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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Tengaged's Thirstiest Vir- nvm

I'm 21
From New Zealand 🇳🇿
Capricorn ♑️
Gay 🏳️‍🌈
INFP Personality (Mediator) 🧠

I love to write and use my creativity. I enjoy Horror and dark stories or sci-fi so my stories are usually about that. I’m also a huge fan of Drag Race and Survivor.

Shows I love atm (June 2021)

1. RuPaul's Drag Race
2. Game of Thrones
3. Harper's Island
4. The Office
5. American Horror Story

_____ Anti-Hero Strategic Threat Brains ______


1. Atomic’s Survivor Nova Scotia: 6th/20th
(First ever ORG, jury said I had a high chance of winning. I was awarded Player Of The Season)

2. Only One Left S2: 14th/20th

3. Birch’s Survivor Witchcraft: Salem (S1): 9th/18th

4. Rod’s Survivor S3 Solomon Islands: 2nd/18th
(Awarded joint POTS. Lost in 4-4-0/1-0 vote)

5. Traveller’s Survivor S4 New Earth: 12th/20th

6. YouTube Survivor S9 Quest of the Seven Keys: 7th/21st
(Favourite cast, no awards but proud of my gameplay except cutting my F2 at F9)

7. Expect the Unexpected S11 Arabian Nights: 1st/21st
(Played an UTR game and took goats to the end. Won 8-2-1)

8. 1984 S10: Fatal Attraction 13/16th
(My first big brother org, was well socially and had involvement in exposing an early alliance. Was twist fucked)

(Ranking of org games I’ve played)
1. ETU S11: Arabian Nights
2. Atomic Survivor: Nova Scotia
3. YTS S9: Quest of the Seven Keys
4. 1984 S10: Fatal Attraction
5. Rod’s Survivor S3
6. Witchcraft Survivor: Salem
7. Traveller’s Survivor S4
8. Only One Left S2


Chillum’s Survivor New Zealand: 1st/16th
(Won in a 7-0 vote. Won Player of the Season award)

C&A’s Survivor Delilah’s Forest:
(Won 7-1 vote, Won Player Of The Season and Villain award. Played like Rob in Redemption Island)

Brandon’s Survivor Mamacuma: 1st/16th
(Won to a 2-0-0 vote, dominated the season and also winning Villain of the Season)

WANJ's Survivor Australia: 1st/18th
(Was ranked 2nd best winner and awarded Player of the Season)

OhNatalie's Survivor Japan: 1st/18th

TRGG12's Survivor Mystery Island: 1st/14th
(Was awarded for Physical threat)

Subfriend's Survivor City: 2nd/13th
(More invested with WANJ's Survivor, helped Lliiaamm win)

TheHawk's Season 1: 3rd/20th
(Was apart of biggest move of the season. Was the final Juror)

13bam’s BB Lockdown S1: 5th/19th
(Ran the season with Harry/Harrywasnak. Won joint POTS and I won VOTS)

TRGG19’s Whodunnit: 5th/13th
(Caused a lot of drama by splitting the cast in half)

TRGG14's All-Stars: 7th/16th
(Was only removed because of no wifi)

Suitman’s Survivor Whakaari: 9th/20th
(Always on the bottom. The cast were clique like and no wiggle room.)

Bingo21's Survivor Laos: 12th/18th
(Med Evac’ed)

Leli14's Survivor Kiribati: 13th/16th
(Med Evac’ed)


Talian’s Drag Race Season 3 (Mustard Monroe) 1st/9th
(First ever win in a non-cancelled series)

Foxy Games Drag Race (Miracle Monroe) 1st/10th
(Only won due to Host’s cancellation and declaring me the winner)

Angel and Henny’s Drag Race Season 1 (Monster Monroe) 4th/10th (Runner-Up, Robbed tbqh)

Tayvie’s Drag Race Season 21 (Miracle Monroe) 5th/18th
(Let the person who I was up against win because I felt like they deserved it more then me. 2nd season I ever played)

Slothy’s Drag Race Season 1 (Miracle Monroe) 8th/14th
(Won Miss Congeniality)

Omen's Drag Race Season 1 (Miracle Monroe) 9th/14th
(Left the competition due to sickness)

Omen’s Drag Race Season 2 (Miracle Monroe) 2nd/14th
(Was brought back in a twist)

Omen’s All-Star Drag Race (Miracle Monroe) 8th/14th
(1st pick to be brought into All-Stars/Robbed due to comeback challenge)

Analiese’s Drag Race Season 8 (Miracle Monroe) 10th/14th

9/11's Drag Race Season 1 (Amber Alert) 13th/23rd
(First ever season played)


Madame Monroe (Drag Founder)
Mother Monroe (Madame’s Daughter, main mother)
Miracle Monroe (Fishy queen) - MAIN
Monster Monroe (Spooky queen)
Mystery Monroe (Chameleon queen)
Medusa Monroe (Spooky queen/Fishy queen)
Mustard Monroe (Campy queen)
Michelle Minxx Monroe (Pageant queen)
Merida Monroe (Irish queen)
Miss Mo’Nique Monroe (Queen of Colour)
Madison Maddox-Monroe (Richbitch Queen)
Morticia Monroe (Vampire Queen)
Mac Kiwi Monroe (New Zealand Queen)
Modern Monroe (Pageant Queen, Upper Class)
Mary Beth Methbeth Monroe (Meme Queen)

Extended Haus of Monroe:
Amber Alert
Clitney Monroe (From lliiaamm)

My Games 445 games played

Day 1
21 Jan, 22
24 Jun, 21
30 Apr, 20
24 Mar, 20
11 Mar, 20
7 Mar, 20
28 Feb, 20

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