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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Galaxies

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  1. Why was Bynes banned vote
  2. Predict my stars percentvote
  4. I've never won anything beforevote19th
  6. PYNvote8th
  7. [SHOP] FANTASY is closed for GOOD!vote4th
  9. Finally won hunger13th
  10. imagine ur roshy20th
  11. Thanks 53.0%1st
  12. PYN2nd
  13. which of the following have you done today5th
  14. I'm in Stars! 😱 14th
  15. no hard feelings slice15th
  16. [SHOP] Fantasy is open for business!11th
  17. why am i cackling at this7th
  18. am i a hero or villain5th
  19. PYN14th
  20. PYN3rd

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  1. brightongal said: .. @kentuckyy yes ily girl < 3 deena i'm at the point where i'm so bored at work i logged on @galaxies fill me in ..
  2. Minie said: ..nice trouble shoot. @galaxies are you gonna gift, i can post again..
  3. FelipeS said: ..@Galaxies Very sad..
  4. iiCreazyGX said: ..LMAO FR @Galaxies..
  5. paul028 said: on the verge of making a vlog..
  6. paul028 said: ..cant spell dissapointment without..
  7. Kaylabby said: ..This is not cute..
  8. Saftronbtr999 said: ..@galaxies oh it probably will but at least i wont have to use my fake anymore <3..
  9. mbarnish1 said: ..and with that..
  10. Lynn12 said: ..It was ? @kingjames13 I have to agree, I rarely play and when I do I hate it lol @galaxies ..
  11. KingB24 said: ..MARIO KART TOUR Big Brother ( - Round 7..
  12. Kindred7 said: ..@Galaxies I NEVER WANTED IT YOU CONNED EVERYONE..
  13. Rivoux said: ..@Galaxies no one hahah I am kidding it's just one of those sayings..
  14. Hisoka said: ..FAST BLOG GAME PYN..
  15. Rivoux said: ..I don't care what they say about you..
  16. LittleMix said: ..PYN and I will..
  17. bamold1999 said: ..SPEAK UP!..
  18. kingjames13 said: ..@galaxies GIRL YOUR IN STARS ATM ..
  19. peterya said: ..@galaxies my wig disintegrated ..
  20. peterya said: ..@galaxies LMFAO..

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