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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ✬ i regret you all the time. ✬


대체 네가 뭔데
미쳐 날뛰어 기분이

Big wave, big wave, 피하지 마 (hey)
Break it up, break it up, 맞서 어서
헤엄쳐 더 높은 파도 위로
좀 더 유연하게 trouble들을 dribble해 and pass it

god rest my soul i miss who i used to be

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26 Nov, 22
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24 Nov, 22
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23 Nov, 22
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22 Nov, 22
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18 Nov, 22

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  1. i SAID vote
  3. Stars is saur funny vote
  4. Oh fuck youvote
  5. Now why am I in it?vote
  6. does anyone have vote
  8. omg i joined on impulse.....
  9. Anyone have a shop request?
  10. Shop requests?
  11. Todays lunch
  12. Should I get 15th
  13. I hate some ppl
  14. I’m depressed
  15. My 3
  16. hi
  17. who has a switch
  18. had to rep south korea <3
  19. posted some christmas
  20. Shops is so bad now

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