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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tengaged?
Tengaged is a reality social network website where users can play games and interact with other users in a unique environment. Unlike other online games or social networking websites, Tengaged is entirely based on "reality games". A reality game is an interactive game involving multiple participants who engage in a real-time game which evolves according to participant action and player involvement.
What's the required age to play on Tengaged?
It's strictly forbidden for anybody under the age of 13. Tengaged is about social interactions, alliances and friendship, but at the same time drama, betrayals, back-stabbing and some tension may occur during the games. Approximately 55% of Tengaged users are above 18 years old while the rest is between 13 and 18 years old.
Which are the games available on Tengaged?
There are 7 games available on Tengaged: Fastings, Castings, Fast Mode Rookies, Classic Rookies, Survivor, The Hunger Games, and Stars.

Fastings: Fastings is a fast version of castings. The game begins with 15 participants. Each day, a player is selected to receive the “POV” or “Power of Veto.” This will cause the user to be safe from nominations for that round. Every participant then votes to nominate two houseguests during the allotted time. Once the time has expired or every user has voted, the two users with the most votes will be nominated for eviction. The players who are not nominated will then choose to evict one of the two nominees. The player with the most votes to evict will be eliminated from the game. This will continue until there are only 3 users left who will make up the final 3. Once in the final 3, a 12-hour clock will begin. After 12 hours, placements for the top 3 are determined. Any user can enroll into fastings and there is no specific colour level required to play the game.

Castings: Castings is a longer game with 12-hour game days. The game begins with 20 participants. The trick to success in castings is remaining active in the game chat, scoring well in the challenges, and finding “keys” and “apples” that will pop up in the game chat. Each day, the players will compete in a competition. At random times during the game, “keys” or “apples” will pop up in the game chat. “Keys” will help keep you safe from nominations. “Apples” will increase your health in the game. If at any point during the game your health reaches 0, then you will be eliminated from the game. Staying active in the game and receiving “plus” votes from other users will raise your “checkmark” number. Each day, 3 participants will be nominated, and every user will assign points to the nominee they want evicted (1, 2, or 3 with 3 being the highest). At the final 7, only 2 nominees will be selected each day. Nominees are decided based on game activity/checkmarks, challenge scores, and number of keys a user has. The final day occurs when there are 5 players remaining and a winner is decided based on activity/checkmarks, challenge scores, and number of keys. Any user can enroll into castings and there is no specific colour level required to play the game.

Fast Mode Rookies Fast Mode Rookies is a fast game based on the Big Brother USA format. The game begins with 13 participants. At the start of the game, a user is randomly assigned to be the “HoH” or “Head of Household.” As HoH, they must nominate two players for eviction. Once final nominees have been decided, players (excluding the HoH and nominees) will vote to evict one of the two nominees. The player with the most votes to evict will be eliminated from the game. The HoH is given to a user who was very active in the game chat and received “checks” on their game comments. Every round, players have the option of competing in a competition for the “POV” or “Power of Veto” for the next round. The POV will allow a user to save one of the nominees from eviction, forcing the HoH to name a replacement nominee. Your time in the POV competition is dependent on how much “health” you join the game with. Each POV win will decrease your health by a random amount, so be strategic about when to play the competitions! There is no POV in the first round but the competition is for the POV for the next round. The game continues until there is 4 players left. At the final 4, the HoH and the POV winner will automatically move on to the final 2 where the jury (9th place to 3rd place) will vote for a winner. If a user wins both HoH and POV, they decide who goes to the final 2 with them. The POV winner at the final 4 will select who gets 3rd place. Any user can enroll into fast mode rookies and there is no specific colour level required to play the game.

Classic Rookies Classic Rookies is a week-long game that is based on the Big Brother USA format. The game begins with 13 participants. At the start of the game, a user is randomly assigned to be the “HoH” or “Head of Household.” As HoH, they must nominate two players for eviction. Each day, a new HoH is decided based on game activity in the game chat and is given to one of the active players. Every day, two additional nominees will be chosen based on an algorithm which choses the least active players. One active player will also secretly be awarded the “POV” or “Power of Veto” and can use it to ensure that one of the nominees cannot be evicted. All players who are not nominated will assign points to the nominee they want evicted (0, 1, 2, or 3 with 3 being the highest). The two players out of the four nominees that receive the highest votes will be evicted. If the POV is used on one of the two players who received the highest votes, then the next player with the highest votes will be evicted. At the final 5, there will only be 3 nominees, two decided by the HoH and one decided by the algorithm. The top 3 players will receive placements mostly based on game activity. Only users who are yellow level and above may join classic rookies and it costs 15.0 T$ to join the game.

Survivor The Survivor game is a week-long game based on the reality television show Survivor. Each tribe has 10 participants. Once two tribes of 10 are filled and prepared to start, an automatic “tribe swap” will happen and will switch between 0 and 5 players on the tribes. Every 12 hours, a tribal immunity challenge will happen. The tribe that wins will be safe from Tribal Council. The losing tribe will vote one of their tribemates out of the game. The losing tribe will have access to an individual immunity challenge. The player that scores the highest will be immune and cannot be voted out. The player who receives the most votes will be voted out of the game. Your time in the challenge is based on your food and water levels, so be sure to stay healthy. If at any point your food and water levels reach 0, you will be medically evacuated from the game. However, be sure to only eat when the fire is on or you risk losing some or all of your food and water levels! Your tribe’s resources can be gathered be hunting when the sun is out or collecting water when it is raining to avoid running out. Also, be sure to watch how many participants your tribe needs to play to avoid having too many users play the challenge! The game continues until 10 players have been voted out and the tribe will merge, putting you up against a new tribe where the same game will occur until you are voted out. Only users who are orange level and above may join survivor and it costs 20.0 T$ to join the game.

Hunger Games The Hunger Games is a long game that lasts until there is only one person remaining. The game begins with 30 participants. Once the game begins, all participants will have 70 health and 10 arrows to use. Tengaged users who are not in the game can sponsor players inside the game to receive additional arrows or health. There will be a random amount of food in the cornucopia and weapons that can be accessed. Weapons can be accessed by clicking on them and your health levels will increase based on time spent in the cornucopia. Once food levels inside the cornucopia are gone, users inside the cornucopia will not gain health any longer but will lose health at a slower pace. However, when inside the cornucopia, you may be attacked by other players. If you are attacked or you attack another player, you will compete in a challenge where the loser of the challenge will lose health based on what is outlined inside the challenge screen. One player may also choose to “run away” to lose less health. If you win a fight, you will gain “fight XP” which will give you bonuses to amplify your scores in future fights. The attacker in fights and players with weapons also receives additional bonuses to amplify their score. Weapons may be either a sword, mace, axe or knife and give higher XP bonuses in that order (sword being the highest). Arrows may be shot at other players to decrease their health by either 0, 1, 2, 3 or 10 damage. Arrows may either be anonymous or reveal who shot the player, so be careful! Additional arrows are given at random times to users inside the cornucopia or can pop up in the game chat. At random times throughout the game, bushes will pop up where a user can guess a bush and a random bush will give you health. However, the rest give you poison and cause you to lose health, so only guess if you need it or are feeling lucky. Once a user reaches 0 health, they will be eliminated from the game. At the final 5, users who are outside of the cornucopia will lose health at a faster pace. The game continues until there is only one user remaining, who will be crowned the winner. Only one Hunger Games is active at a time and the next one will fill when the previous one ends. Only users who are red level and above may join The Hunger Games and it costs 20.0 T$ to join the game.

Stars Stars enrolls every Saturday and is a week long game. The game begins with 16 participants. Each day lasts 12 hours. Every day, each player will nominate two players for eviction. The players who receive the most nominations will be nominated for a public vote where the rest of Tengaged has the ability to vote to evict one of the players. The player who gets the higher percentage of eviction votes will be evicted from the game. The game will continue until there are 3 players remaining and they will be entered into the final poll. Tengaged will vote for the winner of the game and the player with the highest vote percentage will be crowned the winner of Stars! Only one Stars game is active at a time and enrollment starts at gold level and 300.0 T$ and will decrease over time until the game is filled.
How can I enroll in a game?
To enroll in a game, you need an account on Tengaged. Once you have an account, you can go to your profile page and click on the “press to Enroll” button. This will bring you to the list of the available games to join. Currently, classic rookies and Survivor will always be open to join. Fast castings, Castings and fast mode rookies are on a rotation. For example, once a fast castings game fills, castings will enroll, and once castings fills, a fast mode rookies will enroll. This will continue to repeat. Stars enrolls once per week on Saturday. Hunger Games will enroll when the current one ends.
How many games can I play?
There are no limits in the number of games you may play on Tengaged, however you may enroll initially only into 1 game simultaneously, once you get more karma you may enroll into more games at the same time. Remember that this game is about forming your alliances and knowing other housemates so it's usually better to focus on less to win the games. Tengaged use a virtual currency that you will need in order to enroll, earning the virtual currency is free by being active into games, getting into a high position, creating your blog on Tengaged, voting other's people blogs, etc.
Can I contact a housemate out of a game
You can send messages thru the internal mailing system in Tengaged. However if your color level is below Yellow you only can send messages to your reciprocal friends. Once you get Yellow level you will be able to mail anybody on Tengaged.
Is it free?
Yes, Tengaged is FREE!. The virtual currency of Tengaged (T$) allows you to purchase different features of the website such as special designs for your avatar or leveling up your color level.
What are "color levels?"
Color levels can be bought to unlock more features, including access to certain games or increased “voting” or “betting” power.
What are the color levels on Tengaged?
There are 15 color levels, which follow the color belts in some martial arts. Depending on the Karma you get you are eligible to get a new level. You may get your new color levels on the shop
Table 1. Value of different color levels
ColorKarma neededPrice in T$Strength
200000T$ - Stars Winner20x
How do I earn T$?
T$ is the virtual currency of Tengaged. It will allow you to upgrade your "color level", enroll into games, bet and buy designs.
You may earn T$ by:
- Winning or receiving high placements in games. See below for the game payout list.
- Writing blog posts. By making blogs, you are eligible to get T$ depending on the number of comments and votes obtained.
- Betting on Classic Rookies games. See below for more information.
- Selling a design in auctions. You receive 50% of how much the item is sold for!
- Purchasing T$ using the "Buy T$" option on your profile.
Game enroll prices
Enrolling in "Casting Fast": 0.0 T$
Enrolling in "Casting Week": 0.0 T$
Enrolling in "Rookies Fast": 0.0 T$
Enrolling in "Rookies Week": 15.0 T$
Enrolling in "Survivor": 20.0 T$
Enrolling in "Hunger": 20.0 T$
Enrolling in "Stars": Variable, max 300.0 T$
How much karma and T$ do I win per game?
Table 2. Prizes for Tengaged games
112K-12T$80K-50T$25K-60T$120K-70T$Merge & 50K-20T$160K-300T$500K-1000T$

Betting on Classic Rookies
You can only bet on a Classic Rookies game if you are level "yellow" or up.
You can choose to bet your T$ on any player in a classic rookies game for the first 24 hours. You won't lose your T$ on those bets if the player you bet on is among those reaching the final day (final 5). 5th place will return your bet at the exact amount that you bet and what you win will increase up until 1st place where your wager is doubled. The quantity you may bet for each games depends on your available T$ and your color level. The amount you can bet is double your "strength" listed above in the color level chart (yellow is 4T$ max. per game, black level goes up to 20 T$ max. per game, TV stars goes up to 30T$ max. per game, etc.).
What are fraternities/sororities?
Fraternities and sororities are groups on Tengaged that you may join to make friends or allies in games. You can see a list of the available fraternities/sororities to join here
You must be TV Star to make a fraternity or sorority.
If you are a member of one of Tengaged's fraternities or sororities, then you can purchase a raffle ticket to enter the Stars game each week. A ticket cost 1T$ and on Friday a winner will be decided at random and automatically enrolled into Stars.
Each week, some fraternities and sororities will compete in the Stars Seat game. One of the competing fraternities/sororities will be given the "Star" and other frats will be able to guess who they think has the star. At the end of the game, the fraternity or sorority that has the seat will enter one player into the Stars game. This will be chosen by the President of the fraternity or sorority.
What are groups/group games?
Groups are created by Tengaged users and can be used for a variety of purposes. The main purpose is for users to host games of their own. You can see a list of some of the groups to join here. Keep an eye out for users advertising their own games that they are hosting!
How does the design game work?
See designs game rules here
How do the shops work?
See Shopping game rules here
Who designed the new colour levels?
The new colour levels have been designed by iScotty.