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🍔Burger Big Brother🍔

It’s a house like no other Big Brother house. Where cameras follow your every move, microphones capture your every word, and burgers roam the house. This is the BURGER Big Brother house.

Burger Big Brother is back with its 12th season. Each week they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one houseguest remains to be crowned the winner. Who will survive the game and defeat the rest? Find out this season, on Burger Big Brother: Burnt Buns

Voted 5th best host of 2018.
🍔Day 2 of 20 — Week 1 — 🍔

Jasoi (Jasoi)
Logan (Chillum)
Olly (Ollyjay202)
Tris (TMAN54445)
Matt (Mbanrish1)
Ryan (Iceey)
Kaya (Streamxx)
Marco (Marcogr45)
Sagar (Obscurity)
Santor (Espontaneo)
Grace (pinkiepie512)
Sam (Twinfacethe2nd)
Zach (Scarlettethequeen)
Cody (Raydiz33)
Maliyah (Maliyah)

15th. Jasoi (Jasoi) 6-5 #VoteToEvict
14th. Tris (TMAN54445) 4-3-1 #VoteToEvict
13th. Matt (Mbarnish1) 6-2-0 #VoteToSave
12th. Logan (Chillum) 5-3-0 #VoteToEvict
11th. Sam (Twinfacethe2nd) 4-3-0 #VoteToSave
10th. Kaya (Streamxx) Walked {KICKED FROM JURY}
9th. Olly (Ollyjay202) 4-1 #VoteToEvict
8th. Grace (pinkiepie512) 5-0 #VoteToEvict
7th. Maliyah (Maliyah) 2-2/3-2 #VoteToEvict
6th. Santor (Espontaneo) 2-1 #VoteToEvict
5th. Zach (Scarlettethequeen) 2-0 #VoteToEvict
4th. Sagar (Obscurity) 1-0 #VoteToEvict
3rd. Marco (Marcogr45) 1-0 #VoteToEvict
2nd. Cody (Raydiz33) 5-2
1st. Ryan (Iceey) 5-2

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🍔Burger Big Brother🍔

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