this week so it was like perfect when i won the stars seat. thank you for reading all off this and to those who saved me <3 good luck to josh <3 koolness234


I'm back

12 MikeRORO, Mar 19, 2018

and I'm turning 22 in an hour... wish I was 19 though.



5 Maddog16, Mar 19, 2018

I thought about this in school today I figured I would tell you guys it. So here I go with my thought...
If you truely love someone, you need to tell them how you feel about them no matter if its family of friends, and if you get into a fight and still love them, you need to let them know or they may never come back and then your heart will be broken for good, but also if your mad at them, get over it because they probably always had your back and also lent you a shoulder to cry on when you needed them.


i have a serious issue

4 BB5lover, Mar 19, 2018

when people use suicide as a means to be exonerated from the things they have done.
No. No one on this website wants you to kill yourself wwemrpeeps. The issue at hand is that you are a problem on this website for newer users that are unaware of your past. It is illegal, where you are from, to ask for nudes from a 17 year old.
Do not use, "im going to kill myself because I got caught doing something wrong" as a copout from this situation. We know that you will be on here tomorrow, right back at it.


I Still Can't Believe

14 NotAfraid, Mar 20, 2018

That yesterday it has already been an entire year that I've gone through without consuming alcohol or have done any more self harming to myself.  Even though the struggle is real.  I honestly can't believe it.


The topic of wwemrpeeps

18 C00LDUDE1000, Mar 19, 2018

This is just my opinion. If you think it is wrong just simply exit out of this blog
So back in one of my first rookies, maybe even the first one, I played with wwemrpeeps. We worked together in the rookies. i got 6th, he got 1st. After that rookies, Doug promised me and some other person from the rookies a gift. Soon enough, i got my first gift! Ever since then, Doug and I have been friends.
for those wondering
No, he has never asked me for nudes. We just do what friends on this website do; play games together, talk about survivor, etc.
now i have no idea if those mails or real or fake, and i never will, because its none of my business and i don't care to find out...



15 alanb1, Mar 20, 2018

For #LATENIGHT honest opinion
notafraid - I believe u r one of the most iconic legendary specimens I’ve ever come across. We are not very close but I actually have a shrine of you in my bedroom that I worship to every night because as the queen of TBB2 I want to be like you some day also you are very extra yet totally approachable which I love.
sexgoddx - to me you just feel like a class act which is hard to find on Tengaged. I’ve never seen you be anything other than classy and the way you carry yourself is very refreshing and something I appreciate. I also appreciate how confident you are with yourself and your musical talents that beat out rose..


D; Nominated for 12th! {VLOG}

2 _Adidas_, Mar 20, 2018

Well they got me gals! I was so focused on having a perfect nom set for a long while. While it lasted for 5 days, it could no longer continue :[
I basically nominated people that would benefit my safety based on who has communicated to me the most, in doing so I kept a certain group in the game from being nominated by convincing the people added in both chats to vote in the majority. This led to me choosing a "side" in which both groups were still being deceived by the middle people. Well sooner or later sides will have to be chosen, but at least I can say I actually remained the most loyal in the game even if they managed to fool me this time.
Hope u can evict JesseM lol..


Nominated for 12th in stars 488 :(

5 JesseM, Mar 20, 2018

Again made at 5 in the morning so I apologize if it doesn't make much sense.
Thank you so much to the 53.4% of you that saved me when I was nominated for 16th.             I nominated those who nommed me for 16th but I find myself nominated again although SEVEN people have yet to be nominated. A majority of the cast is playing personally instead of strategic and they are making it their mission to try and get me evicted. I still have a lot of fight left and I would love if I was given the chance to continue playing.
Please help me go from #WorsttoDoubleFirst.
Thank you so much!
Good luck _Adidas_ I wish you the best of luck! But please click his..