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Hello, my name is harrywasnak

Returned on 12/30/17

Yes this is the real harrywasnak

I plus most spam if it's nice

Top Fashionista 2/21/18

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Alanor Stan

+3 pointsThirteen 2 min ago
The whores leave after they are done with you. The alien men stay forever.

peace123 1 min ago
6 min

guess the whores really do leave

Group Games (decent placements since I came back):

Zac and Crypt’s Amazing Race S1: 1ST/9 (#TeamTrialAndError with Pokepat)

Big Ben's Survivor Paraguay: 2nd/19 (3-3-0/4-3)
Hero of the Season

The Power Struggle: Key to the Castle 4th/16

Burger's Big Brother 4: All Polls: 4th/19

Point Break S1: 4th/13

Mud's Survivor Tasmania Unfinished vs. Untested: 6th/20(25)
Hero of the Season and Best Alliance

Burger’s Big Brother All Stars: 7th/16

Frooks finals since I came back:
4-1 against Almonds (WON)
4-3 against Rozlyn (WON)
5-2 against alanb1 (LOST)


Stars 411?: 7th/16 as Boogiewoman (raffle winner)
Nominated for 10th against mrkkkkyle (41.6% to evict)
Nominated for 7th against DanielleDonato (59.7% to evict)

Stars 488: 9th/16
Nominated for 11th against JSBReality (44.0% to evict)
Nominated for 9th against ClassiCaz5 (51.1% to evict)

My Games 501 games played

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23 Apr, 18
15 Apr, 18
5 Apr, 18
3 Apr, 18
31 Mar, 18
30 Mar, 18
27 Mar, 18

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