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It鈥檚 really sad vote Apr 14, 2024
How this lag has been going on so long without being fixed or even an update
Like randomize we鈥檝e been paying your mortgage since we were 13 it鈥檚 really the LEAST you can do
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Thinking about Apr 11, 2024
All the times I took the site not being laggy for granted
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I hope Apr 6, 2024
Yall are saving miss MsKathryne in stars
That鈥檚 mom right there
Points: 112 2 comments
i hate sum me Apr 4, 2024
so much as a concept
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Random Song Contest #8 Apr 3, 2024
RSC is a variant of the Eurovision Song Contest, celebrating global music!
Confirmations for the eighth edition of RSC being hosted in Bitola, North Macedonia are open. You can express your interest here:

if you're interested in playing again or joining the gang for the first time please see the information on the forum!
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IS IT BECAUSE Apr 1, 2024
imageI DIDN鈥橳 OFFER NUDES ?!?!
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