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Group Games
[1st/16] A&M's Survivor Season 3: Canadian Wilderness (3-2-2)
[1st/16] BBFAN95's Big Brother 1 (5-1)
[1st/12] Bjorn's Celebrity Big Brother 4 - Allison Williams (4-2)
[1st/11] Noah's Fast Big Brother (1 vote)
[1st/52] Stunzer's 32nd Hunger Games (7 Kills)

[2nd/18] Cmack's Survivor Season 32: Rio De Janeiro (2-1-6)
[2nd/40] Cmack's Survivor Season 49: Last Chances (6-7-0) (Should Have Won)
[2nd/16] Obstreperous' Big Brother Icon Season 3 (3-4)
[2nd/15] SFG Season 7: Big Brother Split House (1-1-5)
[2nd/16] Zorbo's Survivor Season 1: Dominica (2-0-4)

[3rd/16] Ryan's Survivor Season 1: Iceland (7th Jury Member)

[4th/20] BENLINUS' Survivor Season 12: Melanesia - Fans Vs. Favorites (8th Jury Member)
[4th/18] Cmack's Survivor Season 31: Cagayan (8th Jury Member)
[4th/50] Cmack's Last Man Standing (6th Jury Member)
[4th/18] Latisha's Celebrity Big Brother 4 - Danielle Harris (8th Jury Member)

[5th/24] Cmack's Survivor Season 43: Indonesia - Missed Opportunities (12th Jury Member)
[5th/20] Nicole's Big Brother 1 (5th Jury Member)
[5th/16] RedChaos's Survivor Season 9: Honduras (5th Jury Member)
[5th/18] Tuter's Survivor Season 7: All Stars (7th Jury Member)

[6th/16] Bigben's Survivor Season 2: Iceland (4th Jury Member)
[6th/16] Bingo's Survivor Season 42: Tuvalu (4th Jury Member)
[6th/18] Tuter's Survivor Season 6: Brazil (6th Jury Member)

[7th/20] Jharrin's Fast Survivor Season 3: Argentina (4th Jury Member)
[7th/14] Tuter's Quick Survivor (3rd Jury Member)

[8th/16] Tocan's Stars: Season 2

[9th/24] Cmack's Survivor Season 35: Morocco - All Stars (5th Jury Member)

[10th/16] Tuter's Survivor Season 8: Japan II

[11th/18] Jong's Survivor Season 2: Malaysian Island (1st Jury Member)
[11th/16] Wangy's Survivor Season 4: Madagascar
[11th/16] Winner and Prez's Survivor Season 11: Czech Republic

[12th/16] BENLINUS' Survivor Season 11: Belize
[12th/22] Bigben's Survivor Season 15: Maldives
[12th/18] NJ's Survivor Season 34: Greece

[13th/22] Obstreperous' Big Brother Icon Season 7: All Stars

[15th/24] Cmack's Survivor Season 40: Malaysia - Heroes Vs. Villains

[18th/20] Bigben's Survivor Season 11: Blood Vs. Water

[19th/150] 150 Person Stars

RP Games
Written in Red (S1) - Grace Rose - Survived
Stranded in Red (S2) - Grace Rose - Survived
Camp Greenwood (S3) - Grace Rose - Survived
Magik Academy (S1) - Lexus Wixin - Cancelled

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