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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is mojo mojie morganica

☁☂First Stars☂☁
☁ 9th, my cursed placement. ☁

☁☂Second Stars☂☁
⭐️ 1st - 53.8% ⭐️

☁☂Third Stars☂☁
☁ 8th, the ugly placement. ☁

☁☂Fourth Stars☂☁
☁ 10th, Single Digit Ruiner placement. ☁

☁☂Fifth Stars☂☁
💛 3rd - 16.3% Robbed. 💛

♫ ♬♪♩♭♪
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•:• Roleplay Characters •:•

- Tizian (Kenu67's Dark Days: Summer Camp)
[STATUS]: Dead, drowned by Sugar.

- Viola Vieau (Kenu67's Dark Days: Sanitarium & Death Row)
[STATUS]: Dead, infected & torn in half by cars. 💚 August 💚

- Apollo Obernackle (Kenu67's Dark Ones: Story One)
[STATUS]: Dead, burned to death. 🧡 Kerry 🧡

- Victoria Vieau (Kenu67's Dark Ones: Story Two)
[STATUS]: Dead, shot by Julie.

- Percival "Percy" Finch (Kenu67's Dark Ones: Story Three)
[STATUS]: ??? (Cancelled)

- Marquette Miller (Kenu67's Ghost Town)
[STATUS]: Unknown.

- Galexilyn Galapagos (Kenu67's Who?)
[STATUS]: Dead, throat slit.

- Jhin Faulton (Kenu67's Life After)
[STATUS]: ??? (Cancelled)

- Claudette Winchester (Kenu67's Dark Days TR: Swamp Country)
[STATUS] Dead, shot by Emmanuel.

- Brenda Briggs (Kenu67's Dark Days TR: Bright Lights)
[STATUS]: Dead, stabbed in the back.

- Joseph "Joey" Avido (Kenu67's Dark Days TR: The Sweet Escape)
{STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Dina Valentina (HoltHumphrey's Paradise Island)
[STATUS]: Survived! 💛 Boomer 💛


- Jhin Lacrosse (Wakiza's Scream Season 2)
[STATUS]: Dead, sliced by machete.

- Claudette Haas (Wakiza's Scream Season 3 + 4)
[STATUS]: Survived!


- Fantasia Marquette (Rain848's Riverdale Season 3)
[STATUS]: Dead, sniped by Ocean.

- Ike Grant (Rain848's Eclipse)
Creature: Human
[STATUS]: Alive.

-Qiyana Qadir (Rain848's Fallen Kingdom Season 1 & 2)
[STATUS]: Alive!

- Sylas Brackwell (Rain848's Fallen Kingdom Season 2)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Vegas Calloway (iGoddess and Rain848's Academy of Unseen Arts)
[Status]: ??? (Didn't Start)

- Nick Fitzgerald (Rain848's HALLOWEEN)
[STATUS]: Alive!

- Otto VanRiper "Arctic Fox" (Rain848's SUPER)
Superpower: Cyrokinesis
[STATUS]: Alive!

- Percival Denson (iGoddess's Legacy)
[STATUS]: Alive!


- Jhin Caltrel (WestTemp's Survival Story 1)
[STATUS]: Dead, killed by natives.

- Cleo Wrenwood (WestTemp's American Horror Story Season 2)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Poe Mercer (Finnick's Wicked Little Things Season 1)
[STATUS:] Survived!

- Fiora Copenhagen (RyanAndrew and Finnick's Gone)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Flynn Stockly (RyanAndrew and Finnick's Gone)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Marcy Marie Metropolis (RyanAndrew's Coyote)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Jarvis Whittaker aka "Frostbite" (Dvs194's The Mutant Project)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Distrist 10 Oakley Ofair (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, electrocuted by Border Wall by Samira.
Kills: 0

- District 3 Sivir Rikkord (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, shot by Lena and Yuno and finished off by Guccio.
Kills: 1, throwing knife into neck.

- District 4 Apollo Cordial (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, electrocuted by Nicola.
Kills: 5, electrocuted them all.

- District 8 Hera King (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, arrow to chest.
Kills: 2, Knife to Back & Scythe

- District 1 Padme Vidalia (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, poisoned & calves cut to restrict movement.
Kills: A lot. Throwing Knives & Axes.

- District 10 Oleander Polari (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, abdomen slashed and bleed out.
Kills: 2 and a half. Two bow kills, one poison.

- Aloska Antacia Applesmith (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STAUS]: Alive, one of the main Gamemakers. 💜 Herodius 💜

- Soraka Cloverfield (BrainJak's Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Winner! 4 kills.

- Michelle So (MudkipzFTW's The Orphans)
[STATUS]: Alive! 💜 Benny "Blond Cow" 💜


- Mae Yamazaki (Noxity's Danganronpa: Re:Incarnation)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Mari Yamazaki (Noxity's Danganronpa: Re:Incarnation)
[STATUS]: Dead.


- Nea Valkyrie (Stun's 43rd Annual Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Dead, killed by Pichu.
Kills: 0

- Beeli Bellbloom (Stun's 50th Annual Hunger Games)
[STATUS]: Winner!
Kills: 7


- Reed Reynolds (Trio RP: American Nightmare 1)
[STATUS]: Dead, impaled through eye.

- Coy Blue (Trio RP: American Nightmare 2)
[STATUS]: Dead, shot by officer.

- Jack Frost (Trio RP: Fables)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Gideon Fitzgerald (Trio RP: AIRHEADS)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Reggie Mantle (Trio RP: ARCHIE: Volume One)
[STATUS]: ??? (Didn't Start)

- Dilton Doiley (Trio RP: ARCHIE: Volume One)
[STATUS]: ??? (Didn't Start)

- Oliver Waibel (Trio RP: Teen Pop Idol Sensation)
[STATUS]: ??? (Didn't Start)


- Amelia "Mags" Abbott (PokePat's 7 Ways To Start a Rebellion)
[STATUS]: Alive

- Andrea O'Reilly (PokePat's Whispers of Winter)
[STATUS]: Dead, shot to death.

- Percival "Percy" Apostolos (PokePat's Starlight)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Everest Polaris (Bigdizzle's Ghoul School)
Creature: Ice Dragon
[STATUS]: Alive. 💛 Wyatt 💛

- Davina Deamonne (Bigdizzle's Ghoul School)
Creature: Spiderling
[STATUS]: Alive. ❤ Max ❤

- Conrad "Connie" Allen (Bigdizzle and Logie's Hidden Elements)
Element: Ice
[STATUS]: Canceled ;(

- Thomas "Tommy" Falasco (Bigdizzle's Degrassi: New Start)
[STATUS]: Canceled ;(

- Annabelle "Anna" Delphi (Bigdizzle's Pandora's Panic)
God: Artemis
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Jennelle Jackson (Turkeylover's Bloody Mary)
[STATUS]: Alive!

- Ellis Boretti (Turkeylover's Curtain Call)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Kiwara "Kiwi" Akkadwa (PennyTrationStan's PRIVATE)
[STATUS]: Canceled ;(

- Alvin Adams (Turkeylover & PennyTrationStan's So Uncool)
[STATUS]: Dead, "Fireball" by Willow feat. Nicki Minaj.

- Nicholas "Nicky" Collins (Turkeylover/PennyTrationStan/nateclove's HORROR AVENUE: The Babysitter Murders)
[STATUS]: Sacrificed Himself 2 Put Down Satan (did it wrong oops!)


- Blue Bonavich (KingGeek's Razzle Dazzle)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Simon Avido (Scarelet's Horror 101: Scream)
[STATUS]: Dead ;( Stabbed & bled out by Sorrel.

- Talia Thompson (Scarelet's Horror 101: Scream)
[STATUS]: Survived!

- Abigail "Abbz" Sinclaire (Scarelet's Black Christmas)
[STATUS]: Canceled :(

- Dr. Felix Bingo (Scarelet's ALIEN: TARTARUS)
[STATUS]: Survived!

- Penelope Egerton (Scarelet's Horror 101: A Nightmare On Elm Street)
[STATUS]: Canceled! :(

- Ellis Paragold (Scarelet's The Grove Season 1 and 2)
[STATUS]: Alive!

- Luna "Lulu" Leoberos (Scarelet's Scream: Summer's End)
[STATUS]: Alive!


- Solana Silverstone (Symmetry888's The Fallen)
[STATUS]: Dead, rocked.

- Elise Elderberry (Symmetry888's The Fallen)


- Sage Ing (Rubes, Nateclove, and Kaylee21's Haut Monde)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)


- Codix Grant (Among The Stars)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Ziahra Valrvn (Among The Stars)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Valerie Caistro (Among The Stars)
[STATUS]: ??? (Inactive)

- Rachel Wildwood (Untold Stories: Into The Wild)
[STATUS]: Dead, Asphyxiated.

- Joey Ciramelli (Untold Stories: Into The Wild)
[STATUS]: Alive.

- Greg Firstodie (Untold Stories: Into The Wild)
[STATUS]: Dead, Crushed by a tree.

- Nancy Eflat (Untold Stories: Into The Wild)
[STATUS]: Dead, Free Falling.

- Erika Mae Caldwell (Untold Stories: C.J. Meridian)
[STATUS]: Alive.

- Gideon Caldwell (Untold Stories: C.J. Meridian)
[STATUS]: Alive.

- Angelica Westwood (Untold Stories: C.J. Meridian)
[STATUS]: Dead, Sword Dusted.

- Liezel del Rosario (Netherworld)

- Angus Palmer (Netherworld)

- Gabriel del Rosario (Netherworld)

- Marisol Minh (Netherworld)

- Maureen Minh (Netherworld)

- David Whitmer (Netherworld)

- Bed Russell (Netherworld)

- Janet Taylor (Netherworld)

- James Stockard (Netherworld)

- Shanna Erikkson (Netherworld)

My Until Dawn characters:
ALIVE: Kaylee, Kayla, Dave, Jillian.
DEAD: Winston, Austin, Jake, Devin, Marie.

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