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Hello, my name is Cherry

"Cherry is sexy and yummy" - ASupreme

"Cheritaisdelicious - You are a succubus in human disguise. One who likes to prey on others (mostly guys) and use them to your own demands by being flirty, sexy, silly, and cute. Everyone gets suckered in and buys what you're selling, which is usually some awful kind of alcohol. It doesn't shock me that you are insane, as those who drink ANY form of alcohol are. I have never touched a drop, and I never will. One drop and you're a goner from the start. The tests prove this. But, you almost got me with your succubus ways, but I learned my lesson finally. You have a legion of drunk 'friends', and you are welcome to them. I give you a 2/10 on terms of genuineness." -Tailslover13

"cheritaisdelicious: you use to hate me so much and call me douchebag in every game we were in together. Then you finally saw my charm and accepted me in your life. You been an absolute great friend to me these last few weeks and I can’t thank you enough for the things you do for me and the loyalty you show. Cher Sansa Stark." - FighterMan

"I don't think it's possible to not like Cheri lmao" - spikedcurley

"CHERRYYYYYYY!!!!! I feel so bad that you didn't make finals. I tried so hard to win both for us but it just wasnt enough. You're one of the most loyal people i've ever met, and i'll always reciprocate that loyalty to you <3. You're such a queen and anyone who doesn't like you needs to reevaluate their lives." - Bamold1999

maturo 0 min ago
cherry is strangely attracted to me i kinda like it

colehausman271 0 min ago
Cherita do you ever calm down

"Cherita sounds like something you get at Taco Bell." - GloriaHole

"cheritaisdelicious: redhead beauty with coffee and dogs" - FlipFlops

"cheritaisdelicious - Wendy's girl turned into a prostitute. Dad must be real proud." - JeterII

"cheritaisdelicious - I like everything about you but to narrow it down to one I’ll say your kindness." - Kelly2722

"cheritaisdelicious - UGH SUCH AN ICON. I’m so glad I get to be friends with you!! You’re so funny and witty and I think you’re a genuinely GOOD person. You always give me pep talks to not talk to my toxic ex and you’re always my #1 ally in frooks! I love your passion and how you aren’t scared to defend yourself or your friends. Definitely the kind of person I vibe with and I’m sooo glad Nathan was the bridge that connected us. Don’t ever change ILY" - hwest14

Like - LMAO Its iconic because I used to hate you and now we're on the same vivor tribe and I realized how good you were, queen of speaking 3 languages.
Dislike - You shade me all the time in the chat LOL mom" - Zoon

"cheritaisdelicious give BIG Ygritte vibes...those wildlings were wild in many ways and i think you know how to turn the Nights Watch men into sinners." - A_la_fac

"Cheri; my showmance ,my ride or die ,my love , and one of my favorite people . You got me to join and I'm feeling no regrets about it . Us being up at final 5 together was the worst part of this game , and when it happened it was destined at least one of us would make finals ❤" - spikedcurley

"cheritaisdelicious Hmm old me would of really hated or been disappointed with you a lot lol but glad got to meet virgina :p one of favorite people I have got to meet since being back enjoy our conversations and always know you have my back half the time you should start making me listen to songs." - joshlyn34

"cheritaisdelicious you are so fun to be around! You always light up the room (or chat) whenever you’re there. I love how you stand up for what you think is right and the jokes you make are so funny!! Anyone who doesn’t like you is just WRONG bc they’re missing out on a wonderful friendship with a wonderful person." - Fetish

"cheritaisdelicious: Yea i had to go and copy and paste your user but i have you added on skype and we have some pretty iconic messages but no gutter in the head stuff i love you queen your always so kind and wished me a happy birthday and carried me in frooks afterwards honestly im glad we have met and i wish to grow our friendship" - shanedawson12345

"Cherry the queen! Cherry youre sassy funny and sweet all at once and i love how every day youre fully unapologetically YOU" - Peterya

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  20. I'm actually really sad tonight

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