Charity Game Givers

A group of users who aim to give the Tengaged economy a lil boost by having rookie games as first HOH crowned the winner!

-CONTACT for any questions.

-New game gift system will be for every 3 games you join, you will be entered into a gift givaway...min 10 players each time to start the givaway.


***By Noah_Kondon "Message To Claim Games"***

"This game is sponsored by Charity Game Givers, an organization designed to have as many First HOH Charities as possible to help the Tengaged Economy.  Because the first HOH is random, everyone has an equal chance so it's the best of both worlds!

So tengagers, please bet on the First HOH, this charity is to help you, not the HOH holder.

To join Charity Game Givers and help out join this group:

And remember, you don't need a reason to help people."

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Charity Game Givers

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