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Michael's Star Maker S1 - Round 9

Jan 19, 2021 by stuartlittle16
FINAL 5!!! Welcome to the last round before the finale!! We have been having one theme each round so far so lets bump it up before we get to the finale. This round will consist of 2 themes! I will be scoring this round and the artists with the lowest combined score will be eliminated! The themes are both pretty simple so dont need to explain them. Good Luck Final 5!!!

THEME 1: LOVE (Any love song from your artist that you haven't submitted yet)

BTS - iSandeh  "Black Swan"
Christina Aguilera - tswiftlover13  “Candyman”
Demi Lovato - Jameslu  “I Love Me”
Justin Bieber - kingjames13  "As Long As You Love Me"
Katy Perry - J4ckWilko  "Teenage Dream"

THEME 2: GET ME TO THE FINALE (Any song that you think will get you to the finale)

BTS - iSandeh  "Fire"
Christina Aguilera - tswiftlover13  “Fighter”
Demi Lovato - Jameslu  “Tell Me You Love Me”
Justin Bieber - kingjames13  "Baby"
Katy Perry - J4ckWilko  "Roar"


Theme 1:

Theme 2: . You either love or hate this song
Sent by kingjames13,Jan 19, 2021
=====D E M I    L O V A T O=====

Theme 1: "I Love Me" - gotta love yourself xx

Theme 2: "Tell Me You Love Me"
Sent by Jameslu,Jan 19, 2021
Theme 1) "Candyman"

Theme 2) "Fighter"
Sent by tswiftlover13,Jan 19, 2021

Sent by iSandeh,Jan 20, 2021
Love: Teenage Dream:

Get me to the finale: Roar:
Sent by J4ckWilko,Jan 20, 2021
Sent by stuartlittle16,Jan 20, 2021

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