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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Cherry

"Life really is tough if you aren't a straight white guy like kingjames13" - Tbrown_47


"I don't think it's possible to not like Cheri lmao" - spikedcurley

"cheritaisdelicious - Bestiee 💕 I LOVE you because you’re a fighter, you’re pretty much rent free and problematic as well but you sit there and you continuously defend yourself and your friends, queen shit" - Hisoka

"Cherry is sexy and yummy" - ASupreme

"cheritaisdelicious - you are surprisingly super outspoken yet super nice?! Like you’re not annoying at all to me atleast, idk why you get hated on? But anyways, you are really funny and you have a bubbly personality, truly you are sweet and you do fight and stand hard for your friends #queenAFps. Thx for the gift I love it" - Hisoka

Escapethenight13 0 min ago
Pls get ur life together
+1 pointsEscapethenight13 1 min ago
Eww ur dating a pokemon

"cheritaisdelicious single best stars players I have ever played with, kept it totally real the whole time. Absolute pleasure to have met and competed with you" - Norris

☆★Winner of Stars 621☆★

Top fashionista


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20 Apr, 21
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20 Apr, 21
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17 Apr, 21
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16 Apr, 21
16 Apr, 21
14 Apr, 21
14 Apr, 21

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