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Fraternity The Front Porch

Rules for The Front Porch.

1. Definitely do what you can to make sure everyone on the Front Porch has a say and as well knows you have their back .

2. Spamming and sending anything to the FRONT PORCH is acceptable.

3. You will all get a turn for STARS SEAT, no favorites or friends chosen over anyone.

4. The Front Porch is open to all and everyone, have a great time and if you need anything I am your Host. 鉂わ笍

Now who is ready to reminisce on the FRONT PORCH as we watch the storm roll in.

Reminder: We always leave the FRONT PORCH LIGHT ON.

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. Ravi Star me.
  2. titosstar meeee
  3. AbioticSandStar meeeeeeeeeeee
  4. l0ve2a11star me in plz
  5. Cannonicalstar me pooks
  6. TMAN54445star me in
  7. 2691223Hey. How do I get voted in?
  8. Scooby69Sign us in
  9. weonlylivefreeHi Vivi Carebear Starrrrrreeeeeee+++++++=======<3
  10. weonlylivefreehigh 5 everyon
  11. weonlylivefree3 to me? super cuties thanx
  12. weonlylivefreeThanks for the second vote kitty kats xo
  13. weonlylivefreeThanks for the vote puff puff pass friends <3
  14. weonlylivefreehere to light up on the front porch!
  15. nashville1998Hey y'all! Coming back to Tengaged after years and looking for a frat to join!

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9 PrincessKandi2014, Jun 12, 2024

and I will tell you what dessert I think you are
Credit to idea to Benjamin
DripTeejay -Lemon Tart
verizonwireless -Fruit Custard
sosyomomma -Peach Cobbler
weonlylivefree -Smores
FlashWoods -..


I love watching

1 Yandereboy12, Jun 13, 2024

Rob Has a Podcast discuss a season of Mothers vs Mom it helped me with my stress in stars


If anyone

1 PrincessKandi2014, Jun 12, 2024

ever wants to talk I'm here. I don't like to give advice because I'm not good at it but I'm a good listener. Also, if you just want to get to know me better 馃槀馃槀馃槀.
I have discord QueenKandi.


Dua Lipa

2 Yandereboy12, Jun 12, 2024


Come check it out

0 PrincessKandi2014, Jun 12, 2024

Come join a new discord server where you can feel free to talk about any book. You can maybe find new ones to read or share some great ones that you have read. Would love to see ya'll there.

President of The Front Porch

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 4

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