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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ♡Evey♡

✋[member of the Night crew] ✋

"Life doesn't get easier,
You just get stronger!"

10 - I LOVE YOU MARIE. We have always been good with eachother even back in the day but only became close since we both came back to TG. You are such a caring and kind person and I know I can tell you anything! You've been through so much and you really do deserve the best and to be happy

Arris ♡

Marie you’re a legend and a great literal mom! I admire many traits in your personality. You are always loyal to whom you consider a friend, and you’re also a sweetheart. It’s rare for someone to put their friends ahead of themselves , but you do it effortlessly. You deserve the world! (Hug)

MarieEve - You're a sweetheart, honestly this site doesn't deserve you because you go above and beyond to make others happy and I feel like no one can match that energy.

Ryan (Iceey) 
We haven’t known each other as long as you and I have known others, but things with you felt right from the moment I first messaged. You are beautiful, smart, funny, engaging; and you are everything you are meant to be. I love you, and I always know that time invested in you, is time well spent 

We've had our ups and downs, but you've always been really loyal to me even if we were mad at each other. I appreciate that Mama Eve, and thanks for being unintentionally funny a lot of the time ;)

MarieEve I would never forget that gift... it was from a pretty girl with a beautiful heart... she is also special to me...

MarieEve I really love your name because it reminds me of the title of a song I like, called Mariette by Mark Kozelek. You and I go back awhile, we've always gotten along pretty well but haven't talked much lately. I try to check most of your blogs, and I'm sure we will end up in a casting again together soon. Also, I love that you speak French, since that is the one language I know how to say more than 3 things in (I know at least five!) <3

♡☆♡people I wanna gift ♡☆♡

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