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Hello, my name is Jose

Additions from my crazy friends:

MarieEve is the best mum ever!
boicam77 is hot af omg (and he loves redfabfoxy's cock)
Melindamrskk is the best son ever he has a big willy that only I’ve seen and it’s bigger then RedFabFoxy also I’ve been on cam with him and we watched Adam wank his winky!!!!(after RedFabFoxy, of course! #teamfoxes)
Mbarnish1 is the best secretary ever!
Dylon loves a woman with saggy tits

Gifts owed:
melindaMrskk a lot of gifts
Cocacola__96 x 7 (dull)

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Thank you for being a part of my life fiona, i honestly couldnt ask for a better friend than you. Im actually glad that you backstabbed me in a few frooks cuz thats what made me want to be on your good side even more lol still have no clue why you came after my for a few games (cwl)(cwl)(cwl) i love right after that, we became f2 and have been ever since lol <3 i will never ever do anything for you to go up in frooks and will always save you, u know i would even evict myself over you fiona <3 our calls are honestly the best, i enjoy your accent so much and i hope you know i WILL win our little bet, you will fall asleep before one day, i know that much :P Same goes for you, i know i can always rely on you if i need someone to talk to <3 and yes, i am here for you any time of the day or night :) if you need me, dont be afraid to wake me up lol :) i just wanted to thank you for putting a smile on my face every day, you are a wonderful person Fiona <3 dont ever change please LUVS MY BFF

Guigi - I was a victim of HoeSay and Fistiona

RedFabFoxy - me: fiona omg i love u so much ur my tengaged inspiration!!!!

me: hey i love fisting
fiona: hiii

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  1. Fully updated xx
  2. Pyn2nd
  3. Can more ppl
  4. Pm me ur skype
  5. Wanna urge u all not to do drugs
  6. I’m just curious
  7. Give me ts plz
  8. I just finished money heist season 3
  9. Hola
  10. I'm honestly surprised
  11. Keep eliminating twinks!
  12. Eliminate the twink1st
  13. Is thika still about on another account
  14. He nommed you in a CHARITY rookies5th
  15. Stars support
  16. Can anyone suggest me
  17. If scroll isn’t a minor...16th
  18. Why is it
  19. Pyn 15th
  20. Who were your favourite tg couple of 2019?17th

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