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Will's Survivor: Malawi [APPS OPEN]

"The only group game I'll ever play" - ElectraViv

“This group game is fucking bullshit, fuck the hosts and fuck this. I want my money back” - MicklePickle20

"Shit host biased host" - Typhlosion37

For the fourth season of Will's Survivor's Discord Era, we're headed to Kasungu National Park in the small African nation of Malawi. Home to Earth's first ever humans, Malawi is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the fastest developing countries in the region.

Here, a group of new (well, as new as one can be on this site, I guess) players will embark upon yet another season of the ultimate social experiment. They'll have to form alliances quickly, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one person will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor.

39 days, 18 people, 1.....SURVIVOR!

Pre-Discord Era Seasons and Winners:

Confessional Group:
Generation 3 History:
Season Summaries:

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Will's Survivor: Malawi [APPS OPEN]

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