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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thDec 6, 2022 by andalarew_2231


U always had it
Sent by Mario23,Dec 6, 2022
Sent by keefe,Dec 6, 2022
Probably an error. Stolenseason also had a red nose recently and that one was an error.
Sent by Tester,Dec 6, 2022
Sent by tharealmike,Dec 6, 2022
Try relogging
Sent by koolness234,Dec 6, 2022
Because you are a clown
Sent by MattM,Dec 6, 2022
I tried to clean the system but idk if it will work after that
Sent by koolness234,Dec 6, 2022
tharealmike why is my pain funny to you :(
Sent by andalarew_2231,Dec 6, 2022
Message a mod and get it removed.
I had one randomly for some reason
Sent by Electric,Dec 6, 2022
to match your outfit <3
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 6, 2022
Probably an error. Stolenseason also had a red nose recently and that one was an error.
Sent by Tester,Dec 6, 2022

Wrong it's orange and mods assign those the red ones are auto. I looked and stolen still has an orange nose
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 6, 2022
For those who have been given a red nose and have contacted us, this portion will likely be something that has already been indicated to you. The red nose system is now fully automated by randomize's automated detection tools and CANNOT be manually removed by a moderator. These red noses are assigned in cases where there has been clear suspicious activity in the account, including multiple account usage, sharing of accounts, and VPN/Proxy usage. We understand that some users use VPN/Proxies for privacy concerns or for a variety of other reasons, but generally these have been used in the Tengaged context to hide cheating. Try your best to ensure that VPNs and Proxies are turned off when you are logging on to Tengaged and keep 1 IP address in order to not run into any issues. Also, don't share accounts, of course.

However, we have also been given some new features. As part of our new MOD features, myself, CheapCheep, and koolness234 have been given the ability to manually assign orange noses to users. Essentially, the purpose of these orange noses is to render an account useless. We will be using these on multiple accounts as well as a way to punish users. Orange noses will be similar to traditional red noses. They will make it so the account cannot join games or blog, but it also removes an account's voting power (blogs, designs, votes do not count in Stars/group game polls). See below on our full position on punishments.
Sent by Kiki4ever,Dec 6, 2022

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