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The Music Wars: Secret 8gents !

Survivor + Music = The Music Wars
RPDR AS2 + Music = Secret 8gents

In the original rules, each round, two teams consisting of singers will compete in musical challenges to win immunity. Losing team will vote off one of its members until the merge. Then it's anyone's game.

This season, all shall compete individually or in temporary teams, a top two shall be selected and face off! The winner gets to eliminate one of the bottom warriors.

Once an artist makes it to the merge, it will be locked out FOREVER.

Season 1: Flyleaf
Season 2: Resurgence: Versa Emerge
Season 3: Express: Reba Mcentire
Season 4: Four Seasons: Aaliyah
Season 5: Mosh Pit: Alicia Keys
Season 6: Sixth Siren: Alisan Porter
Season 7: 7 Deadly Sins: Sandy Lam
Season 8: Secret 8gents: ???

This group game gives you a license to KILL

SANDY LAM // ilovetosing

Secret 8gents

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me

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Season 8 anyone?
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332 days 19 hours ago
The 7 Deadly Sins Winner Is...
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923 days 16 hours ago
Semi-Finals Results
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925 days 19 hours ago
The Semi-Finals
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926 days 18 hours ago
PRIDE Results
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928 days 2 hours ago

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  5. Should we have a group chat?1269 days 19 hours ago

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The Music Wars: Secret 8gents !

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