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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is CA$$IDY

Fierce, Nice to most boys if they dont annoy me, 21,

Job- Nurse/Hotel Worker
Hobbies- Karaoke, Board Games, Acrobatics

White- 5/21/23
Yellow- 7/3/23
Orange- 8/17/23
Light Green 9/12/23
Green 10/10/23
Blue 1/12/23
Purple TBA
Brown TBA
Black TBA
Silver TBA
Gold TBA
Blood TBA
Super Gold TBA
Platinum TBA
Chromatica TBA
Holographica TBA
Diamond TBA

Soon going to audtion for survivor

Single with 3 Kids 2 Females! 1 Male ! Works 2 Jobs (Up Above)
I have a crush on this website!

#The realio dealio #Fun #Loves Winning

Thank you for all those who support me!

"My Top 5 Friends/People I wanna become friends with:

Friends: Gohandd, Jasmina, Sarah713, Bbfanuk_reborn, Titos
Want: Arris, Thii, Harley, stolenseason

My Games 155 games played

23 Feb, 24
19 Feb, 24
17 Feb, 24
13 Feb, 24
10 Feb, 24
5 Feb, 24
2 Feb, 24

My Blog Check my blog!

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