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Drag Queen PYN 3.0 Season 4

3 Macda27, Feb 22, 2019

This format is similar to “Frookie/Casting Cliques” in where three cliques of 5 battle as the winner keeps their clique from going home, and after 6 episodes it turns the competition to individual.
I decided to have 6 RPDR this season and 9 ORIGINAL queens, but with one RPDR queen being an ICONIC returnee from one of the previous three seasons!
Bab Boo Shka Coyle14
China Towne andalarew_2231
Madame LaQueer (RPDR: Season 4/MDR: Season 1)
Chad Michaels (RPDR: Season 4/All-Stars 1)
Thunder Fries Camell22
Sharaya patricenka9
Mimi Imfurst (RPDR: Season 3/All-Stars 1/MDR: Season 2)
Miz Cracker (RPDR: Season 10)
‘Sqwa JonMcGillis
Stacy Layne Matthews (RPDR: Season 3/MDR: Season 3)
Cynthia Lee Fontaine (RPDR: Season 9/Season 10)
#RPDR #Casting #Drag


hello my name is

0 CalebDaBoss, Feb 22, 2019

Nina Bo'Nina Batanya Secretia Angelina Keeley Brown


I actually hope

0 rodrigueseve, Feb 22, 2019

Monique Heart releases an album. She has an amazing voice, her line in Super Queen is easily the best vocally and I love her voice


I just wanted Farrah Moan, Gia or Valentina

2 Matthew09, Feb 22, 2019

Lip syncing “breathin” by Ariana this season, could you imagine the fishiness #rpdr


Living's Drag Race S5 RESULTS!

10 livnglavidaloca, Feb 21, 2019

This season has 2 twist that are based off a few major things to happen in this series.
Episode 1:
Twist 1: Based from Liz Milan West returning and making it to the final 2, Trinity The Tuck ( adamslater19), Kandi Cotton ( Yandereboy12), and Anita N. Emma ( GrrrImABear) are back to see if they can follow in her footsteps.
Twist 2: Due to Random.org having given us a few lip sync assassins, this season, the bottom 3 will be lip-syncing against each other.
Maxi Challenge: Fire vs. Ice Drag Off (Paired up and will face off on the main stage)
Winner: Banana Split (Zsa Zsa Tea)
High: Poisonivy (Anita N. Emma), Mother Monroe (Pié), Brendina Reedera (Trinity The Tuck), Elle West (Jack Daniela), Pink Gothique (Melinda Mrs. KKK), Daisy (Chrystal Math), & Kandi Cotton (Juniper Titmouse)
Low: Chrystal Math
BTM3: Pié, Melinda Mrs. KKK & Zsa Zsa Tea
Lip sync: “We R Who We R” by Kesha
Eliminated: Melinda Mrs. KKK (Sorry girl)
Episode 2:
Maxi Challenge: In teams of 5, act in skits of key moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race
Runway: Hats Incredible
Winner: Zsa Zsa Tea
High: Mother Monroe, Banana Split, Kandi Cotton, Brendina Reedera
Safe Team: Poisonivy, Juniper Titmouse, Anita N. Emma, Elle West & Trinity The Tuck
Low: Jack Daniela & Chrystal Math
BTM3: Pié, Pink Gothique, & Daisy
Lip sync: “Two of Hearts” by Stacey Q
Eliminated: Pié (Awe preseason fav!)
Episode 3:
Maxi Challenge: Create a look inspired by any animal
Winner: Anita N. Emma
High: Elle West & Brendina Reedera
Low: Chrystal Math
BTM3: Pink Gothique, Kandi Cotton & Banana Split
Lip sync: “Mi Vida Loca” by Pam Tillis
Eliminated: Banana Split (Awe robbed!)
Episode 4:
Maxi Challenge: In teams of two, film a video at FBE to either a “try not to laugh challenge” or “try not to get mad challenge”
Runway: Emotions Anonymous
Winner: Juniper Titmouse
High: Chrystal Math, Jack Daniela, Zsa Zsa Tea, Kandi Cotton & Trinity The Tuck
Low: Mother Monroe
BTM3: Elle West, Anita N. Emma & Poisonivy
Lip sync: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by The Eurythmics
Eliminated: Elle West (Awe so sad ☹)
Episode 5:
Maxi Challenge: Bake sale at a drag show
Maxi Winner: Jack Daniela
Runway: Cakes for the Gods
Runway Winner: Brendina Reedera
High: Mother Monroe & Trinity The Tuck
Low: Kandi Cotton
BTM3: Poisonivy, Chrystal Math & Anita N. Emma
Lip sync: “Bon Apetit” by Katy Perry
Eliminated: Chrystal Math (Sorry girl!)
Episode 6:
Maxi Challenge: The Disney Ball (Disney Parks Attractions Eleganza, Disney Princess Extravaganza)
Winner: Zsa Zsa Tea
High: Poisonivy & Daisy
Low: Brendina Reedera
BTM3: Anita N. Emma, Mother Monroe & Pink Gothique
Lip sync: “Part of Your World” by Jodi Benson
Eliminated: Anita N. Emma (Kameron Michaels but without the 3rd lip sync win, sorry girl <3)
Episode 7:
Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game


I think Yvie Oddly wins

2 Matthew09, Feb 21, 2019

S11, I’ve been following the cast and all the premiere promoting and it looks like Yvie is the stand out winner, idk I think it’s time for another Sharon needles winner season. #rpdr
Edit: Silky has to be Congeniality



3 CalebDaBoss, Feb 20, 2019

This is how I would've wanted the season to play out
10th Valentina
9th Gia Gunn
8th Jasmine Masters
7th Manila Luzon
RETURN Jasmine Masters
7th Latrice Royale
6th Naomi Smalls
5th Jasmine Masters
4th Farrah Moan
Runner-Ups Monique Heart and Monet X Change
Winner Trinity The Tuck


Living's Drag Race S5 sign ups!

15 livnglavidaloca, Feb 20, 2019

The ooh-ah-ah sensation is back again! I am looking for 13 brand new queens to fight for the title of my next drag superstar! Are you ready for the gold, henny?
Names that have already been used:
1.) Pié melindaMrskk
2.) Melinda Mrs. KKK CalebDaBoss
3.) Poisonivy hygor17
4.) Pink Gothique Ghettoyah
5.) Chrystal Math TypicallyZach
6.) Zsa Zsa Tea Rubes
7.) Daisy kylieshenner
8.) Elle West Jameslu
9.) Mother Monroe Macda27
10.) Juniper Titmouse NewNightmare7
11.) Banana Split Steffanie
12.) Jack Daniela Coyle14
13.) Brendina Reedera brenelle1120
#rpdr #season11


Living's Drag Race S4 RESULTS!

6 livnglavidaloca, Feb 19, 2019

Episode 1:
Maxi Challenge: In teams of 7, perform a lip sync number to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”
Winner: Miz Bo Ling
High: Farrah Moan, Bab-Boo-Shka, Acai Maui, Biggie Campbell, Purplie, & Trisha Paytas
Low: Miss Idaho & Thunder Fries
BTM2: Anita N. Emma & LuMann
Lip sync: “Perfect Illusion” by Lady Gaga
Eliminated: Anita N. Emma (Awe was looking forward to you <3)
Episode 2:
Maxi Challenge: Perform a burlesque number while being heckled.
Runway: Naughty Nighties
Winner: Farrah Moan
High: Trisha Paytas & Miss Idaho
Low: Thunder Fries
BTM2: Mystica & LuMann
Lip sync: “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears
Eliminated: LuMann (I’m sorry girl <3)
Episode 3:
Maxi Challenge: Jersey Justice 2v2
Runway: Judge on the Runway
Winner: Trisha Paytas & Little Red
High: Purplie & Farrah Moan
Low: Thunder Fries (Acai Maui) & Miss Idaho (Bab-Boo-Shka)
BTM2: Bab-Boo-Shka (Miss Idaho) & Acai Maui (Thunder Fries)
Lip sync: “Turn On The Radio” by Reba McEntire
Eliminated: Acai Maui (My preseason pick ☹)
Episode 4:
Maxi Challenge: The Winter Ball (Icicle Eleganza, Snowflake Realness, & Winter Queen Extravaganza)
Winner: Trisha Paytas
High: Biggie Campbell & Skitty
Low: Mystica
BTM2: Thunder Fries & Miss Idaho
Lip sync: “When I Think Of You” by Janet Jackson
Eliminated: Thunder Fries (So sorry <3 would have loved to seen more!)
Episode 5:
Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game
Runway: Fiery Demons
Winner: Skitty
High: Little Red & Farrah Moan
Low: Miss Idaho
BTM2: Biggie Campbell & Purplie
Lip sync: “Green Light” by Lorde
Eliminated: Biggie Campbell (Sorry girl!)
Episode 6:
Maxi Challenge: Drag Con Panels on hair, face, and body
Runway: Big Hair, Don’t Care
Winner: Farrah Moan
High: Skitty & Mystica
Low: Little Red (Trisha Paytas & Miz Bo Ling)
BTM2: Trisha Paytas & Miz Bo Ling
Lip sync: “7 rings” by Ariana Grande
Eliminated: Miz Bo Ling (Awe my 2nd preseason pick ☹)
Episode 7:
Maxi Challenge: Create an ad for your line of wine
Runway: Twisted Sisters
Winner: Miss Idaho
High: Skitty & Mystica
Low: Purplie
BTM2: Little Red & Trisha Paytas
Lip sync: “High Horse” by Kacey Musgraves
Eliminated: Little Red (Wish I got me some more of Red!)
Episode 8:
Maxi Challenge: Design a star-studded red-carpet runway for the premiere of a new movie
Winner: Bab-Boo-Shka
High: Skitty, Purplie & Miss Idaho
Low: Trisha Paytas
BTM2: Mystica & Farrah Moan
Lip sync: “Bassa Sababa” by Netta
Eliminated: Mystica (Another preseason pick gone <3)
Episode 9:
Maxi Challenge: Makeover WWE superstars
Winner: Purplie
High: Farrah Moan & Bab-Boo-Shka
Low: Skitty
BTM2: Trisha Paytas & Miss Idaho
Lip sync: “Bulletproof” by La Roux
Eliminated: Miss Idaho (Awe robbed queen ☹)
Episode 10:
Maxi Challenge: Good Twin/Bad Twin
Winner: Skitty
High: Bab-Boo-Shka
Low: Trisha..


Drag Queen PYN 3.0 Season 2

10 Macda27, Feb 19, 2019

PYN a UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL drag queen name for a simulation
Smikey Lawson andalarew_2231
CabanaOohNaNa hellocat
Lena JuciPuci patricenka9
Shanita Rubes
Sc’pushtz JonMcGillis
Jaquei Suede Coyle14
Anya Dicki PureEssence
The seven RPDR queens competing (S1-10) are:
Shangela (Season 2/Season 3/All-Stars 3)
Manila Luzon (Season 3/All-Stars 1/All-Stars 4)
Mimi Imfurst (Season 3)
Robbie Turner (Season 8)
Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor (Season 9/All-Stars 4)
Shaé Couleé (Season 9)
Dusty Ray Bottoms (Season 10)
#RPDR #Casting #Drag


Drag Queen PYN 3.0 Season 1 Results

7 Macda27, Feb 19, 2019

Ji JonMcGillis
Barbie B. Rachet patricenka9
Rhythmica A La Carte CalebDaBoss
Zsa Zsa Tea Rubes
Jon Benet Ramsey Adam94
Velveeta Kisa
Justine Time andalarew_2231
The twist this series is.... Original queens vs RPDR queens!
The seven RPDR queens competing (S1-10) are:
April Carrion (Season 6)
Charlie Hides (Season 9)
Madame LaQueer (Season 4)
Morgan McMichaels (Season 2/All-Stars 3)
Pearl (Season 7)
Roxxxy Andrews (Season 5/All-Stars 2)
Tatianna (Season 2/All-Stars 2)
Season 1 Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15-7C_BL8ztDjOUfPv2pAcXllQKcxAj0Z8BrppE-Mhm8
Results *SPOILERS*:
Pretty shook, with a few things eg Madame LaQueer beating Pearl AND Roxxxy Andrews in a lip-sync, Barbie and Rhythmica’s robbery and the F3. Overall decent season.
All-Star potentials:
Barbie B. Rachet
Rhythmica A La Carte
Justine Time
Roxxxy Andrews
#RPDR #casting #Drag


Oooh I just figured out the Teams format in..

0 NewNightmare7, Feb 19, 2019

Hear me out...
So, I was watching this video and these people were explaining a teams aspect where they would apply with a partner. It got me thinking that they could do a good teams season if they do it like this.
- So they would compete in Team challenges obviously.
- Instead of two Teams being in the bottom, it would be one team of two against each other to lip sync.
- The winner of the lip sync stays while the other leaves and has immunity for the next week.
After the 2nd team loses another, the two left over combine to form another team and they compete together so it involves alot of adapting.
It wouldnt like save the whole format cause its ridiculous but it would make it much better


Living's Drag Race S4 sign ups!

19 livnglavidaloca, Feb 18, 2019

Living's Drag Race is back after All-Stars with season 4! Looking for 14 girls that are ready for the competition of a lifetime! Can you feel the winter chill? Or is that just the shade of it all? :P
Names that CANNOT be used:
1.) Acai Maui Ghettoyah
2.) Thunder Fries camell22
3.) Skitty hygor17
4.) Mystica kylieshenner
5.) Biggie Campbell Haykee
6.) LuMann BBMeganNicole
7.) Trisha Paytas ItsLiv
8.) Farrah Moan adamslater19
9.) Anita N. Emma GrrrImABear
10.) Miss Idaho TheOmen
11.) Purplie melindaMrskk
12.) Miz Bo Ling Jameslu
13.) Little Red dawnpeacly
14.) Bab-Boo-Shka Coyle14
#rpdr #season11


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