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Hello, my name is ღMarie-Eveღ

✋[member of the Night crew] 🤚

"Life doesn't get easier,
You just get stronger!"

🎀tengaged sister🎀 K4r4k

You are sweet, caring, loving and funny. I'm really glad we've started talking more recently and I got to know such amazing human being <3 You are one of my favorite people on this website and you are pretty sexy ;) #Arris

Eric: Marie Marie Marie,  where can i start with you lol :P  Je me sens chanceux de t'avoir rencontrer sur tengaged,  Faux que je remerci Fiona pour m'avoir introduit a une de mes meilleures amies de c'est jours (IRL et TG) <3  Je me sens vraiment chanceux de t'avoir rencontrer et j'aime tellement sa pouvoir te caller.  Meme si je trouve sa bizare un peux a cause que cest en francais lol.  C'est fou a dire surtout car sa fait pas aussi longtemps qu'on se connais mais j'aimerais te rencontrer un jour en personne,  si cest correcte avec toi bien sur!!  You really are such a kinng and carring person and your ex is a stupid fucking cunt for what he did to you,  you dont deserve to ever be treated this way Marie.  Don't give up,  i promise you that one day,  you will find the right one okay :) I hope you know I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be there for you if you need me okay.  Tu es la meilleure pis je ne veux pas que tu change okay!!!  Je t'aime Marie <3

Fiona:  10 - I LOVE YOU MARIE. We have always been good with eachother even back in the day but only became close since we both came back to TG. You are such a caring and kind person and I know I can tell you anything! You've been through so much and you really do deserve the best and to be happy

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