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Top 10 Scream Characters

Mar 7, 2023 by Macda27
All 5 movies and all 3 seasons of the tv series

1. Sydney Prescott (mommy?)
2. Gale Weathers (she's giving Daphne Blake)
3. Jill Roberts (bring her back)
4. Tatum Riley (invented being robbed)
5. Brooke Maddox (the best part of the tv show tbh)
6. Jennifer Jolie (her death scene was iconic, wish she survived and died in 4/5)
7. Dewey Riley (king of being goofy and almost dying like 2/3 times)
8. Billy Loomis (daddy?)
9. Stu Macher (I don't want him to return but I also kinda do?)
10. Randy Meeks (slay king!)

honourable mentions:
1. Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin
2. Sam and Tara Carpenter
3. Kirby Reed
4. Casey Becker
5. Kym (no surname?)



Kirby & Cici arent on here? Unserious
Sent by BenjaminB,Mar 8, 2023

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