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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

i hate sum me

Apr 4, 2024 by Joee323
so much as a concept


Hating one of the 2 tests that actually require a brain? Interesting take
Sent by Euchre,Apr 4, 2024
^^^ That wasn't shade btw, just found it interesting. I'd rather play words or sum me every test because they require thinking and skill...find me/zoo/count me are basically the same exact game in different format
Sent by Euchre,Apr 4, 2024
LMFAOO I was like ?!?!
Yeah I don鈥檛 wanna use my brain 馃槶 euchre
Sent by Joee323,Apr 4, 2024
Yeah hate that one as well :(
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Apr 4, 2024

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