Tengaged: Shopping Game

What's the shopping game?
The Shopping Game allows participants to create a shop and start selling their own designs. Those with a major turnover (total number of items multiplied by price) will continue on the game while those shops with less sells will be closed to allow new shops to participate.
How can I participate in the game?
Each week a new shopping game will start. Before it starts you can create your shop, which will be closed to public until it gets selected to participate in the shopping game. Before the next game starts (one week) you can bid for your shop, the higher bids (usually the top 3 bids) will get their shop open.
What are the prizes for the Shopping Game
Table 1. Prizes for Tengaged Shopping Games
1st100T$Continue round
2nd60T$Continue round
3rd40T$Continue round
4th20T$Shop closed
5th10T$Shop closed
6th0T$Shop closed
If your shop has already participated in 5 or more rounds (not need to be consecutive). You get 10% of each sell too!.
How much T$ does it cost to open a shop?
Each new shop costs 10T$ to create (only paid once) + your bid to open it. Your shop can be used on any unlimmited number of games.
What is the bid and selection process?
First you place a bid for your shop. Unlike what happens in the design auctions your bid WILL NOT be deducted inmediatly from your T$ and you are allow to change it anytime until the game starts. The T$ deduction will happen only to those who made the higher bid and therefore opening their shops and in the case they have enough available T$.
To bid for your shop, you go to your shops page and click on the "manage/edit" button. Just increase or decrease the quantity you would like to bid for that shop.
What happens if I place a very high bid and I don't have enough T$?
When selecting the new shops to participate, the algorithm will select the top 3 highest bids placed. If your bid is among those top 3 bids but in that moment you don't have enough T$ then the algorithm will just skip your bid.
I am a good designer and many of my designs end up in the auction, Do I have some advantage?
Yes, when the "algorithm" to select the higher bids, it will check if bidders have some design in the auction in the previous 2 weeks (time my vary). If they have the final T$ will be reduced. For example if you had one design in the auction and you placed a bid for your shop of 30T$, if the bid (30T$) is among the highest 3 bids you will only be charge by half of your bid (15T$). If you had 2 designs in auction you will pay only 1/3... etc
Final quantity = bid / 1+(number of designs in auction for last 2 weeks)
For the first game all existing designs that went to auction will count. So if you had 5 designs you will pay only 1/6th of your bid.
How many shops are open in the game?
Initially there'll be 6 open shops. In the future this number may be increased.
How do I recover the T$ from the bid?
If you are among the winners on the game you will continue for another round. Each round will get you a total amount set in the prizes list. Be carefull when bidding, try not to place a very high bid, otherwise it'll be very hard to recover your inversion.
How many items can I sell per week?, Is my stock unlimited?
Your shop can sell a maximum of 30 stock. Each game your existing shop will increase the available stock by a fixed number. Only items that are being purchased but are not sold out will be carried over to the next game. If you don抰 used the remaining available stock it will not be added to your inventory in the next game.
How can I add a design to sell in my shop?
You can sell in your shop any design submitted by you in the design game. In your manage/edit area of each of your shops you select the design, the number of items available for that design and the price. There's a minimum number of items for each design you add in the shop.
If I can set the price, Can I put a very high price?
Yes, you can, but most probably nobody will pay for that and therefore you won't sell enough to continue the game
Do I keep the T$ earned by each sell?
For new shops you just win the prizes if you win. The total earned T$ are just used to select which shop continue on the game (winners) and those shops to be evicted (or closed down). If your shop has participated in 5 or more rounds you get 10% of the sells.
Can I participate again with an already used shop?
Yes, and it's preferred to used your old shop rather than creating always a new shop. Antiquity of the shop (total number of rounds played) will have higher exposure across tengaged in the future. You will also keep your existing items created and not sold, so you can have more items available to sell.
What could be a good strategy to win each week? ;)
Once the game starts it would be good to know what's the pricing strategy for other shops, but don't way too much as you only have one week, if you wait till last day to add your items you risk to not have enough time for users to buy your stock . If you price your items too cheap you won't get too much total T$ sold, but pricing too high will make them unafordable for many users and you could endup just selling a small portion of your stock. In any case the best strategy is always to have quality designs in your shop and keep listening what users may want/desire. i.e. perhaps creating 10 T-Shirts for a Survivor team could be a good idea.
You don't have to create all your items at once. Check what other shops have, start creating small amounts of same design, as you can always increase the amount of items later if you see it's a good selling design.
Can I promote my shop out of Tengaged
Please do it ;)
Who can buy from my shop?
Anybody can buy in your shop or send a gift to someone in Tengaged along with a message... which will be visible to everybody ;)
Can any of my designs get deleted?
Yes, even if your design passed the "Design game", the control of items sold in shops is much harder. It's not allowed to have designs with 2 or more items, i.e. hair and glasses, or hat and clothes, etc. those designs will be deleted from your shop and you will loose that stock. The deletion of a design can be done at any time, even if they are already sold. Several not allowed designs will ban your account for further participation in the game.