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Hello, my name is Noah, if that wasn't already obvious.

Rest In Peace Matt64, July 26, 2001 - March 29, 2018. My best friend on this site. You were a better friend to me than anyone in my real life has ever been. I wish you were still here. I love and miss you.

Vegan primarily for Animal Rights Since January 17, 2018 (Was Vegetarian from April 24, 2017 until then)

VVV Two of my Most Iconic Moments VVV

Me idoling someone out who had an idol and played it incorrectly on someone else:
Me making this video and then it actually happening at the vote:
Forever reminding BrainJak of his shame:



Quotes about me, funny:

a ton of noahs in one season? that'd never work! even if it was like 8 noahs 2 random other guy all the noahs would target eachother for being a jury threat and then the 2 other guys would be the f2

About my extreme activity in group games:

Fuck you too. Noah, you were the dam VL. Sending 7 a day, even at f3

Noah sent confessionals TODAY. After all the jury had voted lmao

#Villain of the Season...
Noah! I literally can not wait until everyone sees what kind of control this guy had for the first three weeks of this game. Every single word out of his mouth was a lie except "I'm taking Lamar and Dante to final three". He made up lies about almost everyone in the game to get people to distrust each other. NEVER has someone been so universally disliked by not only his entire cast but almost the entire Viewer's Lounge. Everything about Noah's game was a villain's game.

He is a hosts dream!

#PlayerOfTheSeason ...
Noah! Love his game or hate his game, Noah did everything and anything to make it as far as he did. He practically set up the entire season to be one side versus the other because he knew that his only hope of surviving the social comps was to make bigger targets than himself. He flipped on Chris to make sure that all three of Zac/Dee/Zach S. made final 7 so that even if he lost immunity at the auction, voting him out would be stupid, leaving a trio in the game. Everything Noah did this season was to make sure he made it to the end of this game, which he did. He planned every week meticulously and was ALMOST always aware of exactly what was happening in the house.

Oh, and he did a comp on a NINTENDO FUCKING 3DS. And he did another comp with his phone on the floor and played through his sock while taking a test or some shit. Like the fucking commitment to this season was unreal.

Random Quotes said by others:

I was at my apartment and my roommate was at work. I was just chilling and some HS senior came over and offered to clean my apartment for $20. I accepted of course because I never clean so yea. She was so fucking hot and it was nice to see her bend down because her ASS WAS HUGE (I was single at the time). I walked up behind her and started to grab her ass and then we ended up in my roommates bed. Yikes lol. I saw her a few more times just to fuck but nothing more. She sucked my cock a couple times that was nice.

Group Games I've Won

BIG BROTHER SEASON 1 (Hosted by jayrox932(1))
Max's Survivor: New Zealand (Hosted by maxcrosby2419)
Big Brother Twisted (Hosted by dsradine)
Total Drama Island (Hosted by TheLogic)
Matt's Reality Games: Hunger Games (Hosted by Matt64)
Carlos Big Brother 2 (Hosted by wym395)
R.A.G.E 19: Total Drama (Hosted by MariahAnn)
The Group Games Apprentice (Hosted by TallaRejaei)
Ryan's Fast Whodunit (Hosted by RyanAndrews)
Cromatic's Stars (Hosted by Cromatique)
The Hunger Games! Season 1!! (Hosted by jack546)
Room-25: 4th Season!! (Hosted by FedeBenna) [Co-Winner with (real)JacksonWalsh]
Nano's Survivor: Palau (Hosted my marthean)
THE POWER STRUGGLE SEASON 7: Blood Vs. Water (Hosted by dsradine)
Civilization II (Hosted by laughingoutloud)
Big Brother Unlimited 5: House of Horrors (Hosted by JordanForReal)
THE IMMUNITY GAME™: The Savior (Hosted by VegasBoy94)
Drizella's Reality Series BBOTT (Hosted by Shabootyquiqui3)
Sebby's Fast Survivor: Iconic Personalities Twist (Hosted by Sebby)
THE IMMUNITY GAME™: Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty (Hosted by VegasBoy94)
THE IMMUNITY GAME™: Countries (Hosted by VegasBoy94)
Room-25: 5th Season!! (Hosted by FedeBenna) [Co-Winner with TheRoseHorse]
Cereal's Survivor: Greek Isles (Hosted by cereal222)
JRays Big Brother Season 1 (Hosted by Raydiz33 and jhoffheat)

--------------------Noah's Survivor Sole Survivors--------------------
Survivor: Bali: Damian (dsradine)
Survivor: Blood Vs. Water: Colby (ColbyDonaldson8513)
Survivor: Greece: David (Osiris)
Survivor: Fans Vs. Failures: KC (KCObedencio)
Survivor: Anarchy Island: Hudson (Number1SurvivorFan)
Survivor: All-Stars: Belgium: Jonah (1001games)
Survivor: Honduras: Trios: Steven (Steven7)
Survivor: Tortoise Vs Hare: Red (RedWing91)
Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance: Alvard (Writinglegend)
Survivor: Friends Over Wins: Caleb (CalebJustLeft)
Survivor: Wonderland: Chris (chis2pei)
Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains: Robby (Robbyjak)
Survivor: San Juan Del Sur: Alex (ghrocky100)
Survivor: Russia: Robby (Robbyjak)
Survivor: Cagayan: Akshay (galore)

My Games 271 games played

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21 Feb, 18
16 Feb, 18
4 Jan, 18

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