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McPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 Cast

Jan 28, 2023 by Macda27
10 former players will fight for the crown. This does NOT have the jury format in the finale, do not worry. Let's meet our cast!

Redd Givenchy Girllover101 (Season 1, 3rd/4th). One of the OG queens, she was the first queens to ever win 4 challenges. She won some lipsyncs and lost a couple. Can this powerhouse prove that old queens can have new tricks?

Sonia B. Itch sosyomomma (Season 2, 2nd). A queen with attitude, and maybe an STD. Sonia snatch 3 wins before making the finale where she lost to Priscilla herself. Can Sonia continue the trend of runner-up's winning All Stars?

Gale Weathers Bangs _Adidas_  (Season 3, 2nd/3rd). Though Gale only snatched two wins, she was very consistent and never landed in the bottom until Final 5. She tied with Helena in the lipsync which caused a Top 2, where she tied with Helena again. Can Gale be consistent in a season of All Stars?

Leyen Meh LaJoaqui (Season 4, 7th). Despite her lower placement, she did last 10 episodes in the competition. With a singular win under her belt, can she go the distance?

Kelleigh Lee Jameslu (Season 5, 2nd). Kelleigh is one of the strongest queens to never win. Can Kelleigh keep her reputation up, or will her potential ego of being a top dog in this season cause her downfall?

Absinthe NewNightmare7 (Season 6, 5th). THEE party girl, she can buck down to a high tempo pop song. She lost in her first episode's lipsync only to send them home not long later. Can this performer do more than just pop? Will she be seen as a potential threat?

Donatella Divine Insomnia (Season 7, 5th). Donatella was mixed with her tops and bottoms, can her lipsync skills and lack of consistency throw the other queens off?

Vin Ariel tswiftlover13 (Season 7, 6th). Vin Ariel did amazing but never snatched a win till near the end, where after her win she fell hard and just did not make the cut for Top 5. Can Vin prove herself as a queen in the top?

Ava Lax J4ckWilko (Season 8, 2nd). The most recent runner-up, who did not have the best track record. Can the 3 time challenge winner Ava Lax prove she is a top contender in AS3?

Eva Sativa jewcub1024 (Season 8, 5th). Eva felt like she was not seen by the judges as much as her competitors. With a smaller cast than Season 8, can Eva prove she isn't just a filler queen who got far?

Here are our 10 All Stars! Who will make the Final 4? Who will be screwed over by a certain elimination? Find out soon!

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Sent by tswiftlover13,Jan 28, 2023
Can I join in a plot twist?
i love a rupauls drag race game
Sent by Vasquis,Jan 28, 2023
Poor me
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 28, 2023
Posh Pond robbed. Posh won 2 challenges and got 9th. Should need a revenge
Sent by DrG2,Jan 28, 2023
Purrrrr that’s how we lax to be
Sent by J4ckWilko,Jan 28, 2023
Donatella is gonna have the revenge story never seen before.
Sent by lnsomnia,Jan 28, 2023

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