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Why do men

2 Fetish, Aug 15, 2022

Think that they can’t be replaced? Like if a man is not answering my texts imma just get a new one


Hangs On

0 salmaan, Aug 15, 2022


50 more days to go

0 owistubbedmytoe, Aug 15, 2022

It honestly doesn’t feel like that’s a lot of days I actually can’t wait


I’m Gold Level Now 🥰

3 moup94, Aug 15, 2022

I’ve been Silver level for what may be like an actual decade since I don’t really play to win much anymore. Feels nice to move up in the tengaged world.
I’d like to thank all my friends I’ve made on tengaged over the years and also Tenten from the Naruto series


is it me?

1 bamold1999, Aug 15, 2022

am I the drama?


If Paloma was still around

3 Terp05, Aug 15, 2022

Would have been a different game for sure


I joined this site

7 systrix, Aug 15, 2022

when I was 12 in the year 2012. Hbu?



1 NanoNerd, Aug 15, 2022

Stars has me FREAKING OUT rn… I’ve heard my name a lot today… what if I go up with Chris?! That would be bad!!!


Come join the server as a viewer!

1 mbarnish1, Aug 15, 2022

11th eviction of the season tonight :D


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⭐️ I Won Stars 717 - 43.6% ⭐️

42 benja31, Aug 14, 2022

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m still pinching myself but I’m absolutely stunned and elated to announce that I won stars tonight and it was my first ever one! After over a week of staying up until 1-2am giving this my all. Being nominated for 14th and not again until 4th in which I survived by less than 1% against a TG legend! I managed to take the 1st place crown. I’m sat here writing this in happy tears and disbelief right now. I believe I was only picked by a select amount of people for the draft! I came in alone. Had no previous stars experience so I was coming into this blind. Took each round as it happened! Managed to navigate my way through splits and much more to survive!
I’d like to..


Stars Draft Final Results

16 girlinred, Aug 14, 2022

With BbDamian's eviction for 4th, me, #MikeRORO, #NanoNerd, #Lucas_RFS, #BigBrotherSuperToMe, #Jameslu, #3pi14159, #joshgillespie, #Spyder701, #brunodrads, #JayElVeeIsBack, #David2560 and #coolKat each lose our winner pick and gain 8 points. #Tryphena, #NotNicky333, #Simpizzle, #smi9127, #JavyBaez, #vansreborn, #Heavenlee, #BlueBarracuda, #Music, #tyleror, #bbfanuk_reborn, #tonym101101, #Otaq, #LaCroix, #Mrkk, #kingjames13, #DBonee, #Lynn12, #Noxack17, #Alex150498 and #keefe each successfully drafted a member of the final 5 and gain 4 points.
#Tryphena, #NotNicky333, #Simpizzle, #smi9127, #vansreborn, #Heavenlee, #BlueBarracuda and #Music each chose Honalulue as their winner pick and..


SPOONS by Raiden S1 Round 6

41 Raiden, Aug 14, 2022

Welcome to Round 6️⃣!
Last round, we lost another 2 players bringing us to the final 14 players!
Similar to Round 2, the order players are saved will determine what team they are on for Round 7!
Players need TWO spoons to be saved from elimination.The last 2 players to receive spoons will be eliminated.
To give a spoon, simply comment/tag the name of the player you wish to give it to. Only one spoon may be given per User. Players CANNOT give spoons (unless currently eliminated). Only the first two comments/spoons will count.
-remaining players-
wayne_train 🥄 🥄 ✅
Midiaw 🥄 🥄 ✅
systrix 🥄 ❌


PYN for which tengaged user I associate..

30 vansreborn, Aug 14, 2022

updating everyone who comments AND I can say why if you are unsure :)))
BigBrotherSuperToMe - kaylabby
3pi14159 - vancouver_grizzlies - both mid and clapped and on my filter list
turkeylover - fetish
AliBonico - chewakakakaka
Otaq - cherita
Thirteen - abrogated
Fetish -
PenguinOwen126 - matt the cat
Jenii_Valenta - my bed
Tryphena - dripteejay
Times_Places - me
brunodrads - ManniBoi
Spyder701 - kbeastw
bbfanuk_reborn - matt_thecat


🌟 Stars 718 - Nominated For 14th

7 BigBrotherSuperToMe, Aug 15, 2022

I'm nominated! Already.. It sucks to be in this position whenever I have been working my ass off this game. Unfortunately, this game is filled with a BUNCH of entitled people who think they can pin every single set in the world on me. "Dani, what do you mean by this?" Well, what I mean is that every single major set that has been created has been pinned on me. And you might be wondering "Well no one actually believes them!" Oh no bitch, everyone thinks I created these sets. I'm having a stars 713 repeat where everything I say is being said to the majority. I am in a position where I can already tell this..


Dani VS Chris DRAMA full convo

11 Gaiaphagee, Aug 15, 2022

Heres the actual entire convo not just 2 messages of my choice
with me and bigbrothersupertome


new king of frooks

5 Otaq, Aug 14, 2022

Day1 HOH Kevin1 has nominated danyyboy67 and MastaManipulator_11
Day1 POV semajdude has saved danyyboy67 from the block
Day1 HOH Kevin1 has selected final nominees MikeRORO and MastaManipulator_11
Day1 Participants evicted MastaManipulator_11


Gaiaphagee really gaslighting a child..

2 vansreborn, Aug 15, 2022

I love this website ffs


[Stars] Sideways Selfie/Nommed for 14th

5 Zeptis, Aug 15, 2022

Sorry this blog is so late, this DC is awkward for me, so I’m currently posting this on my lunch break at work.
This has honestly been one of the messiest stars as whole that I’ve ever played. Everyone in the cast is running around like chickens with their heads still on (but in a LFC factory). Emotions seem to have been running high last night and it all culminated in the split that I fell victim to. I’m not gonna claim to have been a gameplay beast thus far, but I have put every ounce of effort that I can into playing this game. I’ve built strong bonds with the people that I trust, and I think that if I can just survive this poll that I’ll be in a pretty solid place moving..


With PenguinOwen126 and Danger's..

6 girlinred, Aug 15, 2022

With PenguinOwen126's eviction, Happy202 loses his winner pick and gains 32 points. FemmeFatale and Willy729 each lose a member of their draft and gain 16 points.
With Danger's eviction, DBonee loses his winner pick and gains 30 points. BigBrotherSuperToMe, TheLightIsComing, MrRobzilla, chibideidara, FemmeFatale, vansreborn, JavyBaez, David2560, Vessas, keefe, Simpizzle, MrMinaj, Mrkk and Tryphena each lose a member of their..