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20 Post Castings

Do you like "20 Post" Casting Games? Well, look no further.

"Castings" are one of my favourite games, but let's be honest, it is hard to juggle life, work, school, hobbies, social life and have time to spam 24/7 until the game ends.

"20 Post Castings" are unique in that they allow you to focus on building relationships in a private message and not post unmeaningful spam. It can be as active or as inactive as you want and being inactive is not an immediate 20th place due to the lack of spam.

This group is to link "20 Posters" to coordinate times to join "20 Post" games should you be interested to play (without players who ruin it).

Rules of the "20 Post Casting":

[1] Once you join the casting game no more posting messages, so make your first entry comment fun.
[2] If people accidentally, or purposely break the "20 Post" rules, neg them. Sometimes people try to spoil it however the negging strategy is effective.

How does this group work:

[3] We will send out direct messages to all group members giving notice of either:

[a] Current "20 Post" games filling (or starting)
[b] A schedule of when we will try to fill the next game so you can plan to be online should you want to join

If you have any ideas on how to improve this group or community, please let me know.

Thank you :)

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20 Post Castings

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