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McPaul's Drag Race Season 11 Results

Feb 9, 2023 by Macda27

Linda Belcha tswiftlover13
Auvaa CaaDoo coolKat
TS Titties Jameslu
Bot o' toB DrG2
Ivana Humpalot tonym101101
Splenda Placenta NewNightmare7
Juliette Cactos tokio
blair.stveens onlycarson
Mixens Vixen stanleyhouseseven
La Hem Roix Jewcub1024
Mister Sister turkeylover
Mama Ma’am andalarew_2231

Congrats to our new winner! This season had some gaggy eliminations, a redemption story, an iconic lipsync songtrack and a Final 3!

#rpdr #dragrace


Sent by turkeylover,Feb 9, 2023
Sent by SaskiaRae,Feb 9, 2023
All my characters get eliminated after doing so well omg lol
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 9, 2023
newnightmare7 I thought Splenda was winning until her boot
Sent by Macda27,Feb 9, 2023
i very muc dount i lost call me moter by ru
Sent by onlycarson,Feb 9, 2023
Omgggg total slayage!!!! Look at that PPE :) The lipsync songs slap too.
Sent by stanleyhouseseven,Feb 9, 2023
TS Titties just couldn't pull out a win damn
Sent by Jameslu,Feb 9, 2023
Jameslu she got Jan'd hard
Sent by Macda27,Feb 9, 2023
Macda27 so true :(
Sent by Jameslu,Feb 11, 2023

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