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McPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Results

Feb 10, 2023 by Macda27

McMahon Maglans DrG2
Karol Conka tokio
Tuge Hits tswiftlover13
Sandra Oh No She Better Don't andalarew_2231
Messy Jessy Newnightmare7
Felcher Belcher JonMcGillis
Miss Vasquelicious Vasquis
Haute Gloo coolKat
Miss Clatress Oarra onlycarson
Angela “Gela C” Cole suit
Merry Miss Perry lnsomnia
Zygomorphic Zingiberaceae absol

Congrats to our new winner!

Fave Lipsync: "Break Free" by Ariana Grande
Gaggy Elimination: Merry Miss Perry
Most Robbed: Angela "Gela C" Cole
Moment I Wish I Got: A Miss Vasquelicious v Angela Cole 90's RnB lipsync.

#rpdr #dragrace


So close to the win agh but yas good winner
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 10, 2023
I’m happy to have been apart of the double shantay
Sent by coolKat,Feb 10, 2023
Sent by Vasquis,Feb 10, 2023
i stan merry miss perry for quitting for zygomorphic
Sent by Absol,Feb 10, 2023
so valid i stan
Sent by lnsomnia,Feb 11, 2023
merry miss perry will NOT be overlooked
Sent by lnsomnia,Feb 11, 2023

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