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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Joe

I'm 27 and from the UK. Currently work in the arts. I’m a friendly face if ever you need one.

I Joined Tengaged: 11th July 2009
Highest Rank - 69th
★★★★ 92nd TV Star ★★★★

☆ Stars! ★
★ Stars 62 - 15th [Nominations 1] [Evicted 50.6%] ☆
☆ Stars 71 - 15th [Nominations 1] [Evicted 60.9%] ★
★ Stars 83 - 10th [Nominations 2] [Evicted 58.1%] ☆
☆ Stars 108 - 6th [Nominations 2] [Evicted 51.1%] ★
★ Stars 146 - 9th [Nominations 1] [Evicted 59.0%] ☆
☆ Stars 170 - 9th [Nominations 1] [Evicted 50.1%] ★
★ Stars 177 - 3rd [Nominations 1] [To Win 14.2%] ☆
☆ Stars 186 - 7th [Nominations 3] [Evicted 51.1%] ★
★ Stars 191 - 14th [Nominations 1] [Evicted: 51.9%] ☆
☆ Stars 207 - 5th [Nominations 3] [Evicted: 55.9%] ★
★ Stars 668 - 9th [Nominations 2] [Evicted: 50.2%] ☆
🌟 Stars 677 - 1st [Nominations 3] [To Win: 45.9%] 🌟
🌟 Stars 738 - 1st [Nominations 7] [To Win: 67.5%] 🌟

♥ Things People Have Said About Me ♥

"This guy is the best guy you can ever meet, like seriously. Met him in a group chat that Aaron introduced me to and we were very distant really but then some how we got REALLY! Close ;) xx Group chat was amazing until I spotted something out that I didn’t like and that is where I left the chat and just spoke to Joe! (: He is incredibly cute and I love his personality and also the type of guy I could spend speaking to all the time, when we speak there is not a moment were we are quiet we are alwaysssssss speaking to each other :D <3 He also thinks I should turn down all the partying :/ Joseph mi ninio… don’t you understand I LOVE to party! :D hahahaha"
~ Nathan93 ♥

"Joe (: You're one of the nicest people I've ever met. Alot of people are mean to you alot, and I just don't understand why. You're a sweet, lovable person. I'm so glad I met you. :3 & I love helping you piss mark off by quoting the hunger games :x I love you muchly, & I hope we stay friends for a long time. :) <3"
~ Marrrss ♥

"Joe i am so glad i met you, thank you for joining my game, even though you didn't really know me! You are so mature and just so laid back! You try your best to keep the peace. You are so nice to everyone and you make me laugh loads. You are so trustworthy, i know i can tell you anything and not have to worry about it getting out. You know you can do the same :p I love how you just play along in our drunken convo's :p ily"
~ Kellyt210 ♥

"0.1%, I should stop at that tbh for the lolz, but you're amazing tbh Joe, you're like one of my first real friends on this site and even though we take the piss out of each other, I know neither of us mean it, and we'll be singing High School Musical by the end of the night (kate) :X < 33 Where do I even begin with you LOL probably starting this by telling you that you need a fucking haircut already, it's ridiculous, and people think you're a girl for a reason tbh xx we've been friends for farrr too long lmao, but i love our friendship, with you bragging about all the guys you're talking to LOL even though we know that you ain't getting any xx ;)
~ Markb101 ♥

Ok so there is too much stuff to say! You are one of my bffls on this site omg.. like we speak on a daily basis about the most random things. I love the whole "quackkkk :v" thing we do LOL its so cute. We have lots of jokes and LOL you are my favourite person to bitch about people with :XXXXXX h3h3. I love supporting you in stars cause, well, you need it cause you are a sheep. JK. You are really funny, like you always make me laugh, and I love how you are in the same year as me so we can count down to results day together.. omg not long now. You are cute irl thank GOD you got rid of that damn bob! I feel as if I can talk to you about basically everything and anything, you are such a great listener and advice giver LOL like when I was freaking out about maths GCSE you calmed me down on a daily basis.. Ily ^_^ Omg, you were in one of my first castings =]]] I didn't really think much of you except who is this irrel tv star? JK :P I thought you were super sweet amazing and easy to talk to < 33 and when we first started speaking properly on skype I was like omg this guy is so cool..=] and we became best friends so quickly. I knew we were gonna become amazing friends, just because I think we are very similar, we dislike and like a lot of the same things, you are so down to earth and kind and generous and amazing < 33 I also thought you were cute l0l ily =] That bob has GOT TO GO! Na Joe you know I love you. I admire that how much I, Mark, Tom, Nick and Jon rip it into you you literally just brush it right off your shoulders. I wish I was more like that haha, but yeah you are so kind and easy to talk to :p I enjoy abusing you on your blogs and calling you a slut/slag and btw SHLORE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I've known you since I was a white level, wtaf. Who knew we would become such good friends?! I love you Josephine!
~ Vitamin ♥

i love you for many many many reasons! being english is a good one being cute is another and just being an amazing sweet guy xD i love you and your drama with aaron it always makes me laugh and you did one of my favourite ever vlogs which i laughed my head off at LOL anyways ily a lot and i hope you go to whitby again soon because its a beautiful place
~ Connorthomson ♥

Joe I'm so glad I got to meet you during our 2 stars together, you're an amazing person, I love talking to you, you're so nice and sweet :P Although we haven't known each other very long I'm sure we will continue to be in contact for a very long time to come :D don't ever change < 333 I love that you have a lot of common interests with me, I love talking about stuff that I like! :) p.s we need to settle that score in stars and be nommed against each other again :L LOL!
~ Jouix ♥

Joeeeeeee you are a sweetheart. Idk why when we first met I was kinda awk about talking properly with you bc I had heard you had heard some shitty things about me. I thought you would have a horrible impression of me but you didnt. :) We quickly became friends and it was weirdly through the pollbox in one of your stars. I'm glad we have become friends bc you are funny and sweet. Thx for backing off my man. I know it's hard to do but it proves to me how unselfish you really are. Jokes. Jokes. I love you!!!!!
~ o_Elle_o ♥

omg ^_^ we've been friends for like over a year, if it wasn't for the last stars we were in I don't think we'd be as close as we are now, even though now i'm finding these mean things you did to me in stars,, 6 MONTHS LATER!! But yeah thanks for always being there to chat, I am lucky to have you as a friend. :)
~ TomC20 ♥

First off, you're a whore. Well, we have had out ups and downs, to say the least. 3 years, YES 3!!! God if I could of guessed out the original group we used to be in i would of never thought it would be us 2 as the last two active members around!
You are like a ... (puke).... younger brother to me... as much as i would never ever admit that ever again. In all seriousness you are a great dude, annoying but great, and you will find the guy for you ;)... Lol. One last thing, please never grow out your hair EVER.FUCKING.GAIN. k

"Joe, joe
i love you so
even if you act like a hoe

you make me laugh
you make me smile
every one in a while

you're really cute
like my fav fruit
you'd look hot in a suit

okay well this rap
is a little crap
kelly out, brappp"
~ Kellyt210's Sexy Rap ♥

.... quack :v

Harmony Song Contest Entries:
HSC 03: Moldova 🇲🇩 - Emilian Cretu // 'lar e ziua mea'' :: 17th (SF) - 29 pts
HSC 04: Moldova 🇲🇩 - SICKOTOY x Eva Timush // "Too Deep" :: 11th (SF) - 62 pts
HSC 05: Moldova 🇲🇩 - Dan Balan // "Printre Culori" :: 15th (SF) - 49 pts
HSC 06: Moldova 🇲🇩 - ???? // "????"

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