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Hello, my name is Tengaged's Thirstiest Vir- nvm

Born2Pizza owes me 3 gifts

Future Plans:

•Macda27’s Drag Race Season 2 and Battle of the Seasons
•Alien miniseries
•T-Bachelor ORG Season/Series
•Pretty Little Liars miniseries
•"Fallen Angels" miniseries
•Possibly more Sims 4 BB

I'm 18, from New Zealand. Capricorn. Gay:p

I love to write and use my creativity. I enjoy Horror and dark stories or sci-fi so my stories are usually about that.

Saddest Moments for me on tv

Permission Given to Use their Designs:


My Avatar Goals:
1.A mouth (CHECK)
2.Puppy Dog Filter
3.Different male hair (CHECK)
4.Different male or unisex clothes (CHECK)

Top 5 1/2 shows

1.Game of Thrones
2.Stranger Things
3.Harper's Island
4.Lucifier/The Mick
5.Teen Wolf

___________ Anti-Hero Strategic Threat Brains ___________

Some Group Games I've played:

Brandon’s Survivor Mamacuma: 1st/16th
(Won to a 2-0-0 vote, dominated the season and also winning Villain of the Season)

WANJ's Survivor Australia: 1st/18th
(Was ranked 2nd best winner and awarded Player Of The Season)

OhNatalie's Survivor Japan: 1st/18th

TRGG12's Survivor Mystery Island: 1st/14th
(Was awarded for Physical threat)

Subfriend's Survivor City: 2nd/13th
(More invested with WANJ's Survivor, helped Lliiaamm win)

TheHawk's Season 1: 3rd/20th
(Was apart of biggest move of the season)

TRGG14's All-Stars: 7th/16th
(Was only removed because of no wifi)

Bingo21's Survivor Laos: 12th/18th

Leli14's Survivor Kiribati: 13th/16th



•9/11's Drag Race Season 1 (Amber Alert) 13th/23rd
•Analiese's Drag Race Season 8 (Miracle Monroe) 10th/14th
•Omen's Drag Race Season 1 (Miracle Monroe) 9th/14th
(Left the competition due to sickness, hoping Miracle gets to return!)

•Omen’s Drag Race Season 2 (Miracle Monroe) 2nd/14th
(Was brought back in a twist)

•Omen’s All-Star Drag Race (Miracle Monroe) 8th/14th
(1st pick to be brought into All-Stars/Robbed due to comeback challenge)
•Tayvie's Drag Race Season 21 (Miracle Monroe) 5th/18th
(Let the person who I was up against win because I felt like they deserved it more then me)

•Tayvie’s Drag Race Season 23 (Alexandrama) ?/25th
(Cancelled; Was a frontrunner)
•Foxy Games Drag Race (Miracle Monroe) 1st/10th
(Only won due to Host’s cancellation and declaring me the winner)
Iconique’s Drag Race Season 1 (Miracle Monroe) 9/12th
(Was the only queen who didn’t get the chance to return)
Slothy’s Drag Race Season 1 (Miracle Monroe) 8th/14th
(Won Miss Congeniality)
Rubes and Joco’s Drag Race Season 1 (Madame Monroe) ?/13th
Angel and Henny’s Drag Race Season 1 (Monster Monroe 4th/10th (Runner-Up, Robbed tbqh)
Brianna’s Drag Race Season 1 (Monster Monroe) ?/10th

GEN 1:
GEN 2:


Madame Monroe (Drag Founder)
Mother Monroe (Madame’s Daughter, main mother)
Miracle Monroe (Fishy queen) - MAIN
Monster Monroe (Spooky queen)
Mystery Monroe (Chameleon queen)
Medusa Monroe (Spooky queen/Fishy queen)
Mustard Monroe (Campy queen)
Michelle Minxx Monroe (Pageant queen)
Merida Monroe (Irish queen)
Miss Mo’Nique Monroe (Queen of Colour)
Madison Maddox-Monroe (Richbitch Queen)
Morticia Monroe (Vampire Queen)
Mac Kiwi Monroe (New Zealand Queen)

Some Wish List Designs

Ep 1-
Ep 2-
Ep 3-

My Games 435 games played

25 Sep, 19
24 Sep, 19
21 Sep, 19
18 Sep, 19
17 Sep, 19
7 Aug, 19
5 Jul, 18

My Blog Check my blog!

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