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Hello, my name is Harley

If you wanna know something about me the feel free to ask

Casting Poem # 44148 By BettyRubbble:

Hunting for keys
Clicking on apples
As I sit back
And pop open a fresh snapple

This castings is so boring
Drama, Please END!
But what emerges
My new Tengaged best friend?

We laughed so much
Yes I made him spat
Thats London humor
Wow, how far away is that?

Who is this great friend
I thought you should know
Don't ever let me go!

BettyRubble (IFLY BFF) <33

Whats been said about me:

by BettyRubbble 9 hours 6 min ago
HARLEY! My lil sassy sexy boy toy! I looked forward to logging on and talking with you. I am going to miss you. WE BETTER join a game soon together. Because I may go through HARLEY WITHDRAWAL!!!!


by lilfamousz516 5 days 15 hours ago

by Celeste26 0 min ago
Today is a funeral mourning our harley , baby its so sad , losin him is gnarly . I gave him a 1 too , to bad it didnt work ... if he had a golden key , oh boy what a perk ! i sing this song to you harley , hopefully your reading , gosh all your friends are taking a huge beating !!!

boohoo . ill miss yo u. <3333333

by HelenCoops 3 hours 54 min ago
Harley - I'm so glad I got to meet you in this game :) because you are not only an amazing ally but a good friend who is kind and funny and just awesome in every way. Thanks for playing this game with me and being with me through everything :) <3333333

by tycoon1234 3 min ago
Harley- Man, u r so nice, kind, and just a really good person! im so glad we met eachother on the castings!! dude u were in my alliance since day 1 no questions asked. you are very funny! no matter what we HAVE to play more games together in the future! :)

#Harley - HARLEY! IFLY TO DEATH! u are such a sweet guy and a very good friend. u are always there for whoever needs help in anything and for that ily. ur so sweet and i miss talkin to u so much.

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