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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

victoriaclark12 (pic)

1stDec 2, 2023 by andalarew_2231
image victoriaclark12

She has responded - do with it as you will. But her response should be seen and since this blog is on the top I’ll link it.

is currently online. Someone please relink the blog she needs to address.

ESP when she just sent someone this.  (Hid part of it so that it doesn’t fully out who it could be)

I still feel like it’s peeps. It could be joshgotti. It could be any of the creeps. But those 2 FEEL like this person.


Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Dec 2, 2023
Sent by ikaw0ng,Dec 2, 2023
scary stuff, she should be banned asap
Sent by Opulence,Dec 2, 2023
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 2, 2023
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 2, 2023
Doesn’t read quite like Peeps imo, could def be Joshgotti though
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Dec 3, 2023
Who tf is josh
Sent by victoriaclark12,Dec 3, 2023
Idk why but I have this feeling Victoria is Ginny aka glen5544 they type quite similar and match up similar dates to when Ginny left
Sent by Jasmina,Dec 3, 2023

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