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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Michael!

Highest rank: 37th

Merged 163 times

Monthly Rankers: 4/22/2015-4/29/15 471 karma

TV STAR #444!!! 12-3-14
Super Gold #27!!! 4-4-21
Platinum #46!!! 6-10-21
First Blog of 2021 :)

~Group Games~
1st-Brogs X-Factor Season 1
5th-RJ's Amazing Race Season 2
1st-RJ's Amazing Race Season 3
5th-RJ's Amazing Race Season 5
2nd-The Hotel Season 33
1st-High Tension IX
2nd-Fantasy Survivor:Narnia
7th-Tengaged's X-Idol 4
1st-Michael's Big Brother Season 1
1st-Michael's Big Brother Season 2
2nd- Voice/Xfactor Season 3 (Usher)
4th- The Ultimate Factor 1 (Kelly Clarkson)
1st- The Ultimate Factor 2 (Christina Aguleria)
1st- Neathery's Survivor Fan vs Favorites
2nd- Adamsel's Free Agents
1st- Logan's and Jk's The Challenge
1st-Wise's Endurance
2nd-{ROBBED}Links' Survivor
3rd-{ROBBED} Big Joe's Survivor: Back-to-the-Basics
-Hero of the Season
-Skittles Trophy(Most Challenge Wins)
-Strategist of the Season
-Player of the Season
5th-{ROBBED} The Power Struggle: SuperPower
1st- The Power Struggle: All-Stars
-Improved Player
2nd- Jaybird's Survivor Guys vs Girls
1st- The Power Struggle: Coaches
5th- The Power Struggle: HvV
2nd- Noah's Survivor: Honduras: Trios
2nd- Noah's Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance
2nd- TTRS Challenge 38: Cutthroat
6th- Big Brother Icon: Season 4
1st- The Power Struggle: Game Changers
-Hero of the Season
2nd- The Immunity Game: VEGAS, BABY
7th- The Power Struggle: Lottery
1st- The Immunity Game: All Stars
-Hero of the Season
2nd-{ROBBED} DC Survivor: Fiji
-Hero of the Season
-Player of the Season
4th-{ROBBED} The Immunity Game: Countries
-Robbed Player Award
11th- The Power Struggle: Legends
6th- GEN 2 The Power Struggle: Key to the Castle
-Fan Favorite
-Hero of the Season
14th- GEN 2 The Power Struggle: FvFvFvF
-Pre Juror of the Season
1st- Noah's The Challenge: Free Agents

My Games 1459 games played

9 Jul, 21
29 Jun, 21
26 Jun, 21
22 Jun, 21
19 Jun, 21
18 Jun, 21
18 Jun, 21

My Blog Check my blog!

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