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Jaxons Ultimate Song Choice

This game is about to get sweet!

Each round, a theme will be announced and each contestant will post a song that fits the theme. Then our four judges will make commentary on their songs, and then give a ranking of each song from favorite to least favorite. The average number will be taken, and a list will be formed to determine the rounds official rankings.

Link to Discord-

Jaxon (Jaxon)
Josh (Oswordo3)
Krystal (Symmetry888)
Deme (Demgirl6)
Ali (CutieAmy)

JUSCC - Double Agents

28th: Tyler (Tyleror)
27th: Tony (Tonym101101)
26th: Alex N. (NHL)
25th: Aaron (Aronjx)
24th: Rory (Rory17) *QUIT*
23rd: Really (ReallyReally)
22nd: Agni (AgniDemon)
21st: Caleb (Caleb9211)
20th: Justin (StraightLoonie)
19th: Tim (tbrown_47)
18th: Jevy (Delete2544)
17th: Joey (Joey96)
16th: Kat (HelloCat)
15th: Braden (FromAWindow)
14th: Cameron (Top20Fan33)
13th: Sandy (iSandeh)
12th: Sean (RoughNightBro)
11th: Andrew (CoolKat)
10th: Austin (ItsAustin)
9th: Lex (Lex13579)
8th: Ryan (BigBrotherDonny)
7th: Pennifer (PennyTheTration)
- Finale -
3rd: Jack (Jre777)
3rd: Jared (JaredPepos)
2nd: Alex S. (Snails)
2nd: Kemi (LittleMix)
1st: Xakim (Hisoka)
1st: Turcia (Turcia)

List Of Songs Previously Used (You can't use these songs):

JUSCC Archives:

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Jaxons Ultimate Song Choice

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