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Add your Design

Tengaged: Designer Labs Game

Design Labs Game

Challenge other users and vote on your fab outfits. Design an outfit for a Tengaged avatar and find out how the design is rated in the game, you can rate others designs as well. To participate on the game you first have to create your design, upload it into Tengaged and automatically your design will be shown on the Design Labs Game so other users can vote to it.
Votes are counted as in blogs, although the negative votes have a maximum negative value of -1. design game Download hi-res picture 187KB

The most voted design will directly go to the Auction market, where winner designs will take part of an auction and any user will be able to bid for each of the selected designs.

How designs get in the Auction?

As in the Top Blogs page, all designs submitted are ranked based on the number of votes. The first in the list will be picked up for the auction. The number of times a design is picked from the first place is variable and depends on the total number of designs submitted.
A design reaching 1st position doesn't automatically go to the auction as it may drop to lower positions just when the algorithm is about to select the outfit. You may check the reminding time for the algorithm to select the next item. After 3 days a design has been submitted and not been picked by the algorithm it will automatically leave the game. You can only have 3 designs at the same time.

The Auction

In the auction the maximum bidder will get the outfit. Each time you bid the total amount will be subtracted, until a higher bid is placed on the system. Each auction will have a start price which may vary depending on "who" designed the outfit. This start price will go to the designer if a higher bid has been done, otherwise the designer will get the ownership of the outfit. design game auction Download hi-res picture 87KB

An auction usually last for 3 days, although it's automatically extended for 2 hours if there's a bid 3 hours before closing date. The final owner of the outfit will have it available to wear on the avatar.

Adding a new design

There are 2 modes to add a design. The expert mode where you can freely create any kind of design or the easier T-Shirt mode where you just design the "logo" inside the T-Shirt.

T-Shirt Mode

Just select the one of the T-Shirt from the available list and upload the image you want inside the T-Shirt. design game tshirt mode Your file must be on gif, jpg or png format and it will be automatically resized to fit into the T-Shirt. It may have pictures or some text, etc. design game tshirt mode

Expert Mode

On the expert mode you may create any kind of design, but it requires more technical skills than the previous T-Shirt mode and an image editing software capable to handle layers (i.e. Photoshop or free Paint.NET). Basically you may create any kind of the following items.
-Tatoo, scars, etc
Each of your designs must belong to only one of the above types, otherwise it will be disqualified. (*) For the moment Hats are not allowed.

Your design must be in PNG format and have to fit exactly on top of an avatar, as final avatar is made up of several layers, being one of those layers your design. design game avatar layers Your PNG file must be:
-Size: 200 pixels width and 230 pixels height.
-Background Transparent. Any area of the image which is not part of your design must be completely transparent.
-One item. More than one item in a layer i.e. a dress with a hat, is not allowed. They must be different independent designs.
-NOT ALLOWED: Background blue color to hide avatar parts, masks, backgrounds or in general any design that doesn't fit into available types. These designs will be cancelled and designer points reduced.

To facilitate the design phase and allow you to match exactly the position and dimensions of your design you can download a template. The template is basically a Photoshop PSD file (other formats available too) with several layers. One of the layers is the shape of an avatar so you can create the outfit to match the shape dimensions. Once it's ready just save your layer as a PNG file and upload it to Tengaged.
Download Photoshop Template
Download Paint.NET Template
You can download an example of a correctly design image.

example design shirt
Download Stars Shirt Design file in PNG

Tips for experts