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Hello, my name is Seongwoo - STAN LOONA



MALE HAIRS - Pick a Color and i'll recolor it for you!
| (Red - I already have / Cyan - Wishlist)

| I also create designs by request, i'll be very realistic with you about what i can and what i can't do...
| I create Male and Female designs!
| If i gave you permission for gifts, gift me back ♥
08/08 - 1st Today's Top Fashionista

By Maxi1234
"One of the few people I don't have anything bad to say about. I feel like you're extremely talented and you always get better and better. You're also super sweet and trusting and I love that a lot. But sometimes being too trusting isn't always a good thing. People are CRUEL and HEARTLESS and they'll take over you in an instant, trust me. However, you're a total sweetheart and I think you're one of the most caring and talented people on this website, much love to ya!"

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  1. Saftronbtr999 said: ..@seongwoo i hope u get a shop one day and post a bunch of loona designs i will be SAVING UP for that..

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