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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

sorry vent

Mar 14, 2024 by Joee323
but like I'm genuinely so sad at falling for a discord scam lmao :(
it's not about the account because whatever it's easy af to make a new one and I can re-create my servers..
it's more I'm so surprised at myself for falling for it?! I can't get over that, I'm so embarrassed about it


Don鈥檛 sweat it. I feel for a Facebook messenger one a few years back when somebody sent me a link to a photo and asked if it was me. Had it come from most other people I wouldn鈥檛 have, but because of who sent it to me, I clicked it as it was something they probably would have sent me anyway. Next minute all my FB friends were WhatsApping me saying I鈥檇 been hacked and they were receiving all sorts of messages 馃槶 felt like an idiot for weeks
Sent by Murly,Mar 14, 2024

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