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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Trump Won.

Lemjam6 was shot dead by Rperduex11
Fasting: 1st
Casting: 1st
Frookies: 1st
Rookies: 1st
Survivor: 1st
Hunger: 1st
Stars: 4th

cheritaisdelicious 0 min ago
Luckily half my weight goes to my boobs, so that's a plus.

Eilish 0 min ago
yes tico can ur wife gift me a design

Thirteen 0 min ago
No surprises here. Rperduex11 is going to be Rperduex11. You can't expect a bag of trash to transform into a mountain of candy.

Dear Ronnie
You are an amazing person, one who truly cares about his friends. I know you have good things coming your way in the near future! I am glad we are somewhat friends as you have always been kind and nice to me. <3 Always continue to be positive and show your friends how much they mean to you and I know what goes around comes around and that you will have great blessings in the very very very near future.
Eric — Rosemount

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  1. Big fat boobs
  2. Oof
  3. If it’s on the internet
  4. It’s raining tacos!
  5. 15% gay discount
  6. Who wants to come over
  7. What’s the zwoo
  8. Worst New Years ever.
  9. Llama Bell
  10. There’s loot
  11. No I do not want to play
  12. Someone actually sending me
  13. I hate Christmas
  14. I baked a turkey
  15. Simply because you don't like my political views
  16. Oh we're changing the rules again
  17. That's horse shit
  18. I don’t understand how people
  19. I was really good this year
  20. Bah humbug

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