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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ❤️Triple Lutz on these sluts 'cause I like it rough❤️

This site can be a toxic place if you let it. If anyone EVER needs to talk Send me a message, tag me in a blog anything.

Discord: Andalarew#5774

★✧ Winner of Stars 428 ✧★
Unnomed 49.4%

Tv Star 333/334 With Kindlycruel1

Mysterygame2 Has Stolen my Heart. <3

andalarew_2231 You are definitely one more the newest people I have bonded with on a personal level. I'm really happy we met, because I think you're such a kindhearted, legitimately good person, and that is honestly such a refreshing thing to see on a site like this. I know I was a little hesitant when I first encountered you because I wasn't sure what you would be like, but after we had a couple legitimate conversations we opened up a bit and got along really well. You know you can message me anytime if you ever need someone to listen. I hope things are better for you this week, btw - Feb 21, 2021 by cheritaisdelicious

andalarew_2231 Andrew I fell off my chair. I got up to put my wine glass in the sink, and I don't know what happened, but then I was on the floor, and so was my chair. I am okay though. But also I swear I have OPINIONATED you before bro. You remind me of my best friend, I kind of adore you, you probably don't fall off a lot of chairs, you are kind of my favorite, but only kind of because I don't feed egos, only mine. Here's a car that we can drive, come on get in. You're too beautiful to love these plastic things, my friend.
Feb 18, 2023 by cheritaisdelicious

Andalarew_2231 ~ Truly robbed because some people are just so jealous of you. It is really beyond me why some people hate you because you're like the least problematic person ever. So that reasoning for voting you was truly stupid. - bamold1999, Mar 12, 2019

andalarew_2231 - You're the man who has it all- the hair, the women, the fast cars, surprised you even came back here but glad you did brother you've always been a top notch guy to me - Jan 8, 2019 by BengalBoy

andalarew_2231 - andalaRAT! you've been around for quite a while so ive definitely known who you are for a long time and i feel like even though we havent had much personal 1 on 1 conversation we've definitely interacted over the blogs page and stuff over the years and you've always been nice to me and i always considered you like really cute and young even though i have no idea how old you even are LMAO - Jan 10, 2019 by lemonface

andalarew_2231 Fake ass bitch, always super fake in hunger and always shoot out your allies!! Then you complain about not making payouts when you're literally the most fake person to hunger with - Jan 18, 2019 by Bluejay7622

andalarew_2231 - Andrew, we haven't known each other for to long but I do like you a lot. We always work together and never had any beef. Hope we can talk more tbh, your a really neat lad - Jan 20, 2019 by EmzThorne

andalarew_2231 - youre super super fun to play games with and i miss blindsiding u ;) LOL youre really friendly and funny, i find u to be very easy to talk to and youre pretty approachable!! - Jan 30, 2019 by PureEssence

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